Tuesday, September 19, 2006:

Whose the bigger liar is the contest now about The Bible. According to The Bible, the people who descended from Jacob were enslaved in Egypt for some four hundred years and were finally let go after horrendous plagues befell Egypt at the hand of Moses (God's hand).

From there, the budding Jews lived in the desert for forty years.

Now, there is no comparable, verbatim record in Egypt of this. Of course, Egypt is noted for it's ancient policy of erasing or changing the record. The record is so twisted that there is no telling from the Egyptian side. There are lots of debates on-going about the Hyksos and other non-Egyptians in Egypt at the time pointed to by the Old Testament for the Hebrews in bondage in Egypt. We won't go into it right here.

There is no evidence of the Hebrews having lived in the desert. Well, according to The Bible, they lived in extremely temporary shelters and ate manna. There was no agricultural enterprise. What footprint would they leave? Why insist upon evidence that if you look for it, it will never be there in the form you insist upon?

Look, Jesus didn't do mass hypnosis on the people to get them to think what was not real was real. What he did was show them that what was thought to be the only possible reality (the testable kind) was not the real (highest) reality but rather a lesser state, a falsehood, a self-delusional trick of the mind, sleep walking.

If you were to go back in time with a video camera and stand there and film Jesus breaking and blessing the bread and the disciples passing it out, the bread would be gone long before five thousand people would get a bite let alone everyone eating his or her fill, which isn't much after a three-day fast, and having twelve baskets-full left over. Even with the camera, just standing there disbelieving insisting upon proof, a sign, would break it, not break a spell, but break off the higher reality. Doubt kills.

There is no mundane evidence showing up yet for a kingdom under David and Solomon. Well, what are they looking for, New York? Kingdoms were relative back then just as today. A city of thirty thousand was a huge city then.

It was my understanding that the stables were located and were huge. In addition, they were apparently building a great deal out of wood that could easily be burned and destroyed by invasion. Also, the invading forces were like to erase villages. It is also true that the whole of the country has not been archeologically excavated.

The flip side of this is of course that just as the Egyptians and Mesopotamians were quite Orwellian in their time, doesn't mean that the Hebrews weren't capable of that also.

We have only to look at the struggle between either side of the major conspiracies on-going today to see the lies and distortions and misinterpretation on both sides.

After all, there are plenty of liars in Israel, Palestine, Washington, and every other place to prove that it is a science and art form from the beginning.

So, what's a body to do? We all know how things ought to be. They knew it then too. We ought to do it.

Troy and Homer poem

I don't err when I err on the side of The Bible. Look, for centuries, Troy was figured to be a myth. Well, it turned up. There may have been poetic license in Homer's version, but the story is much closer to what happened than most had imagined.

Jesus was about truth. He was about the truth of peace, love, and giving and sharing all freely. This is the solution to all that ails. Where is the trick in it? He healed Jews and Gentiles. He only spoke against selfishness. Where's the causal chain leading to fraud? Jesus said there not only was an Abraham but that Abraham is alive and well in heaven. How could such healing and perfect teaching come out of one who would be mistaken?

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