Sunday, July 02, 2006:

It is very difficult for people to understand just how low the military sinks. They will go as low as the people will allow and to the degree they can keep it out of the public eye and twist it into a good thing. They fight evil with evil. The only thing that stops them is disgust.

The most important thing to know about them is that they lie. Lying is a weapon. Deception is a weapon. There is absolutely nothing that comes out of the military that is straight—nothing.

They use weapons that are illegal. They deny it. When they can't deny it, they twist it. When they can twist it, they appeal to people to be too selfish to be disgusted enough to put a stop to it by refusing to support it with cooperation, financing, personnel, etc.

Anything that supports the conjured up enemy is a target. Therefore everything is a target. When the enemy is injured, the medical system supports the enemy; therefore, destroy it. Destroy the hospitals. Destroy the supply lines of medicines and equipment. Kill the doctors and nurses. When the enemy is hungry, the land feeds them; therefore, destroy the source, the crops, the fields, the trees. Spread around radiation and other poisons. Bomb it. Bulldoze it. Defoliate it. Do whatever you want, but make it uninhabitable. Teach then a lesson through overwhelming terror. Be the devil.

The enemy drinks, so cut off the water and poison it too. The enemy uses electricity, so destroy the power grid. When the enemy needs to move, the bridges help them cross rivers; therefore, knock down the bridges. Where does the enemy come from? It comes from the civilian population. It comes from the wombs of mothers. Therefore, kill the women and children so that the enemy has no source. What also feeds the enemy besides mundane food? Memories of what has been done to them fuels their will to fight on; therefore, destroy all the records, the libraries, the means of communication, etc. This also destroys their future, their educational system, their knowledge of management, the continuity with law and order, etc. Empty the museums. Murder the professors. It's all fair in war. Just keep it secret if possible. Keep the media out or under your thumb. Lie about what is happening. Lie about your reasons. Twist what leaks out. Attack any truth-tellers. Destroy, destroy, destroy. That's what they do.

Attack them. Kidnap them. Torture them. Rape them. Drive them from the land. Surround them. Break their minds and spirits. Destroy their souls. Take their land. Take their resources. Make them work as slaves. Keep your boot on the backs of the necks. Grind the faces of the poor into the dirt. Then, when they fight back, whine and squeal as the pig about their evil intention to do unto you as you have done unto them. The truth is a curse upon you of your own making.

This is what the US military has been doing in Ramadi, Iraq. It's essentially the same thing they've been doing since before WWII. It goes back to every war every fought. This is what Israel is doing in Palestine too.

In other words, total destruction is the goal. The only thing holding that back is disgust at evil.

Why destroy to such a degree? Is it to end evil? Is it to get revenge? Those are actually twists. The real reason is the lust of evil in the hearts of those undertaking such destruction.

Who are the masters of this dark art in the world right now? The US was supreme in sanitizing war. People are getting wise to it now though. It is supreme in developing arms-length methods of destruction. It is supreme in denial. That is why it is the Empire.

Who are the masters of the dark art supporting but those who will back them? You don't expect anything but darkness to come out of darkness do you? Who's supported in Israel by the conservatives in the US? Who's supported in Iraq by the conservatives in the US? Those who will wage the total war against anything that stands against the unbridled lust of capitalism (mammon) are the one's who will be supported by the Empire. Those who will assist the US in keeping any possibility of a giving and sharing society from coming to fruition will be supported. Those who will destabilize, to divide, ruin, set back, the more egalitarian efforts of the people will be supported.

As of Wednesday, November 15, 2006, the US is supporting the Iraqi Interior Ministry and its wholesale use of sectarian death squads in Baghdad, Iraq. The death squads ride around Baghdad with impunity. They are routinely allowed to sail through or passed checkpoints. These are pickup trucks with heavy caliber machine guns mounted in their beds. They are obvious, conspicuous; yet, nothing is done.

Those the US is backing are of the ilk of Deim in Vietnam, Marcos in the Philippines, Somoza in Nicaragua, and on and on. The death squads are US-trained and up and running in Iraq and Afghanistan. The covert US Pentagon forces are spread out now all over the world setting up mini-wars wherever there is any sentiment against greed in any region that can't put up much of a head-on fight against the hi-tech US military.

