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Hitler was interested in anything that would aid him in his quest for demigod and then god status.

Deputy fuehrer (deputy leader) Rudolf Hess was an astrologist.

Alfred Rosenberg, commissioner for philosophy of education was writing the religion of the Nazis.

Henrick Himmler, head of the Schutzstaffel (protection echelon) and extermination camps, was deep into satanism and designed the religion of the Nazis. He personally funded expeditions to far reaches of the globe in search of materials, documents, etc., that would shed light (or darkness, depending upon one's perceptive or orientation) upon the mystery religions of the ancient world. The SS had a unit called the Ancestral Heritage Research and Teaching Society for just that purpose.

Joseph Goebbels, the minister of propaganda, also consulted astrology in planning.


According to myth, the Aryans were originally from Atlantis. The Aryans were originally Atlanteans.

According to the mythology handed down by Plato, Atlantis sank into the ocean due to a great earthquake brought on by their falling from virtue. The story goes that Solon (638 BC-558 BC) the progressive lawgiver of Athens visited Egypt were he was given the story (history) of the utopia Atlantis some nine thousand years earlier, which story he took back to Greece. Plato used the written story in his dialogues entitled Timaios and Critias.

The Nazi position was that some of them survived and ended up in Tibet where they wrote the Avesta of Zoroastrianism. These Aryans, according to the Nazis, and others who have held to this belief system, ended up the Brahman caste in India and were responsible for the Hindu Vedas.

Much of this position hinges upon the Indo-European family of languages (Indo-Aryan, Indo-Iranian, Indo-Germanic) being Sanskrit-based; whereas, Hebrew and Arabic (Semitic; of the Shemites) may have branched off earlier.

There are many parallels between this Atlantis story and certain Biblical allusions. The Bible holds that angels came down from heaven and fell to mating with moral women. This is the same idea held by Himmler about the Atlanteans. One can also see the parallels with the great flood idea of being destroyed by water for iniquities.

You see here that as direct descendents of the Atlanteans, the Teutons (Nordic peoples) were descendents of un-evolved gods as in beings who were not the produce of DNA and the natural-selection processes, as promulgated by Charles Darwin and others, which the Nazis didn't completely reject concerning the other peoples of the world, the inferior ones. Now, Jesus said that he came from heaven and was ascending back there.

As with Plato, Himmler and the other Nazis sought to selectively breed a better stock of people until the god state was reached again and magical powers would return. The stock was the SS. They had to be at least five feet nine inches tall- Himmler's height. They actually started in 1935 breeding babies under a program called "Fountain of Life." The babies belonged to the state, not the parents.

This SS was the new class of feudal knights, an order of knighthood. Their leadership would be granted feudal estates in conquered lands. Just as with the disciples and the knights of the round table, Himmler surrounded himself with a core of the twelve highest ranking generals of the SS.


Not only did they attempt to breed those they held as the best with the best but they sought to stop those they saw as the worst from breeding.

At the same time, the those deemed mentally deficient or otherwise genetically defective were killed. Insane asylums were being emptied by exterminating the patients. Others were sterilized on a massive scale, some four hundred thousand.

Now, one ought to begin to see that parallels in these myths with Judaism and Christianity but while discerning the difference between achieving these states via violence and bloodline breeding by the Nazis versus via peace and spirit now via Jesus and God. Also, one ought to see the parallels between the Nazi notions of bloodline superiority and the notions of the false Zionists of today who hold that they are superior to the Arabs and goyim (Gentiles) and by rights ought to, and will, rule over them, not as servants but as ruthless overlords.

Don't forget that Moses taught many of these same concepts. The defective as seen by iniquity were to be stoned or put to the sword. The Promised Land was living space for the Israelites. Compassion is reserved for the elect.

Now, Jesus too extends ultimate survival, mercy, compassion only to the elect as well; however, Jesus applies the golden rule. He uses that highest standard, that divine law, so that he, Jesus, does not judge or condemn anyone. Only the truth of one's own hypocrisy causes one ultimately to suffer the fate of hell.

Karl Haushofer was the one who convinced Hitler to focus on living space to the East.

Moses had magical, godlike powers. Of course, we know that the Holy Spirit was at work here but that Satan managed to confuse the issue often in the minds of the people. That's what happened to Hitler and his circle and followers.

