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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

We wrote above that, "We also know that John F. Kennedy was assassinated by the spider-web network, the global oligarchy, the pinnacle syndicate of racketeers that runs the world, and not by Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone."


The libertarian-populists are tenacious. They are the current day Zealots. Their zeal is good with the exception of their failure to denounce violence, vengeance, and selfishness, and with their further failure to take care not to judge and condemn but rather forgive and be merciful, in keeping with the golden rule as enhanced by the new commandment of the Messiah.

Many libertarians don't mind doing good works, some relish it. They just don't like being forced to do anything. They hate it so much that they will kill and die over it.

Ronald Reagan once described a particular man he knew who was [a] good steward of resources in the biblical sense. "This is a man," Reagan said, "who in his own business, before he entered politics, instituted a profit-sharing plan, before unions had ever thought of it. He put in health and medical insurance for all his employees. He took 50 percent of the profits before taxes and set up a retirement program, a pension plan for all his employees. He sent checks for life to an employee who was ill and couldn't work. He provided nursing care for the children of mothers who worked in the stores."

That man was Barry Goldwater....[262]

That said, there are many points they raise that should be addressed, not for the sake of punishment but for the sake of repentance and enlightening the grassroots about what not to do, that is to inform them of what is against the straight and narrow—the straight and narrow being the only solution, the salvation opening and path to oneness with God who is righteousness.

Let's look at the points raised in the video "JFK II."[263]

Back and to the left

The Warren Commission Report claimed that there were only three shots fired, all from Lee Harvey Oswald, all from behind. Cyril H. Wecht,[264] who is a leading forensic pathologist and attorney, says that Kennedy's head movement was back and to the left, whereas if he had been shot in the head from behind, his head would have moved forward from the force of the bullet.

Autopsy notes burned

President's brain lost

Back-right as an exit wound

The original autopsy notes were burned by the person who performed the first autopsy. He also supposedly lost the president's brain.[265] James Humes had never done a criminal autopsy before. He claimed that there was a small exit wound in the back of the president's head; however, everyone who saw the president's head, every doctor at the hospital, says that he was missing a large area of his skull at the back-right as an exit wound. Oswald was almost exactly behind the president at the moment of impact. The government still contends that those people are wrong. They are not wrong. The government version is a lie. It's a fact. The autopsy was a fraud to cover up so that the conspirators would not be traced.

Grassy knoll

Kennedy was shot in the head from the front-right, from the grassy knoll area. People there heard it come from there. They chased after the shooter or shooters.

Mark Weiss, an acoustics expert hired by the Congress, reported the acoustics experts findings that "with a probability of ninety-five percent or better, there was, in deed, a shot fired from the grassy knoll." However, the recording source and timing is disputed.[266] The acoustical findings are not operative, meaning the case does not rise or fall solely upon this point.


Then there is what has come to be known as the magic-bullet theory put out by the Warren Commission as the official government position of one of the supposed only-three bullets fired and all by Lee Harvey Oswald. To hear this theory, go to 13:03 (thirteen minutes: three seconds) of the video "JKF II" by John Hankey.[267]

The bullet supposedly zigged and zagged, paused in mid air, did a u-turn, went through numerous bones, creating seven separate wounds in two people, and came out in a condition that could only be the result of firing only into soft material that would not fragment the bullet. The bullet was not fragmented at all. It was not warped. It was not mushroomed out. However, bullet fragments were found in Texas governor John Connally's body. Connally was riding in front of the president.

Furthermore, the Warren Commission itself tested whether the same kind of bullet fired from the same kind of gun used by Oswald could break so many bones and come out with hardly a scratch. The bullet test fired into bone was mushroomed out, as common sense expected.

In addition, the bullet alleged by the Warren Commission, the same bullet that severely broke a number of bones without any mushrooming, had no blood on it.

That bullet did not do all the things the Warren Commission claimed. [Update (a little "equal time for opposing, new views"): Happy Thanksgiving & 49th Anniversary of John F. Kennedy's Assassination Via the "Magic Bullet"]

There were other bullets, plural, besides the three. There was another shooter or shooters. There was a conspiracy that was covered up.

Bullet holes through the windshield and in the frame

There was a bullet hole through the windshield from front to back. A doctor, the secret service, and the men who repaired the bullet hole all testify to this.

There was another bullet hole in the windshield frame.

Another person was nicked by a bullet fragment.

Many bullets

Two police officers said bullets hit the street, curb, sidewalk, and grass. We ask, where are those bullets? What investigation was done? Were they extracted?

Lack of security

Determined to withdraw from Vietnam

Changed Pentagon procurement

Fired the CIA leaders

Fletcher Prouty, chief of special operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under president Kennedy, made observations about the unusual lack of security when Kennedy was assassinated. He was aware that Kennedy was determined to withdraw from Vietnam and had changed Pentagon procurement. Kennedy had also fired the CIA leaders who, according to Hankey, had disobeyed Kennedy's orders not to invade Cuba.

Who was Prouty, and where does George H. W. Bush fit in?

Barbara, Houston & Zapata of the projects he did for the CIA was in 1961 to deliver US Navy ships from a Navy ship yard to the CIA agents in Guatemala planning the invasion of Cuba. He said he delivered three ships to a CIA agent named George Bush, who had the 3 ships painted to look like they were civilian ships. That CIA agent then named the 3 ships after: his wife, his home town and his oil company. He named the ships: Barbara, Houston & Zapata.[268]

Thomas Devine

A CIA memo has been unearthed/released confirming that an active CIA agent, Thomas Devine, was on the Board of Zapata Offshore, George H. W. Bush's company.[269]

There are those who insist that Kennedy had been a cold warrior. That's true; however, remember what Kennedy said just ten days before the assassination.

The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight.

Executive Order 11,110

Also, as we wrote earlier: June 4, 1963, president John Kennedy signed Executive Order 11,110. He issued $4,292,893,815 in debt-free United States Notes rather than paying interest to private banks through the Federal Reserve. He was learning in office. He was growing in office. He was changing. After his murder, all the notes were pulled from circulation.

Kennedy had seemed safe enough to the power elite, since Kennedy was more hawkish sounding than Richard Nixon. However, Kennedy was learning in office that he had been duped in much the way George Romney had said he, Romney, had been "brain washed" by the military-industrial complex concerning Vietnam. For that, George Romney, was not allowed to become president.

Military missing

Themilitary was missing that day in Dallas. They were told not to come.

Where was the Secret Service?

Robert Blakey, chief counsel for the House Assassinations Committee, reported that " no Secret Service agent was in that [the shooting zone] area."

The Secret Service agents were ordered to stop riding on the back of Kennedy's car and to stop running along side it. One of the agents is seen protesting the order right after it was given right in the middle of the street. [21:40].

Well, it must be remembered that Kennedy didn't want to appear fearful. He didn't want to become isolated from the people, unable to press the flesh with them. He didn't want to offend the crowds or give his opposition ammunition against him that he was hated. It is said that Kennedy himself ordered that a bullet-proof Plexiglas protective top for the car not be used that day. This raises a number of questions, however. Who encouraged this political view if it is correct that Kennedy took this position? Who advised the president in that regard? What was their connection outside Kennedy's inner circle? Where did these stories originate? Are they true?

Motorcycles pulled back

The usual four motorcycles riding along side the limo were pulled back to the car behind.

These tactics were designed to give shooters clearer shots against the president.

Masses missing from the shooting zone

In the killing zone, the spectators had not been allowed to congregate along the roadside as they had been just around the bend before the killing zone. Before that bend, the video shows the street solidly lined with people several people deep. The people were not allowed in the shooting zone, again, to give the shooters clearer shots and to minimize the possibility of detection and apprehension.

Kennedy's personal physician and the military aid who carried the black box (the nuclear button/phone) were missing.

Driver put on the brakes

The limo driver, breaking all the practiced rules, was braking the car while the shooting was taking place. He should have stomped on the gas, done evasive maneuvers to make targeting more difficult, and the agent riding shotgun should have thrown himself over the president to take any bullets himself rather than allowing the president to be assassinated. John Hankey comes to the conclusion that the driver was in on the conspiracy. According to Hankey, the driver was never even questioned about it.

Connally changed his story

Also according to Hankey, John Connally changed his story to match the change in the official version of the story that day. First he said he saw the president when he, Connally turned around to his right and then he later changed his story that he didn't see the president. However, we add, that the film clearly shows ( the next page number below)...continues... Click next page number below. [If you would like to see the full text on one page (helps with searching for text on the page), use the "No-Graphics Print Version".] . . . Connally turn very far around and was very nearly directly facing he president whom he later claimed he couldn't see out of the corner of his eye. Connally later switched political parties from Democrat to Republican and had presidential aspirations himself. That though doesn't prove he was an accomplice.

In fact, Connally didn't subscribe to the one-shooter or lone gunman theory, neither did anyone else in authority believe it.

Bernard Barker: CIA asset, Watergate burglar fingered by constable Weitzman

Connally said, "There were either two or three people involved, or more, in this – or someone was shooting with an automatic rifle."


JFK assassination expert Anthony Summers emphasizes most of the commission's seven members had private doubts about the theory: "John McCloy had difficulty accepting it. Congressman Hale Boggs had 'strong doubts.' Senator John Sherman Cooper was, he told me (Summers) in 1978, 'unconvinced.' . . . On a recently released tape, held at the Lyndon B. Johnson Library, (Sen. Richard) Russell is heard telling President Johnson, 'I don't believe it.' And Johnson responds, 'I don't either.'"


Dallas County deputy constable Seymour Weitzman also ran toward the top of the grassy knoll – where he found a man carrying Secret Service identification. Weitzman later identified this man as Bernard Barker, a CIA asset and the future Watergate burglar who would lead the four-man contingent of Cuban–born Watergate burglars from the Miami area. Barker was an expert at surreptitious entries, planting bugs and photographing documents. He was a close associate of Florida Mafia godfather Santos Trafficante, and of Mob-connected Key Biscayne banker Bebe Rebozo – Richard Nixon's bosom buddy.

Barker was a veteran CIA asset. Along with JFK assassination suspects Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis and David Ferrie, he had helped plan the unsuccessful 1961 CIA-sponsored invasion of Cuba, a mission fathered by Vice President Richard Nixon.


the Secret Service maintained that none of its agents were in Dealey Plaza right after the shooting.


Deputy Constable Weitzman told the Warren Commission he encountered "other officers, Secret Service as well" on the grassy knoll. In 1975, he told reporter Michael Canfield the man he saw produced credentials and told him everything was under control. He said the man had dark hair, was of medium height, and was wearing a light windbreaker. When shown photos of Frank Sturgis and Bernard Barker, Weitzman immediately pointed at Barker, saying, "Yes that's him." Just to make sure, Canfield asked, "Was this the man who produced the Secret Service credentials?" Weitzman responded, "Yes, that's the same man."

Dallas patrolman J. M. Smith also ran up the grassy knoll. At the top, he smelled gunpowder. Encountering a man, he pulled his pistol from his holster. "Just as I did, he showed me he was a Secret Service agent ... he saw me coming with my pistol and right away he showed me who he was."

In the mid-70s, Dallas police sergeant David Harkness told a House committee, "There were some Secret Service agents there – on the grassy knoll – but I did not get them identified. They told me they were Secret Service."

According to a Secret Service report in the National Archives, "All the Secret Service agents assigned to the motorcade stayed with the motorcade all the way to the hospital, none remained at the scene of the shooting."


...President Richard Nixon – later described the "Oswald did it by himself scenario" as "the greatest hoax that has ever been perpetuated." Nixon's assertion – contained in a tape of an Oval Office conversation with aide Bob Haldeman – was not made public until 2002.[270]

So, we see that Connally was not fully as represented by Hankey. In fairness to Hankey, he leaves open anyone coming forward with evidence that corrects his own assumptions. We do see also though evidence that strengthens Hankey's position that there was more than one shooter.

Body was tampered with

David Lifton reported that the president's body was tampered with between Dallas and the Naval Medical Center at Bethesda Maryland.

The body was wrapped in sheets and put into a bronze ceremonial casket in Dallas, which casket was loaded onto Air Force One, the president's plane. When it got to the Naval Medical Center at Bethesda, it was in a grey body bag in a pinkish-grey shipping casket.

Once the body was at Bethesda, it was discovered that the body had been tampered with to alter the wounds on the president's front. The FBI report confirmed that the head had had surgery performed on it between the autopsy in Dallas and the autopsy at Bethesda. Also, we add that there was no brain for the autopsy in Bethesda.

