Friday, September 22, 2006:

Christianity holds that the wrath is coming. It holds that the house of humanity is irreconcilably divided along the fault line of selfishness. The good news is that souls may move from one side of the line to the other.

It is easy to become depressed by all the depressing news being caused by the selfish. It can be difficult to see the joy in salvation while realizing the agony of those who turn away from unselfishness that is saving to selfishness that is damnation.

It isn't callous indifference to be glad for the salvation of the unselfish souls when the soul who reject unselfishness are offered the clear choice, when they just selfishly remain clinging to their security blankets of denial. It is willful ignorance. It is purposeful, obstinate, voluntary ignorance for the momentary relief of the symptoms of realizing duplicity in all that is selfish in the worldly world.

What about the depressing prospect of souls being tortured for eternity? We've covered that before. When the debt is paid, the prisoner is set free. When we forgive, we are forgiven. "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." It's the golden rule. It's asking for the golden rule. It's asking that the standard of the golden rule be applied to us. It's a statement that we want to live up to the golden rule. One is not damned when one really wants this.

You say that you don't want anyone suffering in the hereafter regardless of what happened in the here and now. You are asking for no consequences. You are asking for license to do anything here and now without consequences. You are asking for the act of causing others great pain and suffering to be inconsequential.

Not wishing pain and suffering on anyone, anywhere, anytime is laudable. It is right. However, it can only be when those who are suffering because of the suffering they have caused have learned. We have been through this before in great detail.

It's all a paradox. Para- means beyond, and -dox here connotes what is difficult to see as being supported. It is seen as being beyond what logic can support. Yet, we have the example of the particle and wave again saying that even science has run into proof that the supposed illogical exists.

Analogously, we have what appears to be two streams of thought each consistent within a confined context that when facing each other don't seem to be able to coexist, example being God and Satan. We therefore have all the historical arguments about whether they are one and the same, or if separate, about the nature of their relationship or antithesis, etc.

All things are involved here. That's why conflation can and will occur. All things will be manifest. Everything is recorded. There are no secrets. We each will be held to account for everything, ever. Anyone who hasn't been thoroughly ashamed of himself or herself when looking in the mirror is in for the shock of a lifetime.

The good news thought is that changing from rotten to good is possible even though there is a whole stream of language in The Bible that says it isn't. There is simultaneously a whole stream of language in The Bible that says it is. What's going on there is a duality where both contexts are correct. It's the only way the infinite can exist while we are conscious in our limited awareness, particularized, manifest part as opposed to nonmaterial whole spirit. That is not to say that spirit doesn't particularize. It does, just not in the human scale material sense.

One begins to see why science must be taught with the philosophical and theological. The division between science and theology is artificial. The duality of matter shows this.

There is good news. It is that conflation is coming also, not just wrath. Jesus is vindicated. Later developments have shown this and will continue to show this.

Tom Usher

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