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The I-Am Movement

There are two different I-Am Movements. One is real and the other is syncretistic-down.

Who is the I Am? The position one holds on the subject, if at all, is indicative of one's emotional position. Semantically, we must be aware that no two people are identical, even genetic twins. Each person is singularly unique. Each person's brain is also singularly unique. Each persons mind is also. Each person's life experience, environment, and language are unique. Your definition of God is unique, because of those things that make you, you as opposed to me. There is all that we share in common, and then there is that which we don't.

At the same time, there is a language that exists in the same place and time, coincidentally (coinciding) but with meaning for all that is there in that place (space) and time, that says you are not unique. This is the place where you are a homo sapien sapien with "homo sapien sapien" being one thing.

A way to grasp this is by considering the quantum mechanics double-slit experiment. A subatomic particle is discrete (singularly unique) with a shape. It is also simultaneously able to be a shifted shape that is a wave rather than a particle. There is a duality in the state of its oneness. It is one as separate or differentiated while at the same time and in the same space it is one as part of a sea of non-differentiation. It is indistinct.

This is not illusion. This is not the magician sleight of hand. This is reality.

The I Am is God. As we discussed earlier in this work, I Am is a declaration. It is a name that brings to mind.

Now, such a thought is approached, again, from each persons discrete position while there is the indistinct occurring simultaneously. If we stop there, we have stopped too soon.

The I Am (God) is the maker of reality. Without the I Am, without God, there is no space or time in which to have either the sea of non-differentiation or the potential for the differentiated.

This is where the cosmic consciousness comes from. It is where the original religion, the proto-world religion began. We preface by saying that there's nothing wrong with that. The problems arise when differentiation leads to errors in perception concerning who is in charge.

God is in charge. That's a good thing. What happens when one who comes out of the waters, the sea? Here, "sea" or "waters" is analogous (actually is) the wave-state of particles of quanta (quanta is that part of the whole potentiated and manifested as a certain quantity of matter-energy; it can also be the whole). When one comes out of the sea, one is subjected to all sorts of concepts that impact upon and shape one's mind-brain and therefore soul-spirit. The brain matter is analogous to the particle as the spirit is analogous to the sea of waves.

Well, what one is bombarded with upon entering this plane or plain of consciousness and conscience are competing visions. These visions overlap. They superimpose upon common concepts. However, there are areas of the various sets, there are subsets or large visions, that are the differentiated views of their holds that are not common concepts to the whole. Some visions contain a subset(s) that posits or presumes that the I Am is a duality of light and dark. They look around them. They see light and darkness and conclude that both these things are the same oneness. They have stopped too soon in the act of discerning.

The I Am is the light, not the dark. There is that of the sea that says it is part of I Am and says it is therefore one with I Am and also says it is darkness. There is the error.

At this point, one may be tempted to jump back to the analogy of the quanta being wave-particle and make the mistake of thinking that, well, the dark come out of the sea after all. Yes, but it has converted to that which will not go back into the same sea in its present state of mind.

God created manifest-existence-potential reality. Satan can kill souls in hell. How does one get from one premise to the other without a paradox? Well, there is no paradox in quantum mechanics. There is only ignorance or unenlightenment. The same holds in conceptualizing I Am.

Brands of Pentecostalism

The above concepts are superimposed, rightly and wrongly, upon the visions of humanity concerning God. The I-Am Movement has its right direction and its misdirecting set.

Pentecostalism is emotions based in large measure. Again, we preface by saying that there is nothing wrong with that. That's the generalized condition. It is when we look into the particulars, what differentiates the various sets and subsets that we find error creeping in then even storming in.

First, we are emotion. Emotion is the sea we are in. That is existence. God too has and is emotion. Love is emotion. Real love, God's love that is love and not darkness, is the meaning of life and reality. You'll have to contemplate that.

Emotion is a sea with two seas in the same place and time in one context and most definitely not of the same sea in another context and without paradox. The seas are as particle-waves that are together but that when back to their other states, are not of the same larger sea.

Pentecostalism has within it sets that don't discern which behaviors manifest which sea, light or dark. Understand that behavior shape-shifts a being from a state that can return to one sea to a shape that can only return to a different sea so to speak.

Jesus said make yourself good or evil. He said be emotional. Have salty flavor. Have zeal. Be enthusiastic. Proselytize. However, he also pointed out that those who have made of themselves parts (particles) of the other sea (darkness) also have these traits of zeal, hence the Zealots who died by the sword for instance and the Pharisees who proselytized with such enthusiasm that their converts were even more wicked, hence Paul's zeal for pursuing the first disciples of Jesus. So, it isn't whether or not emotion, it is the underlying sea and the limits of the shape manifested that is controlling.

We see in some Pentecostals behaviors that cross the line. This is where speaking in tongues and such comes in. Again, let's preface by saying that there are sounds and movements and the like that remain behaviors that go back into the sea of light. The angels of light (not the ones in sheep's clothing but the ones through and through) sing to God. They also dance. As we've seen though above, there is zeal and then there is zeal. Well, there is sound and then there is sound.

Holy Laughter and the quantum mechanics double-slit experiment.

An example of where the line is crossed can be seen with what is called holy laughter. There is laughter that is akin to crying out of joy for instance. One can laugh out of pure joy of righteous happenings. However, there are those who are led astray into a laughter that belies the shift into darkness.

How can one tell the difference? One can tell the difference exactly the way Jesus said: Fruits.

What is the whole picture? Are the people about the work of feeding the lambs and sheep or are they living in gaudy ostentation and decadent opulence?

Again, functional, comfortable surroundings do not, per se, belie darkness of heart. Jesus didn't drive the common people from their houses chastising them for not living with him under the stars. He also stayed in people's homes and left those of peace his peace and rightly so.

It isn't difficult to see excess in the face of want though. That's where you'll see the crossing the line. That's just one form of evil fruit though.

A poor person can also be evil spirited. What are his or her fruits? Abused people. Abused animals. There are other telling fruits of what is possessing the soul.

Now there are those who engage in a contrived laughter, a hysterical laughter, and hysterical body movements and vocalizations that are not coming out of the sea of light. They don't all realize it, because they haven't all done the soul searching to see what is selfish versus unselfish with them and to examine their own fruits.

Where am I in this process of soul searching and bringing forth? It is unfolding on this day, Saturday, September 16, 2006. I'm seeking the straight and narrow. I want to be of the sea of light. I want the single vision, the one slit, where I am full of light and only light. You see, with the two slits, the particle is interpreted as interfering with itself. The results are bands of darkness. That's the unreality of ego. With an eye that also lets in the darkness (proverbial darkness), Jesus says that the being is full of great darkness. Any evil is great in other words. To clarify, we say "proverbial" here so preclude people from prematurely entering the mundane fire. The whole being must be prepared before the baptism of fire. Jesus underwent that process and warned his followers that they were not ready yet. The Holy Spirit would come to continue the preparation.

Therefore, keep your manifest emotional inspiration and gifts such that you don't cross the zone shifting from God's sea to Satan's. For righteousness sake, fear Satan's sea while being sure of God's provisional protection.

You are protected provided you do as Jesus says that is make of yourself good fruit, bringing forth the kingdom of God from within you, feeding the lambs and sheep spiritually and physically.

Understand that this reality truly is what we make it, but there are rules set by God that no science or technology of homo sapiens can exceed.

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