The secret surgery was designed to alter the body so that the frontal wounds would no longer appear as frontal wounds. That, of course, is in order to cover up the fact of the other conspirator shooters involved in the murder.

The CIA and Secret Service had charge of the body. When coupled with all the other factors, it becomes clear that people within, actually at the top of, the CIA and Secret Service orchestrated the conspiracy. They didn't originate it or authorize its beginnings, but they did carry it out. The shadowy monied interested originated it. It was a coup d'état, just what they specialize in, in their secret society of societies. They are the only ones with enough authentic power to pull it off, to silence everyone, to buy everyone off, to intimidate everyone into going along with the cover-up, to run the post-assassination spin machine, etc.

This was all premeditated murder, that is murder in the first degree. On top of it, is treason. It's the violent overthrow of the government of the United States. It's acting as the assassins for foreign powers (international bankers, whether Jews or not). Everyone involved who knew that a murder was going to take place and who helped in it, is guilty just as if he had pulled the fatal trigger.

Description before seeing

How did the police put out a description of the killer when supposedly they hadn't seen the killer yet?

E. Howard Hunt in Dallas

Richard Helms

The August 14, 1978 issue of Spotlight Magazine informed the world, via a memo written by Nixon's CIA director, Richard Helms, that E. Howard Hunt, an admitted CIA assassin, was in Dallas on the day of the assassination. Richard Helms had refused to pay off Hunt to keep Hunt quiet, refused to go along with Hunt's blackmailing the government. Nixon fired Helms as CIA director for that refusal.

We'll have to digress some here, so bear with us.

Helms was no saint however. He had been instrumental in what is called the Houston Plan under Richard Nixon, which was the secret plan having the CIA operate domestically within the US in direct coordination with all the other secret US agencies.

Helms was caught lying to the Senate about the Nixon administration's passing US corporate funds to the coup plotters in Chile. Helms had conducted illegal domestic spying under the Houston Plan (just as George W. Bush has done). Helms also oversaw assassinations of foreign leaders during his tenure as CIA director.

In its final report, issued in April 1976, the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities concluded: 'Domestic intelligence activity has threatened and undermined the Constitutional rights of Americans to free speech, association and privacy. It has done so primarily because the Constitutional system for checking abuse of power has not been applied."[271]

It must also be remembered that Helms fired John M. Whitten as the internal CIA investigator just when Whitten was getting on the trail of things that would unravel the whole network, assassination, coup, and co-conspirators, etc.

Ice-bullet gun

CIA director William Colby also revealed US involvement in overthrowing the democratic government of Chile to install the brutal dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. Colby showed them the ice-bullet gun that induced heart attacks without leaving a chemical trace.

Nelson Rockefeller privately said to Colby the following:

Bill, do you really have to present all this material to us? We realize there are secrets that you fellows need to keep, and so nobody here is going to take it amiss if you feel there are some questions you can't answer quite as fully as you seem to feel you have to.[272]

Remember also that Colby was going head-to-head against the most powerful dark force in the world. He was speaking in a way, openly enough, intentionally, to exposed the conspiracy and the huge network and propaganda machine and revisionist mechanisms it controls through the likes of Operation Mockingbird, etc.

The corporate elite are owned by the global oligarchs. They control the news and history books. Remember what Orwell said, "Those who control the past, control the future; Those who control the future, control the present; Those who control the present, control the past." Therefore, Colby was breaking this circular spiral downwards by virtue of the Holy Spirit moving him to reveal the truth for your sake.

Opus Dei

As an aside, but necessarily important, Colby was a member of Opus Dei , Latin of "Work of God."Opus Dei represents the conservative Roman Catholic counter to the conservative Protestant emphasis upon salvation by faith alone. This is a running argument between the sects.

The real Christian position is that real faith and real works go hand-in-hand, inseparable. It is true that one may profess faith and be a liar, giving only lip service, and that one may feign faith through a work of façade, but look deeper and the fruits prove the false front.

Opus Dei is aimed at laypersons. It was bolstered by the wealthy fascist oligarchy of Spain before, during, and after the Spanish revolution. We wrote more extensively about Franco and the Roman Catholics in the main body of this work. Opus Dei members were heavily involved in ultra-conservative, anti-Communist activities such as Operation Gladio, the CIA stay-behind operation in Europe after WWII, of which Colby was a leading CIA figure especially in Italy, where some of the worst false-flag operations of the CIA occurred against the Communist Party seeking to win elections there. That was Colby's forte. He understood only too well the effects of political disinformation and leaks, etc., could have on a government. Colby's leaks of CIA activities were very calculated.

Some will insist that he was a traitor. A traitor to whom? Satan? God certainly is the driving spirit behind false-flag operations of the CIA or any of the other Black Operations. God is light, not darkness.

Gerald Ford: Wound was to the back of Kennedy's neck, a blatant lie

Gerald Ford,[273] who moved from vice president to president upon Nixon's resignation, fired Colby replacing him with George H. W. Bush. Ford, a Yale man, had been on the Warren Commission that covered for Nixon. While on that commission, Ford managed to falsify the report concerning the entrance location of the wound to Kennedy's back. According to the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB), Ford had the report changed to say the wound was to the back of Kennedy's neck, a blatant lie. This was to support the one bullet theory, the magic bullet theory. A bullet entering Kennedy's back two to three inches below the base of his neck (the actual location) from a sixth floor window some sixty above couldn't exit the front of his throat and then sudden turn down into Connally's back. (One bullet was possible.) That's why Ford was chosen for the commission and why he was later rewarded with the vice presidency when Spiro Agnew was forced out of office due to major improprieties. Ford became the one and only person to ascend to the presidency unelected to either the vice presidency or presidency. It was an appointment by a corrupt president who had himself gained the presidency through his use of the CIA, et al., that assassinated John F. Kennedy in an American, domestic, coup d'état. Ford then pardoned Nixon of all crimes Nixon committed in office.

Now that Ford has died, the mainstream news is gushing over him, saying how perfect he was for the times.[274] If you think a massive cover-up of unrepented, willfulness, murder, and crimes against God and humanity was perfect timing, then Gerald Ford certainly fit the times perfectly. We don't say that sarcastically.

There are people who mean exactly that. It is the same mentality as those who say that we shouldn't look into the conspiracy behind 9-11 because it will ruin the war against Islam. You aren't going to eradicate falsehood from the hearts of people that way. No, its better to say the truth of what Gerald Ford did and to forgive him his ignorance for "knowingly" taking the path he did.

First he needed to rebuke them. Then they needed to apologize and atone. Then he would have gained his brothers. They would have profited by him. As it is though, darkness was magnified.

Now the children have been taught that the idea is to get away with it, whatever it is. All the presidents do that after all. Well, God and Satan don't let anyone get away with anything that way.

Pay now and pay less or pay later and pay much more, but pay you will. Pay with your conscience now. Let us all ( the next page number below)...continues... Click next page number below. [If you would like to see the full text on one page (helps with searching for text on the page), use the "No-Graphics Print Version".] . . . turn and repent. That's the right way, not just covering up.

Cover the truly repentant. It can stay between and amongst you. First repent though before covering. That's what God wants. That's what Jesus taught and rightly so.

It isn't purgative or healing to mask a malignancy. Look at what Ford's actions sowed. The world is reaping it now in George W. Bush's emulation and surpassing of Richard Nixon in the imperial presidential ambitions, dirty tricks, and pathological lies. Had Ford let the thing play out and waited for Nixon and his crew to see the light, then the lessons would have been clearer. The error of assassinations, coups, dirty tricks, lying, stealing, warmongering, hoarding, and all the rest that went on within the US and which the US inflicted and inflicts on the rest of the world, which often reciprocates, would have been greatly exposed for the evil that it always was and is.

Let us not forget that Gerald Ford backed the Indonesian dictator Suharto in his brutal takeover of little and defenseless East Timor on December 7, 1975, the day after Ford had met with him in Indonesia and the day Ford was in Pearl Harbor where he condemned the Japanese aggression against the US. That couldn't be more hypocritical.

Also, Kissinger, Cheney, and Rumsfeld had prominent positions in the Ford administration, Cheney and Rumsfeld being famous for their drive for the most rapid return of the imperial presidency with which Kissinger totally agreed.

Well, back to the conspiracy that murdered John Kennedy, of which Gerald Ford was a pivotal instrument of Satan, it is alleged that Helms wrote that "Hunt was in Dallas the day the President was murdered, and was involved in the conspiracy to kill Kennedy."


Watergate Figure Loses Suit Against Tabloid


Published: February 7, 1985

A Federal jury today decided that E. Howard Hunt Jr. was not libeled in an article by a former agent of the Central Intelligence Agency that suggested that Mr. Hunt was part of a conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy.

A six-member jury found in favor of Liberty Lobby, a conservative Washington group that publishes The Spotlight, the tabloid in which the article appeared in 1978.

Mr. Hunt, who was one of the men arrested in the break-in at the Democratic National Committee's headquarters at the Watergate complex in Washington in 1972, was seeking $1 million in damages.

The suit dealt with an article by Victor Marchetti, a former C.I.A. agent, that contended that a 1966 C.I.A. memorandum said Mr. Hunt was in Dallas the day Mr. Kennedy was slain and suggested that he had a role in the murder.[275]

Hunt has changed his story at least five times

John Hankey makes the point that Hunt has changed his story at least five times over the years about where he was the day of the assassination. He also makes the point that all of those named in the conspiracy have been documented as having changed their stories about where they were, or how they learned about it, or about what they saw if they were there. He points out Hunt, Nixon, and Connally in particular regarding this pattern of behavior. There's an old saying that is applicable here: A liar needs an excellent memory. However, that only applies if he is going to be held to account by his fellow human beings.


Before we go on with John Hankey's points, let's recall that John Kennedy's father had been heavily involved in hard-liquor running during Prohibition and had Mafia partners heavily connected with the Mob in Cuba at the time. Joe Kennedy, Sr., and certain elements of the Mob had a falling out. Joe had asked for favors from the mod in the election of his son, John to the presidency.

Then remember that Bobby Kennedy, as attorney general, vowed publicly to get the Mafia.

This all must be kept in mind when looking at the CIA and FBI and international interests when considering all the evidence about the assassination.

Remember also that CIA members with strong anti-Castro sentiments were placed at the assassination of Bobby Kennedy (caught on film at the scene).

The Cuban connection

Marita Lorenz

Frank Sturgis


The CIA/Mob had moles in Castro's camp. One was a beautiful woman named Marita Lorenz. She was a member of CIA Operation 40, an assassination operation started during the Eisenhower administration and headed by Richard Nixon as Eisenhower's vice president. Frank Sturgis was a leader in Operation 40. Bush-41 was deeply involved in recruiting and logistics, etc. Sturgis was one of the White House Plumbers and Watergate burglars along with E. Howard Hunt, above.

Luce and the Zapruder Film: Cover-up

There were other programs such as Alpha 66 that raided Cuban ports and shipping and was largely funded by US reactionaries such as Henry and Claire Booth Luce. Henry Luce started Time magazine and Life magazine and bought Fortune magazine. After John Kennedy was assassinated, Luce bought the Zapruder Film of the shooting. Luce didn't allow it to be shown to the public. He also bought the rights to Marina Oswald's story and then never publish her story. Obviously, Luce was adding and abetting the cover-up, suppressing the public's right to know. This is the same Luce who was praised by David Rockefeller for containing the content of the meetings of the Trilateral Commission, etc. There are no leaks from the authentic world power.

Nixon and Mob versus Castro

Nixon had promised big business (and the Mob) that he would take back Cuba if elected in 1960. Big business and the Mafia were upset by Castro demanding fair wages for Cuban workers and fair market prices for Cuban sugar and not allowing all the vice and rackets of the Mob. The nerve of the man!

In November, 1977, Marita Lorenz gave an interview to the New York Daily News in which she claimed that a group called Operation 40, that included Sturgis and Lee Harvey Oswald, were involved in a conspiracy to kill both John F. Kennedy and Fidel Castro.


