Friday, July 28, 2006:

George W. Bush and his neocons are backing Israel against Lebanon, because Hezbollah, they claim, is backed by Syria but mostly by Iran.

Well, Iran certainly is siding with Hezbollah versus Israel; however, so is all of Islam. That isn't the real aim though of the US. It may be the aim of the neocons and the false Zionists, but it isn't the real aim of the US.

Does this surprise you? The fact is that the so-called War on Terror is the Cold War.

Russia and China, still the main enemy

Whatever the US does concerning smaller nations, its actions are always ultimately aimed against its greatest perceived threat. Russia and China are still perceived as its greatest threats.

Even the recent moves concerning Pakistan and India with regards to their respective nuclear developments, Pakistan's announce plans for a reactor capable of supplying enough enriched material for forty to fifty bombs per year and the US-India nuclear deal that will free up an equivalent amount of material in India, is really about China first and Russia second, but not far behind.

China and Russia are more closely aligned with Iran than the US mainstream press is letting on. Both China and Russia are more cautious than is the US, but they are not without their limits. Each will go to full-scale war if pushed hard enough. They both think the US is insane. Their right. But they know there is a method in the US madness, a method to gain markets while appearing to erratic to contest too much. This US game-face is wearing thin.

Osama bin Laden intentionally called the US bluff, egging on the US neocons to overreach to overextend. Hugo Chavez is calling it too. Vladimir Putin has called it. North and South Korea have each called it.

They don't think Bush is serious or is at least not capable and can never convince the Americans. They think he doesn't have sufficient backing of the ultimate monied interests, despite the fact that the most consolidated money is in the hands of, and under the dominance of, direct descendants of Jacob as the power behind the most powerful private banks and the clearing houses in the world that likewise dominate the national banks and equity markets, including the Federal Reserve private bank in the US and Wall Street and dominate Madison Avenue and K Street and political treasuries of the dominant parties and individual politicians.

The US is in a very dangerous, unwinnable game. The more the US dominates globally, the more those who had been failing to cooperate will join forces to undo the US.

They will be cautious. They are suicidal. Pushed far enough though, and they would rather die fighting than live under the US dictating all the affairs of the world. They have egos. They have their pride. They even have some compassion for those at the bottom of the pile, such as the Palestinians. They'd also like to see the US get its comeuppance for thinking it can torture with impunity. They like to be seen by others as the rescuers of the world from the clutches of the monstrously behaving US.

They smile and hug George W. Bush for the photos and TV cameras. Then when they get together when Bush isn't around, their discussions about the US will end up leading to secret deals to bring the US down to size or even to topple it all together.

In no time in my fifty-plus years has the US been nearly as despised globally. The neocons are making the US as hated as, or more hated than, Israel. The US used to be seen as having some ethical standards that set it above all other great powers that had ever been. Bush and Reagan before him ended that.

The US is less admired now than the British Empire was or even the Roman Empire was. Everything the US was supposed to have out grown such as slavery, Indian extermination, lynchings, etc., now appears to be the current level of humaneness of the US.

Monday, July 31, 2006:

Other aspects show that this war is the same mythical war for other reasons as well. Let me preface by saying that a war based upon a myth can heat up into actual death and destruction of course. Just because the neocons lied through their teeth leading up to the invasion of Baghdad doesn't mean that Baghdad didn't turn into a hot war or that those lies were any less myths of falsehood just because that mini-cold war of words turned hot. That is obvious, but often the most obvious bears stating since so many people miss that the big, obvious lie is in fact a lie.

So how is this an extension of the same war. It is the same war only the names have changed. The foes are the same in the end as I've stated above, but let me explain the pattern of behavior of the neocons some more.

Rebellious spirit

First, be reminded that the rebellious spirit is the city spirit. It is the Gilgamesh spirit, the Nimrod spirit. It is the builder, the human architect, the humanists (without-needing-God variety) spirit. It is the Platonic spirit that holds that the inferior, common people need myths to keep them in line. It is the noble-lie, big-lie, pious-lie spirit of Plato handed down to the neocons by Leo Strauss and promoted by Irving Kristol. It is the Machiavellian spirit where the leader does whatever it takes to win. It is the Hitlerian spirit that says repeat the lies forever no matter whether they've been openly and widely exposed for lies they are or not. It is the co-opting spirit that cherry picks what it wants from the truth and use those cherries as half-truths. It is the spirit of the Roman Empire and Constantine I who took over the Christian church and perverted it with violent means. It is the spirit of Karl Marx who saw the reality of the false consciousness of the people that was created by the selfishness of the overlords, but who, Marx, couldn't see through all the way to the clear vision of Jesus Christ who is the only standout figure in history who did not promote a false consciousness among his followers.

