. . . Donald Rumsfeld is still touting only now about the militant Muslims he is doing his best to create for the sake of destabilizing the region so the US may divide and conquer.

Vietnam War Crimes Working Group

There were also all the lies about US purity. After all there was the Phoenix project where no captives were apparently left alive, guilty or innocent. There was My Lai. There was the Tiger Force. Recently the Holy Spirit has revealed that atrocities were much more widespread than had ever been reported. There were three hundred twenty substantiated incidents.[46] They were documented by the US government's official Vietnam War Crimes Working Group. Many people there say it was just the tip of the iceberg.

The neocons set about creating more lies to distract and fool the people again and more. The Team B used lies created by the CIA to convince the president that the Soviets were more dangerous than they were. When the president was advised by the CIA, the CIA told him that the stuff coming out of Team B (Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, et al) was mostly garbage and certainly no justification for undertaking much of the covert and overt actions of the US such as in Central America and other places around the world. Team B was using lies they knew were lies to appear to justify atrocities. What they knew they were doing was simply gambling that the myth would hold with the duped Americans. It held, and its still holding. How much longer will it work?

The resulting military buildup was too expensive for the Soviets who were going to fold regardless.

This took away the Bloc. The neocons didn't have the Bloc to which to point and blame everything. They didn't have their enemy about whom to make up endless lies and against whom to expand the Empire and make huge profits in military spending, etc.

The neocons had claimed that it was the Communist Bloc that was masterminding all the terrorism in the world. The so-called Bloc that never was is gone. What to do?

The neocons have simply put so-called radical, fundamentalist Islam in the position of the Bloc. Based upon this half-truth, the neocons have tortured, maimed, killed, orphaned, dislocated, etc., numerous innocent people and justified it to the US people.

No Islamic Bloc

There is no Islamic Bloc. There is no militant Islamic jihadist bloc. There is no centralized, controlled, coordinated, loyal, militant-jihadist army or network of cells, sleeper or otherwise. It's a fantasy drummed up by Machiavellian, neocon, false Zionists for the sake of the myth of the state or America as the good Empire of light against the dark designs of a hidden, defuse, genius, superpower replacement for the Soviet Union.

Pushing people to create a bloc

There are Muslims who would like it so though. There are Muslims around the world who have been infected with militant Salafism and Wahhabism. However, the vast majority of Muslims are parochial. It is only by being pushed by Americans that Muslims will unite to any degree against Western false liberalism. Mostly, they are ragtag groups that don't take marching orders form anywhere distant. They simply take some dark inspiration and share an affinity and emotional connection. They don't have the money or resources to be what the neocons try to paint them as being. They didn't have huge bunkers carved out in the mountains of Tora Bora contrary to the deliberate lies told by the pathological liar, Donald Rumsfeld.

There really were buildings downed and subways and bus attacked and trains blown up. There really are people out there who want to hurt others. There always have been. They just are never as they are presented and the right way to approach the problem is just never used. It really is the evil spirit. It really is selfishness. Absolutely, the only solution is unselfishness.

At any rate, it is the task of real, liberal Christians to disseminate the real truth, no myths, to disabuse all and to prepare the world for after the coming tribulation that will be brought on by the neocons and the enemies they create.

American attacks and propaganda stimulate the creation of more of something that bears resemblance to this vision. It still doesn't really exist, and there is absolutely no reason for America to be building up against such a network. In fact, such a build up is exactly the wrong thing to do as Jesus will tell you if you bother to ask.

It is true that Islam and Americanism are incompatible. What is also true is that both are darkness. Seeing this is seeing through the myths on both sides. The fight between America and Islam is not the fight between the forces of light versus dark. It is darkness fighting darkness. It is the spiritually blind fighting the spiritually blind.

Islam allows for among other errors, even calls for, its followers to act in the capacity of avenging angels. This though is the exact same hypocrisy we see with the fundamentalist Christians and Jews and Hindus, etc. We see it, the error, wherever we find the spirit of vengeance.

Jesus didn't fall for it. When everyone stops falling for it, the cycle of vengeance, the cycle of violence, ends. For all to understand the spirit that it takes to stop, it is the unselfish spirit. Vengeance is selfish. That's why it belongs only to God and not human beings, individually or collectively. God is the ultimately self, whole. Only the ultimate is right in protecting itself from other. Now, are you declaring yourself God's anointed to decide who is and who is not ultimately healable? Jesus said neither God nor he judges. Think about it. He said that if he were to judge, it would be just.