Marita Lorenz told the New York Daily News that her companions on the car trip from Miami to Dallas were Oswald, CIA contact agent Frank Sturgis, Cuban exile leaders Orlando Bosch and Pedro Diaz Lanz, and two Cuban brothers whose names she did not know. She said that they were members of Operation 40, a secret guerilla group originally formed by the CIA in 1960 in preparation for the Bay of Pigs invasion... Ms. Lorenz described Operation 40 as an "assassination squad" consisting of about 30 anti-Castro Cubans and their American advisors. She claimed the group conspired to kill Cuban Premier Fidel Castro and President Kennedy, whom it blamed for the Bay of Pigs fiasco....


another former CIA agent marked for exposure is Gerry Patrick Hemming, a hulk of a man-six feet eight inches tall and weighing 260 pounds. Like Sturgis, Hemming once worked for Castro as a CIA double agent, then later surfaced with the anti-Castro Cubans in various attempts to rid Cuba of the communist dictator. But there are two things in Hemming's past that the CIA, manipulation HSCA, will be able to use to tie him to the JFK assassination. First, Castro's former mistress, Marita Lorenz (now an anti-Castroite herself), has identified Hemming, along with Oswald and others as being part of the secret squad assigned to kill President Kennedy. And secondly, Hemming was Oswald's Marine sergeant when he was stationed at CIA's U-2 base in Atsugi, Japan ....[276]

Focus on that: "Hemming was Oswald's Marine sergeant." Is that a small world, or do agents just circulate and come up together?

Hunt left, Jack Ruby came in

Marita Lorenz said that E. Howard Hunt was in Dallas funding the operations and passing out the maps. She also had said that after Hunt left, Jack Rubenstein (Jack Ruby) came in. Ruby killed Oswald who was accused of being the lone shooter. These things came out when Hunt sued The Spotlight for libel and eventually lost. Remember that Hunt had given over five different versions of where he was at the time of the assassination.

Marita Lorenz said she left before the assassination wanting nothing to do with and that Frank Sturgis later bragged to her that "we killed the president."

Now, Hunt was caught as a Watergate burglar for Richard Nixon. Nixon thought Nixon was caesar, the Imperial Presidency. That's what Dick Cheney has been trying to regain with Bush-43, an openly imperialistic presidency for empire sake.

Well, while hunt was in jail, he began blackmailing the president, asking for a million dollars. Of course, Nixon said he knew where he could put his hands on a million in slush money—untraceable for the cause. Hunt was revealing to the press that Hunt was a trained CIA assassin.

Infamous nineteen minute gap

We add that people should not forget the infamous nineteen minute gap in the Watergate tapes. Those nineteen minutes contained the most sensitive information that would tie up all the ends of the conspiracy.

Destruction of all of Hoover's files

People should also remember the document destruction of all of J. Edgar Hoover's files after his death. They should remember the shedding of documents all about the various conspiracies.

"The individual is handicapped coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." — J. Edgar Hoover

There is no need to do a mad scramble, shredding project immediately before or during an investigation unless there are things to hide from the general public who would topple the oligarchy otherwise.

Ruby worked for Nixon

Jack Ruby, who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, worked for Richard Nixon starting in the mid to later 1940's when Nixon was in the US House of Representatives.

This is very telling about Richard Nixon's connections. Consider the following about Jack Ruby (Rubenstein):

Rose Cheramie was found unconscious by the side of the road at Eunice, Louisiana, on 20th November, 1963. Lieutenant Francis Frudge of the Louisiana State Police took her to the state hospital. On the journey Cheramie said that she had been thrown out of a car by two gangsters who worked for Jack Ruby. She claimed that the men were involved in a plot to kill John F. Kennedy. Cheramie added that Kennedy would be killed in Dallas within a few days. Later she told the same story to doctors and nurses who treated her. As she appeared to be under the influence of drugs her story was ignored.

Following the assassination, Rose Cheramie was interviewed by the police. She claimed that Lee Harvey Oswald had visited Ruby's night club. In fact, she believed the two men were having a homosexual relationship. Cheramie, the victim of a hit and run driver, was found dead on 4th September, 1965.[277]

New Orleans Mob boss Carlos Marcello

Jack Ruby was not the only Mob figure with whom Richard Nixon had close relations. New Orleans Mob boss Carlos Marcello gave plenty of money to Richard Nixon's campaign cause.

Nixon and the Mob

James Hoffa

Marcello's first dealings with Vice President Dick Nixon involved Jimmy Hoffa, the mobbed-up Teamsters Union leader. [The Teamsters had been ousted from the AFL/CIO because of the Teamsters Mob activities.] Because Jimmy shared a common enemy with Nixon, Hoffa and his two million-member union backed Nixon against Sen. John Kennedy in the 1960 presidential election. A Louisiana Teamster official who later became a government informant has revealed that Hoffa met with Marcello to secretly fund the Nixon campaign with stacks of cold Mob cash. Edward Partin told Mob expert Dan Moldea: ''I was right there, listening to the conversation. Marcello had a suitcase filled with $500,000 cash which was going to Nixon ... (Another $500,000 contribution) was coming from Mob boys in New Jersey and Florida.'' Hoffa himself served as Nixon's bagman. Within a few weeks of that payoff, Vice President Nixon managed to stop a Florida land fraud indictment against Hoffa.

The Hoffa-Marcello meeting took place in New Orleans on Sept. 26, 1960, and has been verified by William Sullivan, a former top FBI official.

Sen. John Kennedy edged out Vice President Nixon in the 1960 presidential election, and Hoffa – thanks to Atty. Gen. Robert Kennedy – was soon sitting in a prison cell for jury tampering and looting his own union's pension funds of nearly $2 million. Yet the Nixon-Hoffa link remained solid at least until Dec. 23, 1971 when, as president, Nixon gave Jimmy an executive grant of clemency and opened the prison's gates for him. Hoffa served only five years of a 13-year sentence.

In 1961, Marcello was "deported" to Guatemala by Atty. Gen. Bobby Kennedy. But the Louisiana godfather quietly returned in a small plane piloted by an associate named David Ferrie – later considered a prime JFK assassination suspect by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison.


Shortly after entering the White House in 1969, Richard Nixon moved to solidify his close favor-trading friendship with Carlos Marcello – known in the underworld as "the Big Daddy in the Big Easy." Their main go-between was old Nixon loyalist and Mob lawyer Murray Chotiner. The pinky ring-wearing Chotiner and his brother were responsible for defending 221 organized crime figures in California.

Chotiner had a White House office and an official government job from which to trade on his powerful behind-the-scenes influence. He had served Nixon since the Navy vet's very first campaign [as a campaign manager] for Congress in 1946. In fact, Chotiner had introduced Nixon to L.A.'s top hoodlum, Mickey Cohen – and pressured Cohen to contribute to the Nixon campaign. Chotiner was associated with scores of other leading gangsters, including Meyer Lansky and Ben "Bugsy" Seigel.

When Chotiner, on behalf of President Nixon, sought to aid Marcello, the gangster was facing a two-year prison term for his 1968 conviction of assaulting a federal official.

Throughout Nixon's first two years in office, Marcello and his lawyers used all the clout they could muster with the administration to get Marcello's sentence cut. Nixon's crooked attorney general, John Mitchell, finally put the squeeze on a federal judge to slice Marcello's prison term to six months.[278]

Think about that. The Mob had an office in the White House.

Anthony Provenzano (''Tony Pro'')

The FBI was aware that the Nixon camp had received ( the next page number below)...continues... Click next page number below. [If you would like to see the full text on one page (helps with searching for text on the page), use the "No-Graphics Print Version".] . . . three hundred thousand dollars to get Hoffa out of prison early. Nixon did get Hoffa out, but he told Hoffa that Hoffa could never run a union again. Nixon had received five hundred thousand from mobster Anthony Provenzano (''Tony Pro''), who controlled Teamsters New Jersey Local 560, to keep Hoffa from trying to regain union control. Hoffa tried anyway and was disappeared by the Mob.

The Nixon administration intervened on the side of Mafia figures in at least 20 trials, mostly for the ostensible purpose of protecting CIA ''sources and methods.'' [and wouldn't allow the FBI to continue electronic surveillance to expose Mob-Teamster collaboration[279] ]


By contrast, the Kennedy administration's war on organized crime was highly effective: indictments against mobsters rose from zero to 683; and the number of defendants convicted went from zero to 619.

That shows you why the Mob hated the Kennedy's. They lost hundreds of millions of dollars a year from the fall of the Cuban dictatorship, and then they were being convicted left and right by Bobby Kennedy in his law and order crusade. It's ironic that the Republicans were supposedly the law and order party and the Democrats were supposedly soft on crime. Money buys effective propaganda.

An ex-con, Alessio, the gambling king of San Diego, was one of the few guests at Nixon's New York hotel suite on election night, 1968. Alessio was rubbing elbows with Nixon and his family at a very special occasion – despite a mid-'60s conviction for skimming millions of dollars from San Diego's racetrack revenues.

On May 20, 1972 an anxious Richard Nixon picked up the Oval Office phone and called Anthony Provenzano's top henchman, Joseph Trerotola, a key Teamsters union power broker in his own right.


After Nixon left office in August 1974 to avoid being impeached by Congress for the illegal activities he supervised and concealed during the Watergate scandal, he spent more than a year brooding in self-exile at his walled estate in San Clemente, Calif. The very first post-resignation invitation the disgraced ex-president accepted was from his Teamsters buddies. On Oct. 9, 1975, he played golf at La Costa, a Mob-owned California resort with Teamsters chief Frank Fitzsimmons and other top union officials. Among those who attended a post-golf game party for Nixon were Provenzano, Dorfman, and the union's executive secretary, Murray (''Dusty'') Miller.

Tony Pro would later die in prison, a convicted killer. A key Mob-Teamster financial coordinator, Dorfman was later murdered gangland-style. Murray ''Dusty'' Miller was the man, records show, gangster Jack Ruby had telephoned several days before Ruby murdered Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas in November 1963.[280]

Nixon and Sinatra

Also, after John Kennedy distanced himself from Frank Sinatra due to Sinatra's Mob connections, Nixon and Sinatra then became fast friends. Nixon ended up doing favors for Sinatra's Mob friends in exchange for Frank delivering fund into Nixon's campaign treasure chest.

Mickey Cohen

In addition to Chotiner, a Mob lawyer having an office in the Nixon White House, Nixon's connection to the Mob go back to the beginning of his political career. Prescott Bush wasn't the only one mentoring and buttering Nixon's bread. Los Angeles gangster Mickey Cohen was helping Nixon right from the start and very directly. He gave Nixon five thousand dollars and free campaign office space. Cohen hosted a fundraiser for Nixon that netted Nixon seventy-five thousand dollars.

Meyer Lansky

BeBe Rebozo, Nixon's best friend

It goes deeper. Nixon was a gambler. He gambled in Meyer Lansky's hotel-casino in Havana. It was Nixon's best friend, BeBe Rebozo, a Cuban-American, who covered Nixon's losses in the tens of thousand of dollars. Lansky let Nixon stay in the presidential suite free of charge too.

In the US, Nixon raved about the Cuban dictator, Batista.

Rebozo even bought Nixon's daughter, Julie, a house for a wedding gift when she married David Eisenhower, the former president's son.

Just as with Chotiner, BeBe had his own office and private phone line in the Nixon White House.

Nixon also profited directly in real estate deals and loans involving Mob members.

Sam Giancana

Sam Giancana was a Chicago Mafia Don. His half-brother and nephew wrote after Sam's murder that Nixon had helped the Mafia get government contracts and in return, the Mafia helped Nixon and the CIA. Nixon had gotten the Congressional investigating committee to not ask Jack Rubenstein (Ruby) to testify.

A 1947 memo, found in 1975 by a scholar going through a pile of recently released FBI documents, supports Giancana's contention. In the memo, addressed to a congressional committee investigating organized crime, an FBI assistant states: "It is my sworn testimony that one Jack Rubenstein of Chicago ... is performing information functions for the staff of Congressman Richard Nixon, Republican of California. It is requested Rubenstein not be called for open testimony in the aforementioned hearings."


Ruby gave closed-door testimony to Estes Kefauver's special Senate committee investigating organized crime. Committee staffer Luis Kutner later described Ruby as "a syndicate lieutenant who had been sent to Dallas to serve as a liaison for Chicago mobsters." In exchange for Ruby's testimony, the FBI is said to have eased up on its probe of organized crime in Dallas. In 1959, Ruby became an informant for the FBI.


In 1964, a presidential commission headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren concluded that Oswald — firing a rifle from a sniper's nest on the sixth floor of the depository — was Kennedy's sole assassin. The commission portrayed Oswald as a ''discontented'' loner whose "avowed commitment to Marxism and Communism" might have contributed to his deed. But the Warren Commission had not looked carefully at the alleged assassin's ties to the Syndicate. In New Orleans — where Oswald spent significant portions of his life — Oswald's uncle and substitute father was Charles "Dutz" Murret, an important bookie in godfather Carlos Marcello's gambling apparatus. Oswald's mother, Marguerite, dated members of Marcello's gang. Oswald friend David Ferrie worked for Marcello; had alleged ties to the CIA; and, in 1967, was named by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison as a key JFK assassination plotter.


