Monday, July 03, 2006:

There was the Great Crash of 1929, and that heralded in the Great Depression. Out of that and WWII came the New Deal and the condemnation of the right-wing that was Nazism and Fascism (the merging of the state and the corporation). In reaction to the cruelty of the industrial revolution and all the oppression that preceded it throughout history, including done in the name of religion, sprang socialism and then Communism (Marxist-Leninist) and finally Stalinism.

Rather than take the steam out of Stalinism by continuing and enhancing New-Deal leveling, Nazis and Fascists within the US turn against the New Deal of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and later the Great Society of President Lyndon Baines Johnson. They, the Fascists, worked long and hard to keep the Red Scare alive. They worked long and hard to tie the New Deal to Stalinism in the minds of the general public. Don't take it wrong. We're not saying Roosevelt was a Populist. He wasn't a Populist (power to the people—grassroots), and neither was Lyndon Johnson.

The Nazi/Fascist tactics worked so well that at the time of his election, John Kennedy was more militantly anti-Communist than was Richard Nixon. It was Kennedy who picked up the failed fight in Vietnam where the French left off after their miserable defeat. Of course, the US had been footing some eighty percent of France's war cost at the end of France's colonial period in Vietnam.

The Fascist propaganda worked so well that the Clinton administration actually over saw much more of the dismantling of the New Deal and Great Society.

You see how the front seesaws back and forth all the while the powers that be in the shadows control the strings: The money.

Now, Bush-43 had himself in a terrible fix in Iraq and Afghanistan. He's been caught red-handed lying left and right. The ultraconservative wealthy know this and are hedging their bets with the Democrats. They don't want to be left outside when the Republicans lose. Therefore, they are making funding deals with the Democrats. They'll fund the Democrats in their so-called think tanks and campaigns so long as the Democrats agree not to rock the neoliberal, globalization, privatization, boat, which includes not losing the oil of Iraq.

Now this is about empire and not energy companies, per se. This is about denying others in the long term. The oil companies want quarterly profits remember. The neocons are thinking in terms of the century and millennium, in terms of bringing Israel finally to dominate Egypt and Babylon and Persia and necessarily all of the Arab nation (peoples).

So now we have the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation and the Smith Richardson Foundation and the like, foundations behind the most virulent neocon think tanks, funding the Democrats.

People are wondering why Hillary Clinton says stay the course in Iraq. She chose New York to fill the seat of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, because there are many electoral college votes in New York and because there are many rich Zionists in New York who don't have an aversion to funding Democrats so long as they are willing to toe the Zionist line, which means the Arabs and Persians and others come second to Israel, always.

This all means that the Democratic Party is beholden somewhat to militant Zionism and even more so now to a fairly high degree of laissez faire capitalism and not antiwar or human rights or civil rights, etc. It must be understood that the Democrats in the highest places have not been adverse to employing the so-called noble lie. They aren't real Christians after all.

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