Friday, August 25, 2006:

The military recruiters are raping teenage girls and also sexually abusing males.

The Citadel-The Military College of South Carolina Citadel Station, Charleston, South Carolina, US, is still experiencing sexual harassment issues concerning female cadets. Some one out of five females say they've been sexually harassed or worse.

These sexual and gender issues in the military have been on-going since the first armies of the earth. The US has had a number of scandals after the feminist movement of the 1960's and 70's.

Women-in-the-military has been seen as an equal-rights issue. Women fought for the equal right to use lethal violence to coerce others concerning the nation's foreign policy. This is no accomplishment of which to brag or be proud.

The military attracts those who wish to have the power or authorization to maim and kill others. It is billed as defending freedom and democracy, but we know that freedom and democracy are not secured via coercion. It is hypocrisy.

Women who join the military are expecting the males attracted to that life to behave consistent with non-violent males.

The military is only sterilized on the public relations front. In reality, the top brass and others know that war is truly hell. They like it at some level despite their protestations to the contrary.

The same mindset that say males in the military must act inconsistently with their main mission is the same mentality that continually moves to whittle at wars beastliness and savagery by means of the so-called laws of war.

War is all or nothing

In truth, war is all or nothing. It is an area where relativity is absolutely farcical.

As real, liberal Christians, which are the only kind, we counsel for zero war. We say that attempting to put into place and enforce rules to limit the maiming, death, destruction, and degradation of warfare is asking the strongest military to conduct civilized, chivalrous maiming, death, destruction, and degradation. It is hypocrisy from the start.

We want offenses limited of course, but it is also absurd to not view war as completely outside the divine law. It is absurd not to see that rules to mitigate are even less honest than all-out warfare that eliminates the iniquitous enemy from the face of the earth. In the face to having the commandment from God to turn the other cheek, any such war is unjustified.

Now they want women who are foolish enough to join the military to not suffer offenses, but it is insane to join the most competitive military in the world and expect to find gentility. That military commence training at the lowest ranks with nonstop angry, demeaning yelling and encouragement to savagery. That is the exact opposite training for fulltime gentility.

The whole concept of gentlemanliness stems from the truth that to be a king and right is to be gentle, kind, compassionate, considerate, gallant, valiant, and consistently so. The concept underwent pejoration on account of those who claimed the title of gentleman were under the surface often spoiled, lazy, aloof, indifferent, or malicious and cowardly.

Jesus was the true gentleman

The point is that Jesus was the true gentleman. He would not harass women in or out of the military, but neither would he use military means for his end.

Tom Usher

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