How can that be? How could his life have been just while he did not judge and said God does not judge while at the same time saying that if he were to judge it would also be just? He didn't say "also." That's sometime the mind reads in. It is a distraction from what he meant.

It would have been just if he had done it, but he didn't do it. Therefore, if we judge, is it just? He didn't do it. That's the focus. We know justice by what he did. For us to take vengeance is unjust. What Jesus didn't do tells us what not to do.

Take your cues from me. If I raise an army and go slaughter people, then you will know it is right to do that. If I don't, even though I could, you will also know that it isn't the right thing to do. That's Jesus's meaning. If I judge and condemn to the pain and suffering of hell, then you will know that it is right to do that. Did Jesus consign any to hell? Yes. He consigned the evil spirit to hell. He sent no human flesh to death. Flesh that goes to the death with the evil spirit goes because it doesn't stop being fractured with the evil spirit and start being one with the heavenly spirit. That's not Jesus judging and condemning the applicable soul. That's that soul's doing, regardless of how relatively ignorant that choice may be.

Look, we said before that one cannot think of anything better than God. Well, if you find yourself stuck with thinking that seems to suggest to you that there is something wrong with God, then you've got it wrong. It isn't that you must accept what you thought was wrong as right. It is that what you are thinking isn't the case. You're assigning to God things that are not God's essence.

This isn't myth. This is representational language just as E=MC2is representational of that plane. The neocons don't want to get it.

Now, if you just keep backing up in history, you will see that Jesus's message is constantly ignored and that the liars are constantly able to convince the willing, selfish dupes. How long will this keep going on?

Look, before 9-11, the US was aiding the future Taliban in Afghanistan against the then so-called evil empire. Well, Communist Russia was godless, but it was no more evil than the US. Stalin purged internally in his way while the US purged around the world in its.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006:

Albert Wohlstetter , and the other neocons like him, can only be legitimizied via an ultimately insufficient standard. Only by ignoring real Christian standards can one accept the leadership of any neocon.

It is impossible to make war when one is returning good for evil.

However, the neocons preach that war is acceptable and necessary. It is the commonly held position. It is also insane, unsound, irrational thinking. It is a disease promoting event surrounding its own stimulus. It is the further manifestation of the disease state rather than the cure it is held out to be. The symptoms at best only recede while the virus hides out ready to rage again. War is not the way to be rid of the virus that is selfishness. War is selfishness.

Human nature or education?

Wohlstetter, and many others like him, both Republican and Democrat, ratchet up military defense and offense. They see the world as a place where the militarily weak are overrun by the militarily strong. Rather than believing that humanity can be educated out of this unhealthy, selfish behavior, they insist it is unalterable human nature (a self-fulfilling prophecy by virtue of their own intransigence) and that the wisest course is to, therefore, be the most militaristic. Do you see how lame that is? They build up because of people on the other side they imagine are just like them. However, the people on the other side facing the most militaristic don't start out as militaristic as the most militaristic. They are created by the militancy they face.

Many people in history have avoided ratcheting up even when faced by militarism and aggression. Many have been overrun. The solution is not finally to have all the doves of the world convert into hawks with their own doomsday capability, imagining that to be the only deterrent to aggression. That is the same virus or bacteria competing for space and cannibalizing itself and living in its own excrement.

The solution is to see the root cause of the illness of aggression and to treat and cure it, completely displacing the virus. It is to deal with the core emotional responses. It is to expand the understanding of existence and survival and fittest, to reveal and merge with the transcendent: What Jesus taught and did.

Rather than this, the militarists fall and intentionally mislead. Their philosophy is myth. They do and don't conceal it depending upon the audience. This philosophy is an ultimate relativism. Truth is the myth they turn into manifest behavior. Reality ends up built upon lies used to get their way. They don't have a problem with the inherent hypocrisy. Resigning oneself to the inescapability of hypocrisy is required. From there, the world is only a matter of human willpower. The strongest human will, will triumph, will dominate, will dictate. The ultimate answers are simply avoided intentionally. They can be ignored so they are. The inconsistency between democracy on one hand and militarily forcing capitalism upon the world simply need not be resolved. It need not be resolved simply because those with the strongest willpower deem it so. They determine truth in their created universe. However, they die.