Supremacy does not mean that it is head-over-heels above the runner up or the pack behind. There are plenty of evil souls in the world, demons, ready, willing, able, and just waiting to rise to assume to position of ultimate destroyer, Satan. They come in every religious and ideological stripe so long as they can stretch their beliefs to appear as the angel of light.

When you think about the US military, think as low as possible. Think about lies on top of lies on top of lies. Think about the mind that enjoys inflicting pain, suffering, death, and destruction, and the more the better. Think about the insatiable lust for blood and destruction.

Forget about gentlemanliness. Forget about codes of conduct and rules of engagement and rules and laws of warfare. It's all a façade. Winning is everything. Crush their will to fight. Use hugely disproportionate retaliation—tenfold at a minimum. Make yourself tenfold the child of Satan to rule Satan's domain.

However, that's losing everything. That's what they don't get. Their too busy feeding into their lust to reflect about ultimate consequence. Their too busy rushing headlong into the mouth of the Beast.

He who is capable of being the biggest beast wins the seat of Satan, the prince of this world for awhile. Then what? Then you discover that you've been eating your children.

Don't reinstitute a military a draft, and the youth won't rebel. That's what the planners thought. More than a generation has past since Vietnam. The youth today are indoctrinated with blind obedience; super patriotism; proven conscience-numbing, violent video games;[1] revisionist history of Vietnam; the Reagan revolution; and on and on. That's what they thought.

Don't let them come home. Keep them in the service in action. They won't go home to protest the war. They won't be there to tell the general population what's been going on. That's what they think.

We won't have mass desertion such as occurred over the Vietnam War (over five hundred thousand). We won't have the troops killing the noncommissioned and commissioned officers as occurred over the Vietnam War (over five hundred). That's what they think.

They think the lowest ranks of the military is going to remain dedicated to the cause of subjugating the Muslims by force. Morale will nosedive. The whole world is a quagmire for the Empire.

The Pentagon has announced in early January 2007 that it is now going to redeploy national guard and reserve troops an indefinite number of times. Before, those troops would serve just two tours. Now it's open-ended. Also, they are also planning to increase the size of the Army and Marines by some ninety-two thousand troops over five years. The next Democrat president will change that of course.

It is important not to divorce the military from the so-called civilian leadership. It is the military-industrial complex after all. The power elite controls. The top brass, as they are called, is part of that system. They are just not on board yet with the absence of regimen. Their training is that of expected regulation and systemization. The Pentagon is a huge ship that takes time to turn. Rumsfeld wants the military to turn on a dime in unexpected ways. He wants them to be nimble and quick. However, he doesn't command the respect for such syncopation. They don't trust him. He's too awkward. He doesn't have any inspiring vision. They'd rather remain plodding.

The question is, who's teaching what in the war colleges, what are the drill sergeants made of, and can the Special Forces and hi-tech and computer networking and decision programming really beat God, the enemy who is in the zone? The answer is no.

Thursday, July 13, 2006:

A couple of days ago, the Pentagon announced it is following the Geneva Conventions concerning all Pentagon "detainees." This is because of the recent US Supreme Court ruling that calls upon the Pentagon to follow the international law of war and obtain Congressional approval for any military tribunals.

The Pentagon and White House are finding it difficult to reconcile national security protection with humane treatment and judicial guarantees for those the US holds.

Naturally they are having difficulty. That's because of their definition of national security and how to go about securing the nation. They ignore the divine law, so they bring forth hell. It is that simple.

Thursday, July 13, 2006:

Also, after nearly five years, the Pentagon is opening up the bidding for the work Halliburton has been doing. Halliburton has been paid untold billions of dollars since 2001. The move is politically motivated, announced in July before the upcoming 2006 congressional elections. It is designed to defuse the political fallout against Republicans on account of all the allegations of fraud against Halliburton and on account of the illegal contract awards to the company in the first place. The vice president was running Halliburton just before he became vice president.

Under the drive to privatization, the Republicans see Halliburton making up the slack over the long run. They had a good ride they think.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006:

It has been announced that the Pentagon is backing off the plan to rewrite the U.S. Army field manual in a way would allow the continuation of the worst forms of treatment of those being held. The manual will be rewrite, but it will provide Geneva-Convention protections for everyone regardless of uniforms or the lack thereof and regardless of state-military service designations or the lack thereof.

They'll always get around whatever they want to. They have the weapons and the backing of the monied interests.


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