Hitler was influenced by the same racist influences that prevailed upon kaiser Wilhelm during WWI. Racism was nearly totally accepted by the White race.

Well, Hitler fought in WWI and was convinced that wealthy international-banking Jews had failed to support the war effort to victory.

He hated the Hebrew in himself, for what reason exactly we will not know until God reveals it if ever to us. We do know, as with all violent dictators, he was abused in some form. In Mein Kampf , Hitler described his own father as an "irascible tyrant."

He also hated the grassroots. They were too stupid and weak to be given any say over the direction of society. He was for the upper caste, aristocracy, pure bloods, superiors, running everything. Democracy was a weakness. Capitalism was also a weakness, since it allowed selfish, non-collective, non-nationalistic types to come to rule behind the scenes with devastating results such as German defeat in WWI.

You see, Hitler drew the line of selfishness at pure bloodline (an arbitrarily defined degree of inbreeding within the national family). This is where the false Zionists draw the line of selfishness too to a degree.

With some twenty percent of Israelis living in poverty, the false Zionist still don't turn completely to kibbutzim to eliminate all poverty. Why not? Selfishness. They just don't see the family of human kind with everyone as God's child.

Socialism was good in Hitler's mind so long as it was his brand that was far from egalitarian. It was socialism for the sake of the elite. He would rather it than capitalism, since he could eventually control the mechanism-the financial institutions.

Well, Hitler read the racist, mystic, tracts of the day and swallowed it all. The Germans were the rightful rulers of the world and needed living space to raise up the new godmen, the re-purified race. There were many influences upon his thinking.

The philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer and the power of the will (willpower) was very influential on Hitler. Schopenhauer was anti-Semitic and big on reading the Vedas. The operas of Richard Wagner (pronounced Vägner) also moved him.

Hitler had a flair for the dramatic. That's why he was a fiery orator, some Germans thought spellbinding. He loved spectacle, pageantry, costumes, uniforms, and symbolism.

The Nazis borrowed from many cultures for power of pageantry. The Roman Empire with its standards was used to effect. There were many nighttime spectacles for the use of fire. They were orchestrated with varying precision. They were certainly design for group consciousness and subservience to the fearless leader. Some people have said that the people were tired after working all day, so their defenses were down and the hypnotic effect would be more powerful.

Even the characters from the ancient Germanic alphabet of runes (symbols or characters) were seen to hold mystical power, just as with Hebrew and for some people, Greek, letters.

Much of what Hitler did was grotesque, satanic play on Christianity. Whatever power the life of Christ held, Hitler and his inner circle sought to create a Nazi replacement to displace Christianity. They created their shrines and their religious ceremonies. Hitler was the replacement for Jesus in every respect. Hitler was speaking to the back of the people's brains. He was not appealing to their frontal or temporal lobes. Savagery and beastliness were what he called for.

He understood the profound emotional effect these things had on the mass of people who had no other voices magnifying at the time as Hitler's. It was a bonding voice. It was the voice of togetherness. The people were made to feel a part of something huge, which it was in relative, mundane terms. They were seducible for lack of a countering, clear and compelling voice. The churches had done a miserable job of interpreting Jesus and bringing his vision to fruition after all.

These two, Schopenhauer influencing Wagner, were interested in Buddhism among other things. They were aware of the ultimate concept of annihilation of the self or soul or will. It would appear contradictory to Hitler's focus on willpower; however, one doesn't know the extent to which Hitler envisioned pure blood as reaching this threshold.

The Holy Grail

Hitler wanted to stimulate a religious fervor around the quest for The Holy Grail. Hitler's vision of the Grail was purifying the physical blood. He saw this as transcending religion, making new people.

This whole concept is very important to the understanding of how easy it is for people to be diverted from the one real path to enlightenment. Hitler was not a materialist (a matter-ist, if you will). He believed that there was a point at which the physical blood, flesh, DNA as we know now, meets the spiritual realm. In this, Jesus concurs. The difference though between Hitler and Jesus is class struggle and what constitutes offense. Jesus, unlike Hitler, was leveling even while maintaining greatness. Jesus also placed offense at hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is absent in Jesus's God. It is not in Hitler's. Both have the same God, but only Jesus knows God. Hitler made of himself the son of Satan. In the mystical sense, he was never the real son of God. (Reconcile the seeming paradox by discerning the contexts.)