The militarists mislead by deliberately making up and compounding lies to stimulate fears (shortsightedness, confusion) in the public mind. Really, they magnify their own fears and maneuver the public for their own sense of control. In the end, it is selfish cowardice.

The US above all other nations today is riding the crest of this manifest confusion.

Strategic missile gap lie

Wohlstetter for example, knew that there was no such thing as the strategic missile gap between the Soviet Union and the United States. Yet, he promoted the falsehood, thereby furthering and increasing the arms race.

His voice was instrumental in the creation of Team B that was the lie-factory model upon which the Office of Special Plans was created.

Without the deliberate falsehoods spread by neocons, the arms race wouldn't have been. Irrational fears created by the deliberate lies of openly avowed liars is the cause of hyper US militarism, the global arms race, and the continuation of wars around the planet.

These false Zionists were against the CIA all the way. The CIA wasn't Machiavellian enough, because it had been put under the closer oversight of the Congress as a result of the Church Committee and the Rockefeller Committee, etc. It was willing to be deceptive, but it wasn't lusting after the degree of world domination that suits the neocons. Honest appraisals by the CIA to the president didn't result in the president issuing frightening enough language to the people to move them to panic buying of weapons programs and to striking out at mischaracterized and exaggerated enemies undertaking imagined attacks in collusion with extremely controlled imagined loyalists around the world. There was always some truth to the neocons position. What they did was hype everything. Hype is their stock and trade.

The way to rid the world of violence is not through violence. Who will rid the world of the neocons? Will they look in the mirror and commit suicide in the end? On a spiritual level, they are committing suicide. It is better though that they convert from neoconservatism to real Christianity.

All we can do is put the truth out there. Those who will insist upon continuing their deception consign themselves to the fate that awaits that choice.

Everything Team B put out was fabricated.

The Soviet Union has been busy. They've been busy in terms of their level of effort; they've been busy in terms of the actual weapons they've been producing; they've been busy in terms of expanding production rates; they've been busy in terms of expanding their institutional capability to produce additional weapons at additional rates; they've been busy in terms of expanding their capability to increasingly improve the sophistication of those weapons. Year after year after year, they've been demonstrating that they have steadiness of purpose. They're purposeful about what they're doing. Now, your question is, what ought one to be doing about that?—Donald Rumsfeld as secretary of defense, 1976.

He made all of these statements in direct contradiction to the later proved correct intelligence estimates of the CIA that was saying that the USSR would collapse without any push by the US. However, such an assessment didn't please Rumsfeld. It didn't serve his ambitions for power within an aggressive empire. It wasn't Machiavellian.

The liars lied about and exaggerated about everything: Bombers, missiles, submarines, mind control, everything. Everything they lied about was designed to get the US to do it, to engage in what they claimed the Soviets were engaging in. Now they have lied about the Muslims and have engaged in all the things they have claimed the Muslims have been doing. There have been some Muslims doing some things, but the neocons always hype everything and turn some of it into self-fulfilling prophecy. The Muslims have used torture, so the US is licensed to do what it has always been doing: Torturing. It's evil. The neocons are engaging in sheer evil. They need to turn for this evil behavior.

Eisenhower and even Nixon were so-called appeasers whose work had to be undone. Nixon had lied about his secret plan to end the Vietnam War. Well, Rumsfeld just lied about the foundation for the treaties Nixon and Kissinger obtained with the Soviets. Rumsfeld lied about Soviet capabilities and intentions. He made them out to be as evil as he is. To be sure, there were mirror images of Rumsfeld in the Soviet Union. They just didn't have the wherewithal to continue competing with US greed. To continue feeding into his own covetousness, Rumsfeld had to portray the Soviets as equally or more so greedy and capable. He sold his lies, and people bought them rather than showing him the door.

Rumsfeld just made up things about the Soviets. He took what-ifs and spoke of them as certainties. The things he said about the Soviets were all lies. He said such things again about al Qaeda in Tora Bora having huge bunkers—all lies. He said such things again about Iraq having weapons and links to huge terrorist networks— all lies. He's saying such things again about Iran having weapons programs and such links—all exaggerations and half-truths at best.

Everything the Office of Special Plans put out was fabricated. Rumsfeld was behind forming both groups against the CIA. What's he still doing in office? If he goes [he's gone now], will he be replaced by yet another neocon? Why does his office still exist? Why is there a War Department? Why isn't the entire government one entity solely for peace? The government that has departments for making war is an antichrist government.

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