Tuesday, September 05, 2006:

The completely mundane, materialistic view of existence that cannot even see at any point all that is material, takes only the lessons of its limited view. The view is only concerned with its existence, its sentience, now. It cannot remember before it was say two to three years old at the earliest; therefore, it did not exist before that. However it was one and before that in the womb. It trust that, because it trusts those who are older and were there. It trust that, because it sees pregnant women and knows babies issue and become one and two and three.

So, life is nasty, brutish, and short. Life was nasty, brutish, and short. We as a species exist, because our forbearers killed off all the rivals for resources. Our lust and instinctual self-preservation brought it all on. But did it?

Is everyone alive the descendent of nasty, brutish, short-lived creatures? Also, why are they so sure that the lower based spirit is necessarily the one that dominated earlier on? Are there not other species today that are lower in the food chain that are still not spiritually mean?

The nasty and brutish see through those eyes. Their hearts are waxed cold; therefore, that is what they superimpose upon all of creation. It is their worldview.

Those who commune with God are not all claiming that evolution didn't occur. They are aware that the spirit was before and that they were before. This is manifest. They are humbled in the knowledge of their limited vision. They remember being one even though they don't remember. They remember the miracles of Jesus even though they weren't there. Whom do you trust?

The argument isn't over whether or not God. It is over God. Who is God? What is God's true nature?

My kingdom is not of this world, and this world is the Empire of a certain spirit of man, not the whole spirit of man.

How do we know that this Empire is evil? Whom do we have to thank for telling us? Why is it Evil? We know thanks to The Bible that is the history of the rise and fall (the intoxicated movements of the centers of wealth, power, control, and desolation) of the empire spirit. It is evil, because it is rebellion, usurpation, self-authorization, self-reward, and all the rest of the delusional, antichrist mentality.

Tom Usher

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