Only hours before Kennedy's arrival, the debt-ridden striptease club operator met with Mafia paymaster Paul Jones.... Minutes after Kennedy was pronounced dead, Ruby phoned Alex Gruber — an associate of one of Jimmy Hoffa's top officials, and a man with known connections to hoodlums who worked for racketeer Mickey Cohen. Ruby and Gruber had met 10 days earlier in Dallas. When he was arrested for killing Oswald two days later, Ruby had $2,000 on his person and authorities found $10,000 in his apartment.


Oswald and Hunt once worked out of the same office building in New Orleans. On behalf of the CIA, Hunt had set up a dummy organization called "The Cuban Revolutionary Council" at 544 Camp Street — the same address Oswald put on pro-Castro leaflets he handed out. The same building also housed the detective agency of former FBI agent Guy Banister — who was associated with the CIA, the Mafia, Cuban exile leaders, and suspected JFK assassination plotter David Ferrie.


In the mid-'70s, as congressional committees probed the Mob and the CIA, Roselli was dismembered, squeezed into an oil drum, and tossed off the Florida coast; Giancana was gunned down in his kitchen; and Jimmy Hoffa disappeared.


The newest Nixon tapes are studded with deletions — segments deemed by government censors as too sensitive for public scrutiny. "National Security" is cited. Not surprisingly, such deletions often occur during discussions involving the Bay of Pigs, E. Howard Hunt, and John F. Kennedy.


In the late 1970s, the House assassinations committee studied FBI electronic surveillance of the Mob over several months just before and after the JFK assassination. It found what Mob expert Ron Goldfarb has described as "expressions of outrage and betrayal and comments about 'wacking out Kennedy.'"

That's because the Syndicate's tentacles had briefly entangled John F. Kennedy too. In crucial ways, the Mafia had helped the Massachusetts senator gain the presidency in 1960 — in exchange for a go-easy attitude toward the Mob by the future Kennedy administration. Instead of keeping his end of the bargain, however, President Kennedy started waging war on the Mafia — and the godfathers went crazy with rage.

[However, it was John's father who had done the deal with Frank Sinatra, not John or Bobby. Bobby acted in a way the suggests either he had no idea of what his father had done, or Bobby was just philosophically and ideologically opposed to the way his father conducted politics.]


Nov. 1952: As Dwight Eisenhower's running mate, Senator Nixon is elected vice president— despite a scandal over a secret slush fund put together by wealthy California backers.


Nov. 1962: Nixon is defeated for governor of California after a secret $205,000 "loan" from Mob-linked billionaire Howard Hughes to Nixon's brother becomes a major issue; Nixon soon moves to New York and becomes a corporate lawyer.


1964: Nixon lies to the FBI about being in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.


May 1972: Nixon confides to two top aides that the Warren Report was "the greatest hoax that has ever been perpetuated," a White House tape released in 2002 reveals.


June 23, 1972: To gain CIA help in the Watergate cover-up, Nixon tries to blackmail CIA chief Richard Helms over the secrets that Hunt might blab regarding CIA's links to "the Bay of Pigs"—which top Nixon aide Bob Haldeman later reveals to be Nixon/CIA code for the JFK assassination.


May 1973: Haldeman reminds Nixon that he—Nixon himself—had informed him that the CIA was hiding big "Bay of Pigs" secrets—though this was not disclosed until 1996, when the National Archives released a new batch of Watergate tapes. Sections of numerous Nixon conversations dealing with "the Bay of Pigs," President Kennedy, and E. Howard Hunt are deleted for "National Security" reasons.[281]

Fulsom believes that Kennedy launched the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Whereas, Hankey and many others insist that the invasion was a rogue action by the CIA/Mob. You can see that Fulsom focuses on the Mob and Hankey on the CIA. The fact is that both were inextricably involved.

Both of them blur the line between speculation and malicious gossip (judging and condemning on insufficient testimony). It is true that circumstantial evidence can add up to an overwhelming preponderance of evidence constituting proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. Jesus said it plainly and clearly and correctly that you will know them by their fruit, their results.

Richard Nixon admitted that he said one thing and did another. He admitted that his philosophy was that fear was more powerful than love. The rest of the conservatives certainly follow the warped teachings of Machiavelli going back to the trick of the pious lie advocated by Plato. The fruits bear all of this out. They don't feed the people what the people need. They fed themselves and their bloodline, so long as that bloodline does cross Satan, their god.

Nixon didn't understand what working for the devil constitutes. He and all the conspirators rationalized that John, and especially Bobby, Kennedy were facilitating Communism. In fact, the Kennedy's were slowly learning to lean more in the egalitarian rather than authoritarian direction. This was true especially of Bobby. That's why they killed him too and would have killed Teddy Kennedy had he not been screwed up with drinking and womanizing. Some people believe he may have been drugged.

It's why Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated. It's why Huey P. Long and ( the next page number below)...continues... Click next page number below. [If you would like to see the full text on one page (helps with searching for text on the page), use the "No-Graphics Print Version".] . . . Abraham Lincoln were assassinated. Why did they try to assassinate Andrew Jackson. They had their warts, but they were too leveling for the power of evil.

Getting back to Jack Ruby, it becomes obvious that his connection to organized crime and especially to hit men was concealed by the FBI. Certain things the FBI would leak, those things Hoover wanted leaked. Other things the FBI would sit on.

Lee Harvey Oswald knew, from his boyhood forward, David Ferrie, and David Ferrie was an investigator for Carlos Marcello on the day of the assassination, with him in a court room in New Orleans. I can show you that Lee Harvey Oswald, when he grew up in New Orleans, lived with the Dutz Murret family (one of Oswald's uncles). Dutz Murret is a bookmaker for Carlos Marcello.

I can show you that there's a bar in New Orleans, and back in the '60s, bars used to have strippers and the strippers circuit is from Jack Ruby's strip joint in Dallas to Marcello-connected strip joints in the New Orleans area. So I can bring this connection.

Did Lee Harvey Oswald grow up in a criminal neighborhood? Yes. Did he have a mob-connected family? Did he have mob-connected friends? Was he known to them to be a crazy guy? He's out publicly distributing Fair Play for Cuba leaflets. If you wanted to enlist him in a conspiracy that would initially appear to be communist and not appear to be organized crime, he's the perfect candidate. Ex-Marine, marksman, probably prepared to kill the president for political reasons.


In the month prior to the assassination, Ruby telephoned Irwin Weiner, a "frontman for organized crime"; Robert "Barney" Baker, an associate of Jimmy Hoffa's; Nofio J. Pecora, a lieutenant of the reputed Louisiana Mafia boss Carlos Marcello; Lewis McWillie, who had ties with organized crime figures Santos Trafficante and Meyer Lansky; and Murray "Dusty" Miller, another individual closely allied with Hoffa and the Mafia.


Television personality and celebrity-reporter Dorothy Kilgallen was permitted to interview Jack Ruby in prison in November 1965. She returned to her New York home after her talk to Ruby telling her friend, Mrs Earl T Smith, all about it and declaring she was going to break the assassination mystery wide open. She was found dead a few days later resulting, they said from an overdose. Two days later, Mrs Earl T. Smith was also found dead.


The evidence is there, plain to see for anyone with an open mind, but it is purely circumstantial, not tangible. (The people who arranged for Ruby's death, as they had previously arranged for the overt murders of President Kennedy, Patrolman Tippit and Lee Harvey Oswald, to say nothing of the 20-odd witnesses who have also been disposed of, weren't stupid enough to leave any palpable traces of what they had done.)[282]

You see, people end up dead surrounding the assassination. That's how it works when the Mob and CIA and FBI want something covered up. People who will talk die.

Remember that in every major cover-up case, people who know things or find them out directly from the sources start dropping dead left and right. Just look at the Franklin pedophile cover-up. There's a deep-seated sexual-lust disease that runs underground in the Republican Party. It is incestuous and preys on children. It distorts Christianity to cover its predations. These people will kill rather than be exposed.[283]

Can't talk when you're dead

It has all the same earmarks. Keep this in mind every time someone says that if the conspiracy were real, someone on the inside would have talked. How can they talk when they are killed off ? People stop talking when people around them start dying. The power that runs the terrorists within the empire system know this better than anyone. They have no scruples and they work pain and fear and all the rest as the dark art it is.

Some people are smart and buy themselves insurance, meaning they record everything and hide it away and let it be known that upon their untimely demise, the info will be widely distributed indicting the enemy.

"Eliminate everyone except George Bush. Bush will do anything for our cause."

Nixon employed Jack Ruby, was mentored by Prescott Bush, hired George H. W. Bush, E. Howard Hunt, and John Connally. Nixon made John Connally his treasury secretary. Connally was being rewarded for taking bullets and lying about what had happened. Concerning Bush, he instructed John Ehrlichman, "Eliminate everyone except George Bush. Bush will do anything for our cause." [284]

Nixon was in Dallas

In addition, Nixon admitted he was in Dallas the day of the assassination. Also, Hunt and the other White House Plumbers who broke into the Watergate said that they were sent there to find the photos and other evidence placing the CIA/Mob, et al., hit squad in Dallas assassinating the president.

Nixon apparently thought that the Democratic Party headquarters in the Watergate Hotel had the evidence to use against Nixon and his side.

In the 1992 King interview, Nixon maintained he'd never had any interest in digging into the JFK assassination: "I don't see a useful purpose in getting into that and I don't think it's frankly useful for the Kennedy family to constantly raise that up again."

Nixon's professed disinterest doesn't ring true, however, for it came from one of our snoopiest chief executives — a politician who just relished investigations, spying, secrets, and conspiracies. As Nixon aide John Ehrlichman once observed: "He was a conspiracy buff. He liked intrigue, and he liked secret maneuverings of the FBI, and he liked to hear about what the CIA did, and so on. He just couldn't leave that stuff alone."

As for Nixon's stated compassion for the Kennedys, let's not forget that he deeply despised them. So much so that, as president, he ordered chief White House spy E. Howard Hunt to forge diplomatic cables to make it look like President Kennedy ordered the murder of South Vietnamese leader Ngo Dinh Diem. He sent another spy, Anthony Ulasewicz, to Chappaquiddick, Mass., to investigate the 1969 crash of a car driven by Edward Kennedy that killed the senator's female companion. He placed Sen. Kennedy under a 24-hour-a-day Secret Service surveillance in an effort, in Nixon's phrase, "to catch him in the sack with one of his babes." And Nixon pressed aides to plant a false story in the press linking Sen. Kennedy to the 1972 assassination attempt against Alabama Gov. George Wallace.

Consider the spirit, heart, mind, and soul behind framing and trapping the Kennedys and all the other corrupt undertakings.

...forge diplomatic cables to make it look like President Kennedy ordered the murder of South Vietnamese leader Ngo Dinh Diem.

...24-hour-a-day Secret Service surveillance in an effort, in Nixon's phrase, "to catch him in the sack with one of his babes."

...plant a false story in the press linking Sen. Kennedy to the 1972 assassination attempt against Alabama Gov. George Wallace.

...he repeatedly directed two of his most ruthless aides, Bob Haldeman and Chuck Colson, to carry out a monumental dirty trick. He urged them to plant a false news story linking the would-be Wallace assassin — Arthur Bremer — to two other Democrats, Sen. Edward Kennedy and Sen. George McGovern —possible Nixon opponents in that year's fall elections. "Screw the record," the president orders on at one point. "Just say he was a supporter of that nut (it isn't clear which of the two senators he is referring to). And put it out. Just say we have an authenticated report."[285]

Now do you believe a guy like that when he says, "I am not a crook"?

Nixon, Pepsi, and Cuban sugar

Nixon was in Dallas for a meeting of the board of Pepsi Cola Company. Nixon was one of Pepsi's lawyers. Pepsi had been sourcing its sugar from Cuba before Castro took over and demanded fair market prices and wages.

John Hankey points out that we must all remember that the history of the US is a history of slavery of the blacks and extermination of the Indians and that that spirit is the spirit that was behind all the sinister figures who planned and executed the assassination and coup.

We add that bond servitude was also widely practiced against all races and ethnicities. In addition, there is the history of child labor, eugenics, and all the other evils which the labor movement struggled against. It is a history of the robber barons. It is the current history of third world exploitation and resource depletion and environmental destruction. It is a history of monetary enslavement of the entire population running right through the present. It is a history of oligarchy, first and foremost, an oligarchy that is only becoming worse.

Union Bank of New York: Nazi money, Fritz Thyssen

Hankey reminds the viewers about the Union Bank of New York. We wrote about it above.

