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Wednesday, September 13, 2006:

Evil spirits, frequencies (vibrations), energies, have been aimed at us since before we can remember. Today, there are people who have the highly developed, surreptitious power, and have the capacity and inclination, to aim these things at us in unprecedented ways. Mundane, temporal, atheistic creatures can and do aim at others, unbeknownst to those others, energy beams that carry the most evil intentions of altering people's feelings, thoughts, and yes, words and deeds. These creatures will toy with others, experiment with others without the prior informed consent of those others, sending the entire spectrum of frequencies and carry messages (also forms of frequencies) from light to dark.

Of what may anyone be assured. They make of themselves gods. Notice I did not say "God" but rather "gods."

Why has this power been given into their particular hands and from what source?

This power is an extension of the spiritual battle raging between light and dark since, again, before we can remember.

Human beings are simply manifesting what they have conceived in their imaginations, what they have picked up from the implications of their own circumstances, what has been and is going on at unseen levels. They are seen but not seen.

This is an infernal, Hadean situation.

There are higher powers though. The creatures who will use their new found powers will not be able to act with seeming impunity indefinitely. It is seeming only to those who don't realize that already those creatures are being completely controlled.

The highest power has ordained that absent repentance, absent turning to righteousness, each being will suffer its own standard. The right path does not lead to evil, but the path out of the land of the consequences of past evils can be longsuffering.

The brutality of the caste system can result in Jesus or Mao. Do you react with torture and killing as did Mao and Stalin and Hitler and Suharto, from so-called left to right, brutal and wrath-filled dictatorship? Do no harm, or do only harm.

Obviators of evil

Stop the coercive hierarchy. The rightful leaders and those who lead unto righteousness. Righteousness seeks no harm. Don't return to the traditions of man (human kind), because those traditions obfuscate the new commandment and what it summarizes. Let us be the obviators of evil, those who see the obvious causality and avert its dominance. This is what Christ did. He did it not by traditional means at all. He was a heretic on both ends of the spectrum of falsehood.

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