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By some estimates, seventy-five percent of Chinese rivers are too polluted for fish. Also, over thirty percent of the ground water is polluted. This is because of the Maoist Communist doctrine of fighting against the earth. Everything is fighting in Maoism. Everything is keeping everything and everybody off balance so that the Party (Chinese Communist Party) could increase and maintain control over every aspect of life. Mao was the supreme egoist. Heaven and earth were things against which he lashed out. He hated everything, but not in the way that brings repentance. He hated everything in the way that brought and brings more to hate, more about which to repent. His was a vicious cycle of degradation. There was no light in his vision, only darkness. We pity his soul. It did not have even the slightest glimmer of the meaning or value of this life or world.

Poor Mao, he was so cut off. He cut himself off from God. Nothing good has come of Maoism except the example of what not to be or do. The Chinese people were made to suffer and were made to become extremely confused. Mao was the embodiment of wrath. He was the embodiment of the fracturing that comes of anti-God. You see what comes of it.

China today is paying a heavy price for Maoism. It will take a long time to pay that price. The further from the spirit of Jesus the Chinese remain, the longer it will take.

Unwise ancestor worship

We are not advocating a return to the China before the Communist Revolution. That China wasn't good enough. It was monarchical. It was a caste system. At times, it had many things that were pointing in a better direction by far than Mao's dark vision, but it was still not aimed where Jesus's path leads. There was a decided mundane bloodline/caste quality to much of traditional Chinese culture before the Communist takeover. It would be unwise to return to ancestor worship, per se. Honoring parents with the view of being truthful that all souls must struggle to overcome evil's temptation, including parents and ancestors, is the correct path.

My parents and ancestors were as I was and am. They made errors. They were not always as close to God as they ought to have been. This is honest, not condemnation. The golden rule requires that I consider them, as I ought to wish to be considered, for righteousness' sake. Maoism and other corruptions of the concept of communism, including and in large measure beginning with Marx's large-c Communism, doesn't put forth the golden rule. The ancient Chinese culture though did contain the seeds of the truth that is the golden rule. The enlightenment that comes with the life of Jesus removes the hypocrisy of bloodline and fixing (render as stuck) people in social strata by birth circumstances.

Jesus breaks evil traditions

The real karma, the right karma, is to raise up the people at the bottom. "The last shall be first." This is exactly the opposite of the traditional view of right karma. People are born into circumstances. The traditional karmic view is that they therefore merited that birth position. That traditional mentality then, based upon reincarnation, locked in the fortunate in their fortunate circumstance while depriving the unfortunate. This then allowed the upper class to avoid the true implications of the golden rule. The poor may then be neglected, which is bad karma. The evil comes back around in a circle, a cycle. The hypocrisy is exposed. We see this exposure in Jesus's coming to save the rich and the poor, the intellectuals and the least so-called educated. We see this by virtue of the intellectuals who could not grasp the basic truth of breaking the karmic limitations, thereby raising to the top those on the bottom who grasped. There was no privilege of station, meaning the teaching was not the privilege of the upper class. In this way, Jesus breaks an evil tradition of the ancient world—a selfish tradition that Jesus lets us feel was not the original nature of our species.

It is important for our species to learn to stop assimilating these confusions that run from one form of selfishness to another. The oneness of love that is God is not arrived at by our species cutting off each other. The cutting off occurs when we fail each other as a species (a whole family). We fail to unify in the unselfish, the real, nature of our species. We allow ourselves to lose many of our kind to mutations in the unselfish nature into different, undesirable, detrimental traits.

It is a different matter when people refuse and cut off themselves. It is an extreme matter when those who refuse even turn to murder those who offer the light. That is what Mao did. He murdered what unselfishness there was.


In the US, there are those who chip away at what unselfishness there is. They, like Mao, fight against heaven and earth and God. They assert themselves in so many inconsiderate ways. Inconsiderateness is the spirit that trains the people to become the weapons for the worst spiritual manifestations on the planet. If the people would be considerate in their immediate lives, that considerateness would reduce the stress of life and would spread out into the world as light doing the exact opposite of the enemies of light.

We don't mean here simply politeness but rather carrying that politeness out to its logical conclusion of compassion that is love in the act of saving one another, saving one and all who will reach out to be saved. God saves.

Not Taoism and Confucianism

There is common ground in Taoism (the way of the universe), Confucianism (the ethical teachings of Confucius), and real Christianity. Neither Taoism nor Confucianism though is real Christianity. This is true of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism all the other religions. There is common ground, but it is the ground that is not held in common that then is the real strait gate and narrow way of Christ. Where the other religions stop and refuse to accept the words of Jesus Christ, there you will find the gate through which you must pass. "He that is not with me is against me."

The commonality is only the starting place for conversion of all the peoples of the world, not the conversion to the errors of the apostate, militant, and syncretistic churches but to the new commandment based upon the two great commandments, which contain the golden rule and expound upon it remove the vestiges of hypocrisy.

Marx: Spiritually dead

"The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the violent overthrow of all existing social conditions."[200]

Marx and Engels were right to declare laissez-faire capitalism an evil. Their remedy though was no remedy. It too was evil. The violent overthrow of anything leads only to something that itself needs to be discarded, not violently, but simply by a choice in one's heart, mind, and soul with all of one's strength.

Marx was spiritually dead. His materialism-humanism is lower than animalistic. Animals have rhyme and reason to their societal actions unless pushed to insanity by the human species.

Marx has his followers just turning around and savaging their overlords in a fit of revenge and to take their places as the new slave masters (the brutal dictatorship of the proletariat as a front for the real dictatorship of the Stalin or Mao type).

Not Falun Gong

The real remedy is not going backwards to any caste system. The remedy is going forward back to before any caste system, back to the unselfish love that is God's desire for us. The remedy does not lie in ecumenicalism or syncretism down. Those are shills, false fronts on the wide path to hell. Those are made of hypocritical flatteries one system for another all avoiding the one narrow way. The remedy is not Falun Gong in China or any of the other religions there or elsewhere.

As with all the other religions, there is some common ground of Falun Gong or Falun Dafa with real Christianity. They are not the same things however. In the differences lies the key to heaven.

What we don't want is a return to rule by the minority of the opulent. We don't want blood over the spirit of righteousness but rather the spirit of righteousness over blood.

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