Now that's just a simple and non-exhaustive but serviceable background for understanding what the neocons have done and are still very much doing just as if no one sees it or speaks about it or writes about it or works against it, etc.

US foreign policy based on imagination and false religion

Right now, we see the neocons lying about Iran. They are claiming that they know Iran is doing something that they most certainly do not know. They are guessing at best. Here is what they are doing. They are basing what they are saying about Iran solely upon their imaginations. They imagine Iran could be doing it, building nuclear weapons, so they are proceeding against Iran claiming that it is a fact that Iran is building nuclear weapons. Here is the more telling aspect of this, more telling about the character and intention and motivation of the neocons. Even it proof positive were given to the neocons that Iran was not building nuclear weapons, the neocons wouldn't change course against Iran. You see, they start by saying who is in our way. Then they conjure up the story to give to the people to proceed on their path.

Could Iran be building nuclear weapons? They could if they are lying. Are they just as capable of lying as are the neocons? Also, look at all the other countries that hide the fact that they were acquiring nuclear weapons capability while they were going about it. However, look at all the nations that truly are not pursuing nuclear weapons, never have, and never will, even though they certain could. Some nations tell the truth about their nuclear goals. Is the neocon standard proper? Is it the standard you want applied against you? You could be doing something that someone who sees you as in his way claims you are doing, so therefore, you are bombed while the rest of the world just looks on selfishly? Mind you the rest of the world has been told in no uncertain terms that the one bombing you is a self-admitted fabricator and has been caught red-handed many times. It isn't the standard we accept. We denounce that standard.

Okay, now let's back up just one hot spot, as of the time of this writing. Israel has savagely attacked Lebanon killing numerous civilian men, women, old people, children, and babies. They have crushed much of the infrastructure of the country. They did that all based upon the asserted right of self-defense. We won't go into detail here, because we've covered above the fact that this was a pretense wrapped in half-truths going back to the serpent in the garden. The same obtains concerning Israel's treatment of the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Anyone is lost who refuses to acknowledge that self-styled Zionists moved into the neighborhood with bad intentions, the opposite of Good-Samaritan intentions.

Backing up further, we have the Office of Special Plans under Rumsfeld and Cheney that conjured up the neocon pretext for invading Iraq. That office has been covered in some detail in the earlier volume of this work, so we won't rehash it all here. Be reminded though that this office was in direct opposition to the CIA and the US State Department.

Now, let's back up to what is called the Cold War. Earlier in the work, we mentioned the Committee on the Present Danger and a number of other devices the US neocons used to conjure up the Communist Bloc. You need to remember that the Communists of the world were far, far from acting in concert. The Russians and Chinese had more weapons aimed against each other than they had aimed at the US. However, the fact that they were many disparate voices within Communism (large-c) and that the Communist leadership desperately wished to avoid a major conflict with the US didn't serve the purposes of the neocons.

Recall that neocons first and foremost are empire builders. That's where they start. Everything else is simply how to get there. It is a game the playing and winning of which stimulates the pleasure centers of their brains that have been conditioned in confusion (selfishness).

Strauss and others go so far as to posit that it is selfishly wrong not to promote and swallow the myths upon which the empire building is furthered. They play along so much that from the outside others are hard-pressed to discern whether or not the neocons have really come to believe their own myths. Well, they don't have the truth. All they have is their myth. It is their truth for them that they know is intentionally fabricated without facts but rather with wholesale lies. For them, only fools don't lie. For them, the best liar is the smartest person. The only reason they have leaked this philosophy is to spread it as an infection. Plato knew full well he was planting seeds in the minds of others. He knew those seeds came from deliberate myths.

This pattern has been going on since the beginning. The first falsehood, the first lie, the first temptation, is where all of this started. It was the beginning of the rebellion against truth, honesty, love (real love), etc.

Team B

So, we can backup from the Office of Special Plans of Rumsfeld, et al, to Team B during the Cold War. Team B was a group cobbled together for neocon purposes. Its whole reason for existence was to do about the Russians then exactly what has been done about the Iraqis and Saddam Hussein now. The Office of Special Plans came up with a list of lies. Team B came up with a list of lies, as if the truth isn't bad enough. The lies about Iraq were for a pretext for war to expand the US Empire. The lies about Russia and China coming out of Team B were for a pretext for wars around the globe against the fictitious Communist Bloc.