As an underling of his father-in-law, (George Herbert Walker, of Union Banking W.A. Harriman & Co, later Brown Brothers Harriman), Prescott helped move Nazi money and war profits all about the world. He knew all about Hitler and his beliefs, which Hitler yelled out at huge rallies over loud speakers and had broadcast over radio for the world to hear. He worked directly for the biggest Nazi financier, the man, Fritz Thyssen, who arranged most of the Nazi rearmament of Germany (war machine) before WWII. This is something the Bush family has attempted to conceal and deny for decades, but now it has leaked out.[286]

Hoover had the goods on them: His personal insurance policy

The Bush family: "Trading with the Enemy"

In 1942-3, Hoover seized Harriman assets (Union Banking Corporation, Holland-American Trading Corporation, Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation, and Silesian-American Corporation) for "Trading with the Enemy." Prescott was CEO at the time. Hoover was a dirt collector. He collected dirt as his insurance policy and to guarantee that the country would not deviate too far from his vision. Even the Rockefellers and Harrimans had to tiptoe around him. The CIA always had to at least consider how Hoover would react. The left hated Hoover. They hated his unscrupulous methods. They hated his racism. They hated his opposition to a society where the grassroots would share the wealth, the rain from heaven, their God-given right.

Hoover lived to hound and persecute the left. It is Hoover's kind who give rise to the Stalins of the world who would never garner any support of the people with being able to point to the worst sins of laissez-faire capitalism.

E. Howard Hunt and the Harrimans

E. Howard Hunt worked directly for the Harrimans in Paris immediately after WWII. This is the CIA assassin Hunt who was part of the assassination team in Dallas the day of Kennedy's murder and the coup d'état.

Prescott Bush and Nixon

Prescott Bush started sponsoring Richard Nixon in 1946 before Nixon hired Jack Ruby, Oswald's killer. Nixon later hired E. Howard Hunt, who had been working for the Harrimans.

Let those with eyes, see.

George H. W. Bush: CIA agent with Cuban hit squad

Hoover left a memo that documents that on the day after the assassination, CIA agent George Bush came to obtain the FBI's report about the CIA's involvement with the fascist, antichrist Cuban exiles, etc. George H. W. Bush lied in 1974 that he hadn't had any CIA involvement before becoming its director.

Bush went to confront Hoover. It was a power play, according to Hankey. It was a cover-up ploy. On the surface, for the FBI files, it would make the CIA appear to be out of the loop about the anti-Castro Cuban exiles in Florida and the Mob, etc.

Bush was deeply involved with the running of Operation 40, the assassination squad that killed Kennedy.


...Kennedy ran afoul by opposing the very forces that took over after his death. He began withdrawing 5,000 CIA "advisers" from Vietnam; fired CIA chiefs Allen Dulles and Richard Bissel; disbanded the CIA and handed over covert operations to the State Department; ordered the creation of a silver-backed government currency to break the Federal Reserve monopoly; turned down the Operation Northwoods plan to engineer false flag terrorism and blame it on Cuba; and refused to invade Cuba and launch a full scale nuclear war during the Missile Crisis, a plan favored by hawks like General Curtis LeMay.[287]

Curtis LeMay

Withdrawing from Vietnam, disbanding the CIA, breaking the Federal Reserve, turning down the False-Flag proposal, bucking Curtis LeMay's desire to have a nuclear war...these got him murdered.

Curtis LeMay was the general who told Barry Goldwater to back off concerning the military's UFO work, which was handled on an above-top-secret need-to-know basis. He was the Air Force chief of staff and the longest serving general in US history. LeMay was hard-hard-right. He was George Wallace's running mate.

Allen Dulles

It was that same Allen Dulles who Kennedy had fired who was put in charge of the investigation into Kennedy's assassination by Lyndon Johnson at Nixon's behest. This was the same Allen Dulles under whom all the Nazis scientists ( the next page number below)...continues... Click next page number below. [If you would like to see the full text on one page (helps with searching for text on the page), use the "No-Graphics Print Version".] . . . were brought over to the US under operations Overlord and Paperclip to continue conducting hideous experiments on innocent children and others. Don't forget Dulles was tied to the dictatorships throughout the banana republics of Central and South America. He was also tied to the Bushes and Harrimans who were deep into the racism, fascism, and antichristism of Nazi Germany.

President Johnson did that. He put a prime suspect on the highest investigation team. What better way to cover up than that. It is so blatant. It is a direct challenge to the people. It's saying, we don't care what you think. We tell you what to think. You can't touch us. We have all the money. Shut up and do what you're told or we'll sic our thugs on you.

George W. Bush: Prepping the ground for dictatorship

Now, is the Bush family based upon fascism? What has Bush-43 been doing? He's been doing his best to weaken every legal protection against a dictatorship.

Getting back to Allen Dulles, he was a close business associate of the Bushes and Harrimans.

Richard M. Bissell, Jr. , another CIA leader fired by Kennedy for disobeying the president and invading Cuba (a disastrous invasion attempt), had also worked for the Harrimans, as had E. Howard Hunt. It's a really tight network.

Bissell wrote the following:

[The CIA working with the Mafia] did not originate with me - and I had no desire to become personally involved in its implementation, mainly because I was not competent to handle relations with the Mafia. It is true, however, that, when the idea was presented to me, I supported it, and as Deputy Director for Plans I was responsible for the necessary decisions.... Sheffield Edwards, the director of the Agency's Office of Security - and his deputy became the case officers for the Agency's relations with the Mafia. Edwards was frank with me about his efforts, and I authorized him to continue... I do not recall any specific contact with the Mafia, but Doris Mirage, my secretary at the time, does...

I hoped the Mafia would achieve success. My philosophy during my last two or three years in the Agency was very definitely that the end justified the means, and I was not going to be held back. Shortly after I left the CIA, however, I came to believe that it had been a mistake to involve the Mafia in an assassination attempt. This is partly a moral judgment, but I must admit it is also partly a pragmatic judgment.[288]

"My philosophy during my last two or three years in the Agency was very definitely that the end justified the means...." "...the end justified the means...." Their end is evil, just as were their means. It is always so.

William Joseph Donovan

Who set this tone? For one, major general William Joseph Donovan, who was the first head of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), for forerunner of the CIA, said the following:

Espionage is not a nice thing, nor are the methods employed exemplary. Neither are demolition bombs nor poison gas, but our country is a nice thing and our independence is indispensable. We face an enemy who believes one of his chief weapons is that none but he will employ terror. But we will turn terror against him - or we will cease to exist.


Today our unpreparedness, born of the evangelical idealist's desire to see things the way he wishes them to be, and encouraged by clever secret foreign agents, also abridged our secret gathering of essential intelligence.

...antichrist words.

There he fails to see the light. "Evangelical idealist's desire to see things the way he wishes them to be" are untrue words directed at Jesus Christ. Jesus was under no illusions. He knew they would kill him, but he lives.

"We will turn terror against him - or we will cease to exist" is a lie.

These are the same anti-Christ notions being regurgitated by George W. Bush claiming that his enemies would not stop just because the US stops. Remember, George has said that he won't know history because he'll be dead. Well, that's dead of the Holy Spirit already. That's dead of truth. It's dead of the truth of the power of love and peace.

The world has been, and still is being, as of the time of this writing, led by demonic spirits ruling hearts, conjuring up evil thoughts, turning those into beastly words and deeds.

Skull and Bones

People like to gloss over this area. They don't comprehend the seriousness of it. It isn't a lark. It is lifelong membership, sworn to the highest secrecy. They aren't worshipping Jesus or God there. It's a very, very dark spirit that permeates that secret society. Nearly all the people mentioned above as part of this close knit network who had much wealth came through Skull and Bones at Yale.

George H. W. Bush

In 1959, George H. W. Bush started the CIA front company, Zapata Petroleum Corporation. He drilled for oil thirty miles north of Cuba while he worked the plan for the assassination of Castro. The CIA code word for the Bay of Pigs Invasion was "Zapata." The three US Navy ships disguised for the invasion were named the Houston, the Barbara, and the Zapata. Houston was the headquarters of the CIA front company, Zapata Petroleum Corporation, and Barbara is Barbara Bush, Bush-41's wife and the mother of Bush-43. Bush-43 also had named his WWII fighter planes after his wife. He never anticipated a FOIA ( Freedom of Information Act ) were these things would see the light of day.

Conspiracy of denial

When you add these names to Bush connections, his network, and to the statements of two CIA directors, Helms that Hunt was in Dallas, and to the Hoover memo that Bush was CIA, plus his blatant lie about the incubators in Kuwait, etc., it becomes unbelievable that Bush was not CIA and was not involved in the Bay of Pigs, the JFK assassination, and Iran-Contra, etc. It becomes a conspiracy of denial to willfully attempt to convince oneself that Bush couldn't have been as bad as the others to whom he is so closely associated and by whom he was rewarded over and over and over again.


These men planned a false flag-attack on the Guantánamo Naval Base to set up a pretext for full scale US military invasion of Cuba. The anti-Castro Cubans were to lightly attack the base pretending to be pro-Castro Cubans with the full knowledge of the base commanders at the appropriate time. They were to then withdraw so as not to be wiped out by the US forces, turn and fight Castro's supporters until the island was completely occupied and prepared for the return of the exiled Cubans mostly living in Florida. The entire island would be privatized. All the vices of the Mob would be returned. A dictatorship would be constituted. The poor would be oppressed and further impoverished. The islands resources would be exploited and depleted for the sake of the rich.

His company was the distribution point for supplying Operation 40 and the other operations designed to bring back Mafia/CIA rule of Cuba.

The only things standing in the way were Castro's determination and then Kennedy's beginning to see through their scheming.

E. Howard Hunt supervised Operation 40 and The Bay of Pigs Invasion. Remember, Hunt worked for Harriman who partnered with the Bush family in the trading companies and financial institutions seized by the US government.

Therefore, Bush was a CIA agent working closely with Cuban terrorists. That's John Hankey's conclusion and it would be more than a stretch to reject it.

Now, Hankey points out that H. R. Haldeman, Nixon chief of staff, said when it was time to pay back John Connally, Connally insisted that they first find a job for Bush and Hunt who went to work for Nixon's White House at exactly the same time. They came together as a package.

Bill Liedtke

Hankey further points out that the source Nixon was talking about when he said he could get his hands on one million dollars in slush money to payoff Hunt to keep silent was Bill Liedtke, George H. W. Bush's "oldest, closest, and most important business partner." Of course, Nixon had lots of Mafia connections for such money as well.

Look at the spider web. Look at the intricate weaving and connections. Liedtke funded Zapata Petroleum Corporation and gave it to Bush to be the sole owner.

However, Don Fulsom seems to think the money came from the Mob. Hankey didn't cite his source concerning Liedtke. This is not an operative point, however. The case of the assassination being a CIA/Mob undertaking does not rise or fall on this issue, neither does the case for Bush-41's involvement.

Dulles brothers and United Fruit Company

We add that you shouldn't assume that the network stops here. Hunt and the Dulles's and many, many others have a long, sordid history in all the covert and overt operations to bring forth the empire, the dark side. Hunt, for instance, was instrumental in the overthrow of the duly elected president, Arbenz, of Guatemala in 1954. The US secretary of state was John Foster Dulles. His law firm represented United Fruit Company. His brother, Allen Dulles, was director of the CIA. The brother of the assistant secretary of state for InterAmerican Affairs, John Cabot, was the former president of United Fruit Company.

War is a racket. The US taxpayers paid so racist white men could steal land and bananas in Central America while enslaving the people under dictatorship. This same pattern of behavior has been spread around the world for the sake of the oligarchy. When will the people turn away from these evil leaders?

Ramon Rodriguez, Felix Rodriguez, George H. W. Bush, and the Medellín Cartel

Now, Ramon Rodriguez had been the go-between for getting the money from Liedtke to Hunt. In 1990, Ramon Rodriguez was working for the Medellín Cartel of Columbia, the cocaine hub of the world at the time. Bush-41 sent Cuban-American Felix Rodriguez to get ten million dollars from Ramon Rodriguez to fund the Reagan-Bush regime's fascist war against the poor people of Nicaragua. Felix Rodriguez was in charge of supplying the Contras from El Salvador. Bush met three times with Felix and Bush's national security advisor, Donald Gregg; however, Bush maintains that he never discussed Nicaragua with Felix Rodriguez. The only thing Rodriguez was working on was the Contra affair, why else would Bush meet with him?