Nature was God and law. Nature showed that the strong and ruthless were meant to rule. The Jews were a huge threat to the pagan drive of the Teutons. Jesus Christ had promoted a weak, effeminate, merciful religion to dupe the people.

Hitler is reputed to have said in 1941, "Christianity is the prototype of Bolshevism: the mobilisation by the Jew of the masses of slaves with the object of undermining society."[74] Well, rightly so with two exceptions. Bolshevism was coercive, whereas Jesus is not, and rather than undermining society, Jesus displaces the evil of the type of hypocrisy (national, bloodline selfishness) that Hitler worshipped.

Hierarchy was the natural order of things, and the strongest naturally rose to the top to lead.

They took comfort in the Vedic tradition of the caste system. The Brahmins were the Aryans who were born to rule, in the eyes of the Nazis. Christ was a small-c communist, as Hitler could quite clearly see.

Hindu castes are the opposite of Jesus, the lowly carpenter's son raised to heaven. We are not to believe that we must accept our station in life. Each may rise. God does not fix the poor to the bottom. Satan does that.

It is also ironic that Hitler and Napoleon were both lowly corporals.

It is difficult to know where the big lie and pious lie (noble lie) with self-deception start and end. It was different for each person in the Nazi inner circle and changed for each over the course of time and due to the influence of each on the others.

Many Germans were looking for a Germanic pagan messiah. They thought that they had been defeated because they had lost the old ways of the unconquerable Viking spirit.

The Nazis were humanists mystics. The human willpower was the power of the gods.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) was influential in promoting willpower.

If you are interested in following up on this subject, you might wish to read about the following:

Arthur de Gobineau (1816-1882) was an influential French racist putting forth the Aryanism.

Helena Blavatsky (1831-1891) was a founder of the Theosophical Society. The society was about syncretism of non-Judeo-Christian thought. It focused upon Hinduism, Buddhism, and Zoroastrianism (Iran's or Persia's earliest religion). The Zoroastrian God is Ahura Mazda. Their sacred text is the Avesta. All these religions including Egyptian had an influence upon the Israelis and vice versa. The Persian Magi astrologers are spoken of in the Gospel nativity story for instance. Helena Blavatsky was convinced that religious predisposition was genetically linked. She felt that Aryans were superior for that reason.

There is no doubt that no one is equal to anyone else in as much as no two people are identical. There is no doubt that genetic traits are handed down and that the brain and its spiritual predisposition is part of the evolutionary process. Nevertheless, the spirit itself is above the very processes it creates and can alter the course of anyone's life and flesh regardless of DNA. There is no hard and fast inviolable natural (material-only) law that precludes any human being from salvation. Those very words can reach those that the racists would reject. That very rejection precludes those racists no matter how noble they imagine themselves.

Houston Stewart Chamberlain (1855-1927) was an English author who wrote extensively about the superiority of the Aryan race. His views were shared by most people then, although history has been rewritten to gloss over the period. We have seen that the likes of Winston Churchill for instance firmly believed in the superiority of the aristocracy and the white race. He also advocated the same eugenics practices carried out by the Nazis that were based upon a so-called proactive Social Darwinism.

Churchill was no Christian. His fruit proved that. Of course, he was also a 33rd degree Freemason and member of the Druid Order. He is alleged to have resigned the masons. It must be understood that these things are not harmless. At the very least, they crack the door open for demons to rush in on the unsuspecting and unprotected. They are misleading and confusing.

The Bayreuth Circle were devotees of Wagner and Wagnerian mythos of the Germanic peoples. The quest for the Holy Grail and pure blood was moving for Hitler in particular.

Guido von List (1848-1919) was important in the study of the runic alphabet, the ancient Germanic symbols and their spiritual meanings. He came up with his own Armanen runes he claimed to have received in a vision during temporary blindness of cataract surgery. He had a following among many wealthy and important people. He blended theosophy with Norse mythology and its pantheon. Most importantly, the struggle of the dominance of religion was seen as the struggle of the dominance of nations. The religion that wins out is the nation that wins out.

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