Now, understand that when these liars start lying about others in this way, others see it as a real threat. It is a real threat. Therefore, those others begin to speak and act militantly, defensively, and aggressively. In other words, left unchecked, the liar turn their lies into real reality. They maneuver others into reacting in ways that further the liars' ambitions. In the case of the Cold War and the War on Terrorism, the neocons want the militarization of America for military expansion of the Empire. Therefore, they bait the people they select as their foe of convenience and they throw fear into the hearts and minds of the American people.

It is critical that you understand that morals and ethics are extremely warped under this philosophy. The adherents are self-justified in reducing human lives to as low a value as they want. People are only as valuable as they agree and cooperate with the neocons.

This is true in Islam and even Christianity. The goats are useless. The tares (weeds) will be bundled up and burned up. The difference is where the truth lies however. That difference is where people need to go.

Rather than asking for self-centeredness to be accepted or tolerated, each person needs to convert to the new commandment, which will make each the least artificial and contrive each can be in this life. Then all the people will be doing what is inherently right. Unselfishness will be the approach everyone will take on a learning basis. Only those people who choose the iniquity of self-centeredness, putting themselves before the health of the whole, will exclude themselves.

In real Christianity, it is never the Christian who kills or burns up the seemingly useless human soul, at least unsuitable for the purpose at the time. The golden rule always requires this. The humility that comes of one's awareness of ones ignorance of God ultimate perspective requires this. Only the hypocritical will take it upon themselves to kill and burn up.

Who will be left is you eliminate all who don't agree with every last aspect of your belief? You will be alone and eliminated, consigned somewhere but not heaven. This is why heaven and hell have many mansions.

Yet, the real Christian knows that such killing and burning up will occur as part of God's plan for our edification and the edification of the seemingly worthless. Reconcile it.

This raises how religion is used by the myth makers. The philosophy used by the neocons is as old as the first liar. It is employed all over the world by other then US Empire builders. The Communist Russians used the power of imagery and other tools of propaganda to sell the people on what they were doing. Muslim fundamentalists sell the Muslim population on violence by attaching it to God's will. Mohammed taught this and exemplified this. He was a violent man. It is fundamental to Islam. We know that isn't God's will, but Islam has been at this for many centuries. The fundamentalist Muslims may be being true to Mohammed and his Qur'an , but they aren't being true to God.

Christian fundamentalists are also selling violence and have been since the first person who was deliberately killed by twisted people professing to be Christians but weren't. Unlike with Islam, such violence is not only not fundamental to Christianity. It is anathema to it.

Well, in the US, Christian fundamentalist had for years been told by their preachers that direct involvement with the secular state, such as voting for those who will occupy offices within caesar's system, was something of the devil. The fundamentalist Muslims believe this. They believe that Western democracy bring decadence. It has. Capitalism brings it. Selfishness brings it. The fundamentalist Muslims are right about it. However, they are hypocritical. They don't understand that God is not hypocritical. They haven't been taught it. They haven't been exposed to it. They are spiritually behind by two thousand years. Yet, Muslims can convert instantly. They can just start talking about God as peace always.

Do they recognize the voice of truth?

Now, most of the neocons are Jewish and are hardly practicing talking peace always. Many never talk peace but just total war. They don't believe in Jesus at all. They are against Jesus, clearly.

The neocons subvert the name of Christ

The neocons see Christ as a figure to use to further the myth of the state. These neocons subverted the fundamentalist Christians, who were susceptible for a whole host of selfish reasons, into buying into the myth of the Communist Bloc and all the attendant fears the neocons deliberately conjured up in the minds and hearts of those who otherwise were to have their faith in God and who have ended up placing their faith in money, secular government, and its huge military with all its evil weapons, and the like.

It was the failure of supposed Christians that allowed Ronald Reagan to be elected. With Reagan came even more neocon liars and false Zionists than under previous presidents. Under the banner of the truth of moral absolutes and against moral relativism, the self-styled elect put the biggest liars in the highest places running the worldly government.

For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. (Matthew 24:24).

We are to fear (respect) God and regard the plight of human kind. Yet, we are not to lack faith in God. Therefore, we are, among other things, to rebuke evil even while we turn the other cheek always and counsel other likewise.

Vietnam had been a great setback exposing lie after lie. It exposed the lie of the domino theory, which ( the next page number below)...continues... Click next page number below.

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