In 1988 Bush told Congress he knew nothing about the illegal supply flights until 1987, yet North's diary shows Bush at the first planning meeting Aug. 6, 1985. Bush's "official" log placed him somewhere else. Such double sets of logs are intended to hide Bush's real role in the CIA; to provide him with "plausible deniability." The problem is, it fell apart because too many people, like North and Rodriguez, have kept records that show Bush's CIA role back to the 1961 invasion of Cuba. (Source: The Washington Post, 7/10/90).[289]

Hankey poses the fair question of how Bush knew of Ramon Rodriguez and that Ramon Rodriguez would pay ten million dollars for the asking from George H. W. Bush. Hankey says it is because Bush was involved with Ramon Rodriguez when Ramon handled the one million from Bush's partner Liedtke to Hunt for the Nixon White House.

We also add that Felix Rodriguez was involved in the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

John Hankey clarification re: William Colby

Now, Hankey goes on to include the statement of William Colby (the CIA director from September 4, 1973 to January 30, 1976, when he was replaced by George H. W. Bush) to Congress in which he quotes Colby as stating the following:

Oh yeah, Hunt was there alright. He and Bush were in charge of the shooters. But they weren't really in charge. They were just taking orders from civilians like Allen Dulles and the Rockefellers.

"He and Bush were in charge of the shooters." If true, those are the most important words that originated in my life time.

Is Hankey right about this quote? If he is, George H. W. Bush is guilty of murdering president Kennedy. There is no other source on the Internet for this quote. Hankey is the source. One would have to have access to the hearing transcripts or video to fact check this quote. We had no reason to believe that John Hankey was shoddy in quoting Colby on such utterly damning testimony. Nevertheless, we decided to fact check with John Hankey directly, so we did that on January 7, 2007. John responded that he made it up but meant it completely as humor to drive the larger point, to stimulate speculation, which when reviewing Hankey's video, jibes with Hankey's position. In other words, it didn't occur to John that where and when John was being humorous was not always clear. Colby did not say those words.

There are those who will conclude that John Hankey was attempting to pull a fast one, to plant propaganda, thought-control seeds, a virus that would do its damage even if he would later find the need to retract that part of his work, or that he never thought anyone would actually check him out on the quote.

You can see here why Jesus was so careful. We have nothing in writing from him. It's just like Socrates. We have nothing in writing from him either. Even still, people find hypocrisy in Jesus's words. Was he hypocritical, or is it just a failure of others to have deeper perceptions? Is it possible to exist without being a hypocrite? Is it possible to do anything more than pretend? Is it possible to be real? This is the question of God.

Does this destroy every point John made in his video? No. It does though cause one to back up a great deal concerning the degree to which George H. W. Bush was involved in a cover-up versus actually behind or directly involved in the plot. It is a question of lesser versus greater sin, not no sin at all.

Did Hankey bear false witness against George H. W. Bush? John would say that he was neglectful to see how his humorous false-quote could be construed. That certainly can happen to the best of us. It certainly can happen to George H. W. Bush too. Who can sort out those spirit but the Holy Spirit?

How does one retract the distortion caused by such a made-up quote? Is the damage done? Is there damage control to be done? How many people will have seen the video but never hear or see this correction? How much damage does such an oversight do to the movement to bring out the truth, which is bad enough?

People have quoted on the Internet John Hankey's words put into the mouth of Colby in ways that it is clear that they ( the next page number below)...continues... Click next page number below. [If you would like to see the full text on one page (helps with searching for text on the page), use the "No-Graphics Print Version".] . . . believe the quote is real. The video is still out there too. It has been view thousands of times. People will be saying to others that Bush was in charge of the shooters, when John does not know that. It's a shame, but John is intending to clarify in a new video. It's akin to printing a retraction.

No doubt, John will exercise great care in future in trying to anticipate how everything he projects may be taken.

It shows the ripple effect of error. We all sin in this way no matter how subtle it is, even when we don't see it. Our very thoughts impact upon the whole cosmos, the whole of existence (heaven, hell, and earth), much more than we realize at any given moment.

Why do such complicating things happen? Sorting the truth is infinite work. Think about it.

The video is a mix of very serious work and stylized cartoonishness, probably designed, understandably to some degree, to appeal to secondary students John may have taught for some twenty years.

Colby was nevertheless fired for his revealing too much, and as soon as George H. W. Bush was in as the new director, he shut down the investigation. He stopped all cooperation with the committee.

Don't let the single sarcastic false-quote of Colby by John Hankey have the effect of causing you to call into question the preponderance of evidence concerning the conspiracy of evil. The fruit of evil speaks the truth of that spirit (emotion) in the hearts (minds) of people. John's entire testimony about Bush-41 and Kennedy, Sr., is not impeached on this one point.

The magic bullet is a lie. There was and remains to this day a cover-up. Bush-43 is in on it as are many. Did he kill Kennedy? He's culpable. Where does that line end?

Mel Gibson and culpability

At one point during the height of the coverage of the movie "The Passion of the Christ" by Mel Gibson, Gibson said of those who crucified Christ that he, Gibson, did it. That's a profound understanding of culpability. We don't agree with every position of Mel Gibson, but on that, we agree. The spirit of our failure at least allowed it to happen and really made it happen. It is the same spirit that is all the evil of the world and all the evil consequences thereof. That's why repentance and forgiveness are so important. That's why the new commandment is everything.

Colby is a critical figure in all of this. His conscience bothered him. He later regretted much of what he had done and what the US government had done.

Shredding MKULTRA and MKSEARCH files before James Schlesinger

When Nixon fired Helms, he replaced him with James Schlesinger. Before leaving though, Helms saw to the shredding of MKULTRA and MKSEARCH files and other documents and tapes, etc.

Schlesinger signed an order allegedly drafted by Colby that instructed all CIA personnel to come forward with information concerning the illegal activities of the CIA going back to its inception. This actually had the effect of recreating in a way much of what Helms shredded.

Colby: Head off more surprises

According to Colby, this was partly in reaction to the revelation that E. Howard Hunt (CIA) had broken into Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office to get dirt on Ellsberg for Nixon. Ellsberg had leaked the Pentagon Papers proving all the lies of the various presidents about the foreign policy of the US especially concerning Vietnam. Schlesinger and Colby wanted to head off any more surprises.[290]

This was a very shrewd public-relations move, albeit transparent. The CIA cannot reform in such a way. It isn't possible. It is a wineskin that must not be used but rather discarded. So is the Pentagon, the NSA, Homeland Security, and the directorate of National Intelligence and anything of these kinds.

Don't kid yourself either, certain of the founding fathers, the Federalists, especially Alexander Hamilton (first secretary of the treasury), in particular, are not rolling over in their graves about the sadism of the CIA. His was part of the road to the mundane new world order, the order that centralizes and consolidates not for the sake of the grassroots but for the sake of the world oligarchy. You see, centralization, per se, isn't the problem. It centralization that isn't balanced by the new commandment that is the problem. Alexander Hamilton was no Christian. The world oligarchs are no Christians. Of course neither was Thomas Jefferson, who was Hamilton's main opponent.

From the outside and even to many low-level operatives with the CIA, it would appear that the CIA wanted to get to the bottom of things to clean up its act.

It allowed the CIA to get the thing behind them as rapidly as possible. All the while they were continuing on, having learned better how to cover up.

Say one thing and do another

Even George H. W. Bush engaged very effectively in this method. He too publicly ordered a stop of activities that were continued nevertheless and with his full knowledge, of course. Say one thing and do another. That Satan's way. Always lie, even when you're telling the truth, meaning be sure everything is a half-truth so to speak. That's Satan's way. He is the master trickster.

Colby replaced Schlesinger in just barely four months and revealed more information about the CIA than any other of its directors.

Colby, more than any director who came before or after him, had a handle on all the CIA's history up to his tenure of illegal activities. That is because he was the internal clearinghouse for all the information that came forward as a result of Schlesinger's directive.

Reflect on the words John Hankey sarcastically put into Colby's mouth, for effect, to suggest Hankey's larger suspicions. A whole network of people knew that the assassination was a huge conspiracy and were in on it and its cover-up. George H. W. Bush was one of the conspirators who committed high treason and first-degree murder, premeditated as a co-conspirator who knew exactly and well in advance that the plan was to murder the president of the United States because that president had learned too much and was going to inform the general population.

Colby is quoted as having said the following:

Believe me, if the CIA had anything to do with the murder of our president I would have discovered it in the early seventies and I would have revealed it — I revealed a lot of other things.[291]

This is the difficulty in these matters. How can we believe him? Colby knew that revealing some things would give him and the CIA credibility with many people. However, the CIA is still a lie factory on purpose. Everyone knows that. The CIA cannot do what it does without its people lying.

This is typical of what happens in debating what is truth and what isn't.

To show how the lies continued, George H. W. Bush was made director of the Central Intelligence Agency, two-term vice president and one-term president of the United States. One son became governor of Florida and the other became governor of Texas and then president. Then the world was given the lie of 9-11 and the lies about Afghanistan (the focus on al Qaeda, the huge underground facilities, the common Taliban's inseparability from al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, etc.) and the lies about Saddam Hussein and all the weapons of mass destruction and the evidence of his direct involvement in planning 9-11 and funding al Qaeda and training terrorists, etc.

Zapruder film in motion

On November 22, 1963, most of the American people were shocked at the news that president Kennedy had been shot and killed in Dallas, Texas. When the Zapruder film was finally shown in motion (after the arch conservative Henry Luce of Time , Life , and Fortune magazines, had for years not allowed it to be shown in motion), the general population saw what the Warren Commission had deliberately avoided, which was that the president's head went back and to the left. "Back and to the left" became a mantra. It led many people to revisit the case.

More pieces fell into place all showing the conspiracy at the highest level involving a network so powerful, control so many of the strings of power, and able and willing to murder as many as needed, to cover up its involvement and even existence.

"The individual is handicapped coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." — J. Edgar Hoover

Many others are too self-centered to allow themselves to face this stark reality. They fear the implications for their own sanity and their own ability to avoid temptations for violent and lethal revenge. They fear upsetting their complacent lives, their comfort, their pleasantness, such as it is.

Julius Caesar

When the conspirators murdered Julius Caesar on March 15, 44 BC, they thought they were heading off the death of the Republic of Rome, the death of what little democracy they had. Julius Caesar though had been name dictator for life. He was, for all intense and purposes, the absolute monarch. The only thing missing was bloodline succession, which the conspirators fear was coming. Even though Caesar was an extremely violent man whose cravings for power may have known no bounds, the conspirators (who were acting consistent with the actions of the founding fathers of the US who ostensibly threw off the yoke of tyranny) were not lauded as saviors of the Republic and champions of the people.

However, when Bush and company assassinated John F. Kennedy, Sr. they were assassinating someone who was opposed to moving in the direction of establishing an American Julius Caesar. John Kennedy, Sr. was about to reveal the inner workings of the conspirators, for which he was murdered and silenced. He was about to reveal how the oligarchy was and is deliberately turned very much more in the direction of darkness than the more Populist of the founding fathers.

Yet, as Rome still lauded Caesar over the more populists republican-minded and democrat-minded, there are many Americans who still laud George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan and the others who are all balled up in the great subversion against righteousness (God).

William Colby, Project Monarch, the Franklin pedophile case, The Finders, and George H. W. Bush

William Colby, director of the CIA, admitted to the existence of the infamous CIA Project Monarch. After stating that the project had been stopped in the mid-1970's, he knew that the Franklin pedophile scandal and The Finders case showed that the project was still under way. Of course, George H. W. Bush was right in the middle of it and pulled out all the intelligence stops to cover up the whole thing.

Supplying Saddam

Remember that under George H. W. Bush, as the covert expert in the Reagan administration, the US covertly and illegally supplied Iraq with chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and missile weapons material, equipment, and training, including eighty shipments of biological weapons materials including anthrax, botulism toxin, Dengue fever virus, gangrene bacteria, and West Nile fever virus.

George H. W. Bush who knew all about the case, had covered up and censored the Franklin Community Federal Credit Union pedophile case. There is a woman, who was a teen at the time, serving solitary confinement because she has refused to recant her statement that George H. W. Bush was directly involved in Project Monarch and the homosexual-pedophile ring.

Ronald Roskens who, according to Gary Caradori (who had the evidence and died mysteriously in the covered up plane crash), was forced to resign as chancellor of the University of Nebraska for his verified involvement in homosexual activities with young men at his state-supplied housing. Despite knowing this about Roskens, President George H. W. Bush went ahead and appointed Roskens as head of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) knowing full well Roskens sexual activities. That agency has CIA involvement.

