Monday, November 06, 2006:

Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to hang. He wasn't allowed to present the evidence of the US culpability in his crimes. As we wrote when the trial was first announced, the US chose to try him for something where the subject of the US and others having supplied Saddam with all sorts of illegal substances and equipment and training would not be relevant to the case at hand in the eyes of the corrupt justice system the US established in Iraq to shield US duplicity and that of its neoliberal, weapons supplying allies.

Also, "Iraqi officials claimed last week the Americans had been urging them to sentence Saddam before the mid-term US elections."[229]

The White House press secretary, Tony Snow, said the following about the verdict:

We simply think it's important that you establish a rule of law where people have their rights protected, where they have rights to appeal, where they have rights to counsel but also where victims of violence have redress.[230]

You've heard the saying, "Timing is everything." Well, just as this verdict came out, the Military Times Media Group, a subsidiary of Gannett Co., Inc., ran an editorial in the Army Times , Air Force Times , Navy Times , and Marine Times calling for Donald Rumsfeld to be fired as secretary of defense of the US military.[231]

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Bush-43 administration is becoming the most defiant administration in US history. It has put Saddam Hussein and his co-defendants on trial for chemical attacks on Kurdish civilians, including women and children in 1987-88.

The reason this is so defiant and brazen is that the US and other nations supplied Iraq with the material, equipment, and training to carry out the attacks.

Will Saddam Hussein be allowed to name his accomplices who have put him on trial? The US runs the trial judges. Everyone knows that. Is the Bush administration counting upon the American people being thoroughly worn out by all of the Bush wrong-doing—too worn out to speak against the gross offenses?

This is why they started with Dujail. They have waited until hundreds of thousands of people have been murdered on account of the US trumped-up invasion in order to numb the American population to violence and lying American politicians.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Well, it is still Friday where I am, but they killed Saddam Hussein on Saturday at around 6 AM Baghdad time. Now you see that what we were saying was right. They silenced him before he could speak about the CIA's and US presidents' duplicity in his crime. They put him through a kangaroo court controlled by the US military.

The whole trial, the whole system, was, and is, a mockery. The judgment was preconceived. The judge even said it. The defendant wasn't allowed to be faced by his accusers or to cross-examine them. He was not allowed to see the supposed evidence against him. The trial was mundanely illegal.

No further sympathy for the Kurds

Besides the US not wanting the US's involvement in the illegal chemical weapons used coming out to the general US population, the US and Shiites and Turks didn't want the Kurds gaining further sympathy over their having been gassed by Saddam with US chemical and equipment.

Hangmen disinformation

Also, they allowed leaked film of the hanging with audio containing taunts by supposed Shiite hangmen. Furthermore, they hanged him of an Islamic holy day, Eid al-Adha, a day for mercy and forgiveness, observed by the Sunnis on December 30, the day of the hanging, but observed on the 31stby the Shiites. These things were designed to further inflame the sectarian divide between Sunnis and Shiites. Keep them off balance. Divide and conquer. Even if it looks as if you're losing in the midterm, keep it up, because in the end they come around to your control. That's the mentality behind the oligarchical crusade.

It is working too. The Shiite dominated state shutdown a Sunni TV station because an anchor wore black (for mourning) after the hanging.

Now that he has been executed for being a tyrant, who will execute those who supplied him with weapons materials, equipment, and training?

None of this excuses Saddam Hussein. There is no excuse for the horrible things he did. That also doesn't mean we are not to excuse his ignorance. He was possessed. He was the dupe of evil.

He was an extremely hard man, but they shouldn't have killed him.

Now they've reportedly hanged more, supposedly ripping one person's head off, so that those who may speak about US duplicity will be silent.

Hanged in the middle of a trial

Were you aware that someone may be executed in the middle of another on-going trial? Where is the justice for victims in that? Justice is when people repent. People who would otherwise repent of their duplicity will be tricked by the hangings into not repenting.

Well, this is how the prophecy is unfolding. This is how souls are lost for how long?


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