Friday, August 18, 2006:

I read about Edward Bernays some years ago and wanted to include something on him.

Edward Bernays figured out how to engineer people's subconscious consent for things and ideas that are obviously detrimental to them. As the father of public relations, he invented so-called modern advertising. Capitalist advertising creates and stimulates irrational selfish desires for products and services that nobody really needs and are actually bad for them and the planet.

Bernays was Sigmund Freud's nephew in America. He was very egotistical. He looked down on the masses as being a stupid herd. He was just the sort who didn't comprehend the message of Jesus.

Sexual lust and the reptilian brain

Bernays took Freud's ideas on sexual lust and turned them to selling World War I and then everything else anyone was willing to pay him to sell. Unbeknownst to the target of his efforts, the masses, the great unwashed, he worked on the unenlightened, reptilian brain hiding in each person's brain. Rather than appealing exclusively to the frontal and temporal lobes, the less primitive portions of the brain, the parts of the brain God has given to humanity over and above what he has given to the serpents for a reason, Bernays worked to take people backwards. His work and efforts, of course, have made the world a darker, more unenlightened, hellish place. He was antichrist.

This is the same debate about the people in the state of nature, or the real nature of humanity. Some people had always thought the people were basically good natured. Some had always thought the people were basically evil natured. Jesus shows us that the people are split with a tug of war going on for their souls, their hearts, their emotional direction, etc. The two paths are irreconcilable. That is why any house containing both will fall. It is the contest of the elite versus the grassroots, competition versus cooperation, capitalism versus giving and sharing, false democracy (bought and paid for by big business) versus real democracy, consumerism versus serving as a Christian, selfishness versus unselfishness, bloodline versus spiritline, materialism versus God, and on and on.

When big business corporations wanted to trick the people into thinking that monopolistic capitalism and democracy were inseparable, they turned to Bernays.

This is the same thing that certain preachers, such as Billy Graham, have done concerning capitalism and Christianity. They have lied to the people to get them to think incorrectly that capitalism is inseparable from Christianity when, in very truth, they are irreconcilable in the end. They have made irrational appeals to the selfishness of the people to get them to fear real Christianity. They have preached satanism to the people in the name of Jesus. It is a grave, sinister twisting of the word of God for the sake of the private gain of the preacher and his master. The house of capitalism and Christianity cannot stand and will fall.

What Bernays did was use the concepts of Freud concerning the power of lust on the subconscious level. Bernays appealed to selfishness and stimulated it turning it toward getting people to choose products and ideas that they would not choose were they operating on a conscious level in making the decision. The people didn't know what was happening to them. They didn't realize that subconscious suggestions planted by others with ulterior motives were then at work subconsciously during their seemingly conscious decision making.

This is older than Bernays, of course, since people have been appealing to people's feelings on irrational bases since the beginning. The proverbial serpent in the garden was working on introducing and stimulating selfishness in human affairs. Bernays simply applied it in a mass way using all the latest technologies. He perfected the dark art.

The question is, will the people, knowing all this, open their eyes and rightly reject the once subliminal. According the Biblical prophecy, eventually humanity will through off this false consciousness. They will come to the point where their collective consciousness will be a collective conscience speaking the will of God. They will come to realize and act in accordance with the highest principle of unselfishness. They will not fall to the falsehoods now being spewed out by the greediest of the greedy telling people that it is more important for the people to feed into their purchased and false self-esteem than it is for them to care for their neighbor as Jesus taught them instead. The Bible says Jesus's message wins out over Bernays' and all the other satanic prophets of selfishness. God says Jesus's message prevails.

This is where all the recent conservative think tanks have come from. The rich and powerful have purchase people in the vein of Bernays to come up with ways for the elite to manipulate the masses they think are asses.

Reptilian centers

Additional hawk so-called think tanks are as follows: The Center for Security Policy; the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs; the Middle East Forum; the Middle East Media Research Institute; the National Institute for Public Policy; and the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Such public-relations firms, these propaganda firms, these reptilian centers masquerading as bastions of intellect, manufactured the pretext for invading Iraq. They also manufacture consent for Israel to be given so much money and weaponry to use even indiscriminately.

The invisible government

Bernays said, "Those who manipulate the unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government." Therefore, Bernays was the invisible government. Therefore, where was the democracy? The people didn't knowingly elect to follow Bernays. Had they known what he was up to and his views of them (condescending), they would not have voted for him. Real democracy depends upon the truth being out in the open. You can see that the big business that hired Bernays is not compatible with democracy. They hired Bernays to get the people to believe that monopolistic capitalism is inseparable from democracy even while those major corporations knew full well that the opposite is the case. Now, whom do you believe? Whom are you going to believe?

This is mass, fulltime hypnosis the result of repetitive association. Josef Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda, studied Edward Bernays to great and terrible effect. Out of this has come the perfection of the dark arts of brainwashing and military psyops, etc.

Understand that the most susceptible minds to the lies are actually the less evolved, the more primitive minds.

Whose appealing to you and with what: Discern

Next time someone tries to sway you and every time someone tries to sway you, discern whether that mind is reptilian or frontal-and-temporal-lobed based and to which area of your brain it is therefore appealing. If it is appealing to your selfish, reptilian, subconscious lusts and is asking you to reject unselfish reactions, then reject that appeal and speak truth to that serpentine mind. If it is appealing to your frontal and temporal lobes in earnest, your higher brain, your unselfishness in ways that can do no harm, accept it the more it connects you, and makes you aware of your interdependence, in the all that is God.

All of this will illicit various emotional reactions from different people. Many will just not wrestle with the issue. They will be too conditioned in conjunction with their predisposition for caving into such manipulation. They will not want to upset the picture that Bernays, Leo Strauss, and all their false-hearted predecessors, such as Hobbes and Plato, and followers, who are the neocons and capitalist fascists and others, have painted. In other words, they won't overcome. They will want to continue to be lorded over by big liars, so-called noble or pious liars, the selfish elite who run the dark, false, evil, anti-grassroots power of the world.

It is their choice not to struggle spiritually against the power of evil over them. Of course, it is a relative degree of choice as we have seen. Those who choose not to overcome or who choose to but then turn back around to evil, will be cut off from the new heaven and new earth so as not to present the disease of selfishness in the real kingdom of God. Will you struggle and overcome (meaning to stay) or not? To put this question clearly and plainly to everyone is the reason for this work. It is the Good News.

It is necessary that everyone be given the clear and plain choice so that the separation will occur. We want that for the sake of the unselfish. We would rather everyone turn to unselfishness rather than have any separated off or cut off; however, we would rather the unselfish finally be free of evil than for them to have to exist eternally with those who after the clear and plain choice, reject unselfishness as the right path. Nevertheless, we will still want those who reject and are separated to turn and rejoin forever. That's it. We stand by it. We will be judged by it.

Your choice is rather than putting your everything into the perpetuation of the big-business, consumerist, selfish, earth destroying system of lies that has fooled you into falsely imagining that you are no good unless you consent to and consume everything (products, services, and virulent ideas) the irrational-lust-stimulators put before you, rather than that, will you put your everything into the exact opposite.

Let us help each other to help others until all are properly cared for. Let us bring forth the solution. Let us turn the earth away from the falsehood that is the consumerist society and toward the truth that is the giving, sharing, harmless society.

Tom Usher

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