The evil use of presidential-pardoning powers

As we mentioned, George H. W. Bush was directly involved in the illegal Iran-Contra scandal. In 1990, Ramon Rodriguez was working for the Medellín Cartel of Columbia, the cocaine hub of the world at the time. Bush-41 sent Cuban-American Felix Rodriguez to get ten million dollars from Ramon Rodriguez to fund the Reagan-Bush regime's fascist war against the poor people of Nicaragua. When he became president right after Reagan, Bush pardoned those who could testify against him. The Ronald Reagan-George H. W. Bush administration illegally sold arms to Iran and funneled the money to the Contra rebels fighting to overthrow the socialist revolutionary government of Nicaragua that had taken power from the US-backed brutal dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza.

Lied about the incubators in Kuwait

George H. W. Bush was involved in these dealings and pardoned those who could testify against him. He lied about the incubators in Kuwait that were used as a pretext for invading Iraq. It was a ploy to enlist the general American population that he knew would be disgusted and enraged at the thought of anyone killing incubator-babies.

Lied about two hundred fifty thousand troops and one thousand five hundred tanks poised on the Saudi border

George H. W. Bush also claimed the CIA had images from space that Iraq had two hundred fifty thousand troops and one thousand five hundred tanks poised on the Saudi border. It's the same tactic George W. Bush used in lying about the yellowcake.

Insider favors for his son: The Texas Air National Guard

George H. W. Bush, when he was a Congressman, called in favors in Texas and got his son, George W. Bush, moved to the top of the waiting list to get into the Texas Air National Guard.

Panamanian massacre

In 1989, George H. W. Bush ordered the invasion of Panama, which was an atrocity inflicted on the Panamanian population under the cover of getting only the dictator, Manuel Noriega, who had been a CIA creation in the first place. Over four thousand Panamanians were killed many of them executed with their hands tied behind their backs and shot in the back of the head. There were over a dozen mass graves uncovered that the US military had dug and into which it had bulldozed hundreds of bodies of civilians including children and old people.

Dirty-trick artists

George H. W. Bush also used Lee Atwater extensively. Atwater was a master of dirty political tricks who taught George W. Bush many dirty tactics.


When George W. Bush engaged in illegal insider trading concerning ( the next page number below)...continues... Click next page number below. [If you would like to see the full text on one page (helps with searching for text on the page), use the "No-Graphics Print Version".] . . . Harken Energy stocks the SEC chairman, appointed by his good friend George H. W. Bush, whitewashed the insider trading. George W. Bush made off with the spoils. His banditry paid off in multimillions with his father's complicity.

Sealed presidential documents

George H. W. Bush's presidential documents are sealed from investigators by order of his son and fellow conspirator. Presidential documents had been being released under a new tradition of openness that Bush-43 shut down to hide the illegalities and to cover up the evil not in the spirit of forgiveness and repentance but in the spirit of furthering the goals of the rebellion against righteousness.

The Walker and Bush family fortune comes largely out of the Nazi and Fascist undertakings leading up to and including WWII Germany. Have they turned it to giving and sharing and holding all things in common, to fruits worthy of repentance, to atonement?

Continuing cover-ups

The Bush presidents, as with other presidents, have worked to cover up all the diabolical experiments and covert activities of the CIA through history and those of the Pentagon too right up to the present.

Cluster bombsto Saddam

Under authorization from Reagan/Bush-41, the CIA covertly supplied cluster bombs to Saddam's Iraq by way of the US-puppet dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in Chile at the time.

Ken Lay

The Bush family under Bush-41 was also directly involved aiding Ken Lay in his schemes. Bush's son Jeb was assigned to put pressure on Argentina to accept a bad contract with Lay.

Bush family eugenics and William Shockley

George H. W. Bush was also a close friend and admirer of William Shockley, a noted eugenicist. Bush-41 had him testify in the US Congress in 1969 about how inferior black people in the US were having too many babies lowering the average IQ of America. This is a very telling Nazi-like mentality that has run through the history of humanity since the beginning. It is the materialist view, the bloodline view, the DNA-is-everything view, flesh view. Yes there are people who confuse the material with the spirit, per se. The material and the spirit are connected. Jesus was both. However, the real is love, peace, and mercy. That is lost on the eugenicists such as George H. W. Bush and his Nazi-sympathizing ancestors.

October Surprise

George H. W. Bush's network also arranged the October Surprise. Four days before Reagan's inauguration, there were secret wire transfers Cedel, now Clearstream Banking S.A.

Cedel got an urgent joint instruction from the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of England to transfer $7 million in bearer bonds, $5 million from an account of Chase Manhattan Bank and $2 million from an account of Citibank, both in offshore secrecy havens. The money was to go to the National Bank of Algeria, and from there to an Iranian bank in Teheran.

Those funds were a bribe so Jimmy Carter would lose reelection.

Because of their business deals with the Bush family, the bin Laden family was the only family in the world that was allowed to fly on commercial planes in the US immediately after 9-11.

George H. W. Bush lied in 1974 that he hadn't had any CIA involvement.

Nixon instructed John Ehrlichman, "Eliminate everyone except George Bush. Bush will do anything for our cause."

There is also the Hoover memo that documents that on the day after the assassination, CIA agent George Bush came to obtain the FBI's report about the CIA's involvement with the fascist, antichrist Cuban exiles, etc.

Zapata Petroleum Corporation

George H. W. Bush started the CIA front company, Zapata Petroleum Corporation. He drilled for oil thirty miles north of Cuba while he worked the plan for the assassination of Castro. The CIA code word for the Bay of Pigs Invasion was "Zapata."

What a spider web

Also, Wehrner von Braun (the Nazi's chief rocket scientist) surrendered to Clay Shaw (at the end of WWII). Clay Shaw was prosecuted by Jim Garrison. Garrison is the main character in the Oliver Stone movie "JFK" about he assassination and the Cuban connection, etc.

Garrison was a real prosecutor, not a fictional character as some might be led to believe because of the movie.

Wehrner von Braun insisted that German general Walter Dohrnberger be brought over to the US too. Dohrnberger would have otherwise faced a war-crimes trial. Dohrnberger was allowed to escape trial by the US high commissioner to Germany, John J. McCloy.

This is the same McCloy, former head of the World Bank, who sat on the Warren Commission with Dulles who was fired by Kennedy.

Furthermore, Dohrnberger's closest assistant in the US was former US military intelligence agent Michael Paine. It was Paine's wife who housed the Oswald's and got Lee Harvey his job at the book depository.

Biblical proportions

These things are Biblical in proportion. The spiritual war between the forces of light and dark is still raging and is going to heat up as never before. Things have yet to become worse than ever before they get much better than ever. Evil will appear to have been given its head before the essence of evil is put away forever from human hearts.

Leon Jaworski

Just to show how the web never ends, consider the following:

Many of the potential convictions of war criminals were foiled by "losing" documents or key witnesses, a regular practice by US Army prosecutor Leon Jaworski. The same Jaworski who spent years at a Texas based CIA-related foundation, who squelched the local investigation of the JFK murder as the official liaison between the Warren Commission and the Texas authorities. (In fact, the Warren Report draft was written by a US Army historian recruited at the end of WWII from the ranks of Hitler's official historians, and transferred to the Commission staff for this task).

Jaworski is later considered "the most trusted man in America" as Nixon's prosector in the Watergate scandal, but his real role was damage control, as well as unseating Nixon. He was even revived in later "scandals" as a trusted figure.[292]

Bush and George DeMohrenshildt

In 1963, Poppy Bush [G. W. H. Bush] was also tied up with George DeMohrenshildt, a Byelorussian emigre and CIA agent who took care of Lee Harvey Oswald upon his return to the United States from his political "exile" as a Marxist true believer. Interestingly, Oswald lived in Byelorussia, where he married the daughter of a KGB colonel. It was DeMohrenshildt who arranged Oswald's move to Dallas from New Orleans.

A Nov. 1963 FBI memo to the State Dept. said there was concern that there might be another invasion of Cuba by anti-Castroites. The memo went on to state that this information was passed along to "George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency" the day after the assassination of JFK. In 1977, just before he was to testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations, deMohrenshildt was found dead of a gun shot wound. In his personal address book was found the following entry:

"Bush, George H. W. (Poppy) 1412 W. Ohio also Zapata Petroleum Midland." DeMohrenshildt's son-in-law told the Warren Commission that his father-in-law was likely involved with JFK's assassination.


...historians and the media should concentrate on the sordid history of the Bush family. Through three generations, the Bushes have been the dots who have connected American business to the Nazis (Prescott or "Grandpoppy" Bush was a notorious financial underwriter of Nazi German industries during World War II), the assassination of President Kennedy, the Iran-contra scandal, the stealing of an American presidential election, and now, sadly and according to Florida Senator Bob Graham, may have had foreknowledge of the September 11 terrorist attacks, the results of which, in effect, abrogated the U.S. Constitution.[293]

The FBI memo says, "George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency." Bush-41 denies it, of course. All CIA agents are trained and encouraged to lie. The CIA tried to cover for him by saying it was George William Bush. However, George William Bush said he was of low rank and a coast and landing-beach analyst for the CIA at the time and never received an FBI briefing from J. Edgar Hoover.[294]


What about Oswald? He was trained in the Marines to speak Russian. He received his training on a top secret U-2 high-altitude spy plane base. Oswald's sergeant at the base ended up as one of the Project 40 members, one of the assassins working under Felix Rodriquez, Bush, and Hunt, etc.

Oswald was given a "hardship" discharge from the military to take care of his mother. However, Hankey says Oswald's mother was fine. Rather than going to his mother, he flew into Russia.

We ask why would the Russians have let him in at the height of the Cold War? Who would be able to get him entry and then exit without the Russians giving him a hard time. The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy (The Warren Commission) claimed it wasn't unusual for someone to defect to the Soviets and then be allowed to return to the US.[295] Well, which side thought he was not a double agent?

Armand Hammer and David Rockefeller

Armand Hammer was an oil tycoon who was allowed to travel back and forth to the Soviet Union unimpeded by either the US or USSR governments. Hammer's father was instrumental in founding the Communist Party of the USA. David Rockefeller enjoyed the same level of free travel. He could fly in and out of Russia in his personal jet as could Armand Hammer. Hammer was a staunch Republican. How does that gibe with the open arms of the Soviets towards him? He was convicted of making an illegal contribution to Nixon, but later pardoned by George H. W. Bush, a fellow oil man. Remember also that Rockefeller came from oil money and banking (Chase Bank). Also remember that the Rockefeller Foundation funds the Council on Foreign Relations and that it was David Rockefeller who started the Trilateral Commission, albeit well after the assassination. Remember also that the Rockefeller Foundation made an agreement with the Carnegie Endowment to split the responsibility for controlling what is taught as history in the public and private educational sectors.

The winners write the history, and by doing so they control the present and the future as George Orwell pointed out in the mundane sense.

Who is behind the scenes

As far as we are aware, no other public figures enjoyed such freedom of movement. They represented authentic global power. Who was behind them, backing them? Who was the real final power? Who has the secret accounts. Who are those you are so rich you don't ever hear about them? Who makes the money, is never audited, and whose meetings are completely secret?

They all died before they could testify

Continuing on, everyone in the US who was close to Oswald was CIA. They all died before they could testify. One by shotgun blast to the head and the other two by heart attack. The heart attack aspect is important since the CIA can induce heart attacks via ice bullets laced with an undetectable toxin. The only evidence is a tiny pin hole where the ice bullet went in and then dissolved releasing the heart-attack causing toxin that won't show up under chemical analysis. This comes out of the dark spirit that drives the weapons industry.

Oswald: FBI informant

The Warren Commission though was told that Oswald was an FBI informant. His wallet contained the name and number of a Dallas FBI agent. Also, three years before the assassination, J. Edgar Hoover personally wrote a memo about Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald was obviously a more important figure than the public was led to believe. The memo said someone was using Oswald's identity to buy trucks for anti-Castro forces. Oswald was in Russia at the time.

Oswald: Pentagon, CIA, FBI, KGB, Mafia connections

We add that Oswald had Pentagon, CIA, FBI, KGB, and Mafia connections: Pentagon by way of his Marine Corp U-2 base training; CIA by way of all the CIA people we've mentioned, including the Project 40 people; FBI by way of Hoover's interest in him and his contact with the FBI's Dallas man; KGB by way of his debriefings with them when he supposedly defected to the Soviet Union; and the Mafia by way of anti-Castro members such as Frank Sturgis and others who rubbed elbows with the underlings of the Santo Trafficante, Meyer Lansky, Frank Costello types in Miami and elsewhere, who had been the power behind the fascist Fulgencio Batista regime overthrown by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara who chased the Mafia out of Cuba and into the waiting arms of the US government in their home country and especially into Florida and the Miami area, where the descendants are of the fascists and Mafiosos and members of La Cosa Nostra (Our Concern).

Enemies join together against God

We trust that by now you see that enemies join together against God, righteousness, and the message of Jesus Christ. That's why the Ku Klux Klan and the Zionists will find themselves both supporting colonialism and imperialism against the fulltime giving economy of Christ.

False churches

You shouldn't be surprised to know that the churches, both Roman Catholic and ( the next page number below)...continues... Click next page number below. [If you would like to see the full text on one page (helps with searching for text on the page), use the "No-Graphics Print Version".] . . . fundamentalist-evangelical figure prominently in all of this too.

The Unions

You shouldn't be surprised at how labor figures in, since the Mob has always attempted to control unions, against the direct wishes of the rank and file membership. Also, remember that Bobby Kennedy had hounded Jimmy Hoffa, the Teamster union leader with an undisputed thuggish background and direct connections with the Mafia.

The web is both cooperative and competitive, just the way the pinnacle of money likes it on its way to world domination before it falls forever by way of the truthful word of God.

Sam Giancana

Remember, Joseph Kennedy, Sr., had a bootlegging war with the Mafia and that his son, US senator and US attorney general Bobby Kennedy, was hounding Frank Costello even though another made man, Sam Giancana, had fixed the West Virginia election for John Kennedy, Sr., as a favor to Joseph Kennedy, Sr.

Sam Giancana was murdered in 1975 when it was leaked that he was involved in the CIA assassination of John Kennedy. He was murdered before he could testify to the Congress.

Business is crime

The web is all interconnected. The line between legitimate business, so-called, and just plain making money is blurred to nonexistence. Everything is done for appearances sake, to keep the masses in check with the façade, the front, the cover. Just one step in and its lawlessness. Connections are everything. Working with fellow travelers, who also have provable dirt on them, adds in this sense of loyalty. Loyalty to the cause is critical: Loyalty among thieves. At least that's what the underlings are led to believe. Those at the top will throw those at the bottom to wolves when necessary.

So you see, the line where illegal drug running starts and stops concerning the CIA really isn't there. They were filling the dead bodies of US soldiers killed in Vietnam with heroine for the trip home. Military bases are the best routes for black-market smuggling after all.[296] It is one way they funded their slush accounts, all in the name of freedom and democracy.

Drugs and racism

Don't forget that drugs is the number one enterprise in Afghanistan and Columbia. Don't forget where Bush-41 turned when he wanted ten million for the Contras to kill off the egalitarian movement in Nicaragua. Don't forget that Oliver North was smuggling cocaine into US black neighborhoods to fund the Contras. Remember, there's a strong racist element in all of this. There is eugenics, there is slavery, there is a strong white-supremacy element. Most of the military and CIA smuggling ran through the Dixie states after all and was channeled to Blacks.

Bush turned to the Columbian cocaine cartel, and look at what has happened in Afghanistan with the poppy fields since the US has taken over. It has radically increased. The Turks have been boosted, and there is more money in the black-market pipeline for the US misnomered intelligence community.

Carnegie Endowment and Rockefeller Foundation write false history

Those facts are censored from the history textbooks. Also, the Carnegie Endowment and Rockefeller Foundation write Oswald's false history to mold falsehood into the brains of unwitting students.

Despite all the obvious connections of Oswald in nearly every direction in this nether world, he is still portrayed in the mainstream US media and US history textbooks as an ignorant, confused, vacillating, negligent, tramp-like figure: The history textbooks controlled by the Carnegie Endowment and Rockefeller Foundation for the sake of empire, for the sake of the political socialization of the masses, to dupe them into supporting war.[297] Oswald was thusly portrayed to further the lone-gunman propaganda, to throw investigations off the scent and to keep it that way.

What changed Kennedy? The Cuban Missile Crisis changed him. He was confronted by the closest the world has ever come to total thermonuclear exchange and mutually assured destruction. In an act of insane brinksmanship, the same CIA rogues who would not heed presidential directives not to invade Cuba in what was called the Bay of Pigs Invasion, once again set out to undertake very active and aggressive hostilities in Cuba right in the middle of the missile crisis.

Anti-Castro terrorist training camps in Florida

Hankey documents that as part of the deal to stand down and to remove the missiles from Cuba, the Russians insisted that the US dismantle its terrorist training camps in Florida and elsewhere and that the Russians be allowed to verify it. Kennedy agreed, but the Cuban fascists, the rogue elements within the CIA, the Mob, and other fascist entities, wouldn't follow Kennedy's lead away from world war. They hated the president turned peacemaker. They talked of killing him for treason, etc.

Hoover did manage to shut down camps. However, after Kennedy's assassination, Hoover did not stand up to the CIA and money behind it. Hoover was part of the system after all. He was no egalitarian. He was no Christian.

Of course, Hoover had moles in the CIA and the CIA had moles in the FBI. Both of them had people who came through the military and military intelligence, which handled the then super-secret NSA. There were plenty of other so-called law enforcement and clandestine entities about too, some being more intimidated than others by both the FBI and the CIA. And now we have them all merging under National Security.

Bob Gates

Why believe Bush-41? Here he is back again this time influencing his president son to put Bob Gates in to head the Pentagon.

When George Bush became president he set about rewarding those who had helped him in the cover-up of the Iran-Contra Scandal. Bush nominated Robert Gates as Director of Central Intelligence on 14th May, 1991. Three of his colleagues in the CIA testified against Gates. Melvin Goodman, recently explained his reasons for taking this action: "Bob Gates, over the period of the 1980s, as a deputy for Intelligence and then as a deputy to CIA director Bill Casey, was politicizing intelligence. He was spinning intelligence on all of the major issues of the day, on the Soviet Union, on Central America, on the Middle East, on Southwest Asia. And I thought this record, this charge, should be presented before the Senate Intelligence Committee."

In an article published in July, 1991, Walter Pincus called for the Senate to approve Bush's nomination of Gates as director of the CIA. This time he was confirmed but he attracted 31 negative votes, more than all of the votes against all of the CIA directors in history. He served until 1993.[298]

The spider web continues.

The Cold War, the war against Communism, was a war for everything Jesus stands against. Jesus stands against the Communists (large-c), but he stands against the selfishness that won't allow giving and sharing all communally, unselfishly, as servants of one another, putting everyone else first so that all are first.

Containing Communism, rolling back Communism, keeping Communism from establishing "beachheads" in the Americas, these things were all ways of assuring exploitation, degradation, pollution, vice, racketeering, war, and all the rest of the evil.

That's what was going on when John Kennedy came on the presidential scene.

Communists replaced by terrorists

Now we have the replacement for Communism as the target: "Global terrorism." We see all the same evils continuing under the guise of national security and capitalism: Exploitation, degradation, pollution, vice, racketeering, war, etc.

When will we see giving and sharing all communally, unselfishly, as servants of one another, putting everyone else first so that all are first?

It's coming.

The people are catching on

The people have caught on much faster than ever before and they've caught on to much more than ever before. This process will continue. We know what you're up to. We know you are trying to engage the world in an extremely hot world war that will burn the planet. We know you're the devil.

People who know, die

There has been a significant number of people who have died who did appear to have important information about the case. This includes several journalists investigating the murder. On 24th November, 1963, Bill Hunter of the Long Beach Press Telegram and Jim Koethe of the Dallas Times Herald interviewed George Senator. Also there was the attorney Tom Howard. Earlier that day Senator and Howard had both visited Jack Ruby in jail. That evening Senator arranged for Koethe, Hunter and Howard to search Ruby's apartment.

It is not known what the journalists found but on 23rd April 1964, Hunter was shot dead by Creighton Wiggins, a policeman in the pressroom of a Long Beach police station. Wiggins initially claimed that his gun fired when he dropped it and tried to pick it up. In court this was discovered that this was impossible and it was decided that Hunter had been murdered. Wiggins finally admitted he was playing a game of quick draw with his fellow officer. The other officer, Errol F. Greenleaf, testified he had his back turned when the shooting took place. In January 1965, both were convicted and sentenced to three years probation.

Jim Koethe decided to write a book about the assassination of Kennedy. However, he died on 21st September, 1964. It seems that a man broke into his Dallas apartment and killed him by a karate chop to the throat. Tom Howard died of a heart-attack, aged 48, in March, 1965.


On 12th October, 1964, Mary Pinchot Meyer was shot dead as she walked along the Chesapeake and Ohio towpath in Georgetown. Henry Wiggins, a car mechanic, was working on a vehicle on Canal Road, when he heard a woman shout out: "Someone help me, someone help me". He then heard two gunshots. Wiggins ran to the edge of the wall overlooking the towpath. He later told police he saw "a black man in a light jacket, dark slacks, and a dark cap standing over the body of a white woman."

Soon afterwards Raymond Crump, a black man, was found not far from the murder scene. He was arrested and charged with Mary's murder. The towpath and the river were searched but no murder weapon was ever found.

The media did not report at the time that Mary Pinchot Meyer had been having an affair with John F. Kennedy. Nor did it reveal that her former husband, Cord Meyer, was a senior figure in CIA's covert operations. As a result, there was little public interest in the case.

During the trial Wiggins was unable to identify Raymond Crump as the man standing over Meyer's body. The prosecution was also handicapped by the fact that the police had been unable to find the murder weapon at the scene of the crime. On 29th July, 1965, Crump was acquitted of murdering Mary Meyer. The case remains unsolved.


Dorothy Kilgallen, a crime reporter of the New York Journal, obtained a private interview with Jack Ruby. She told friends that she had information that would "break the case wide open". Aware of what had happened to Bill Hunter and Jim Koethe, she handed her interview notes to her friend Margaret Smith. On 8th November, 1965, Kilgallen, was found dead. It was reported she had committed suicide. Her friend, Margaret Smith, died two days later.


Roger D. Craig was on duty in Dallas on 22nd November, 1963. After hearing the firing at President John F. Kennedy he ran towards the Grassy Knoll where he interviewed witnesses to the shooting. About 15 minutes later he saw a man running from the back door of the Texas Book Depository down the slope to Elm Street. He then got into a Nash station wagon.

Craig saw the man again in the office of Captain Will Fitz. It was the recently arrested Lee Harvey Oswald. When Craig told his story about the man being picked up by the station wagon, Oswald replied: "That station wagon belongs to Mrs. Paine... Don't try to tie her into this. She had nothing to do with it."

Craig was also with Seymour Weitzman when the rifle was found on the sixth floor of the Texas Book Depository. He insisted that the rifle was a 7.65 Mauser and not a Mannlicher-Carcano.

Craig became unpopular with senior police officers in Dallas when he testified before the Warren Commission. He insisted he had seen Lee Harvey Oswald get into the station wagon 15 minutes after the shooting. This was ignored by Earl Warren and his team because it showed that at least two people were involved in the assassination. Craig, unlike Seymour Weitzman, refused to change his mind about finding a Mauser rather than a Mannlicher-Carcano in the Texas Book Depository. Craig was fired from the police department in 1967 after he was found to have discussed his evidence with a journalist.

In 1967 Roger D. Craig went to New Orleans and was a prosecution witness at the trial of Clay Shaw. Later that year he was shot at while walking to a car park. The bullet only grazed his head. In 1973 a car forced Craig's car off a mountain road. He was badly injured but he survived the accident. In 1974 he surviving [sic] another shooting in Waxahachie, Texas. The following year he was seriously wounded when his car engine exploded. Craig told friends that the Mafia had decided to kill him. Craig was found dead from on 15th May, 1975. It was later decided he had died as a result of self-inflicted gunshot wounds [sure].

When the Select Committee on Intelligence Activities and Select Committee on Assassinations began investigating Kennedy's death in the 1970s the deaths of potential witnesses increased dramatically. This included several criminals with possible links to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Those who were killed or who died in suspicious circumstances during this period included Malcolm Wallace (1971), Lucien Sarti (1972), Charles Willoughby (1972), Thomas Davis (1973), Richard Cain (1973), Dave Yarras (1974), Sam Giancana (1975), Jimmy Hoffa (1975), Roland Masferrer (1975), Johnny Roselli (1976), George De Mohrenschildt (1977), Charlie Nicoletti (1977) and Carlos Prio (1977).

William Sullivan, the main figure in the FBI involved in the Executive Action project, was shot dead near his home in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire, on 9th November, 1977. Sullivan had been scheduled to testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

Sullivan was one of six top FBI officials who died in a six month period in 1977. Others who were due to appear before the committee who died included Louis Nicholas, special assistant to J. Edgar Hoover and his liaison with the Warren Commission; Alan H. Belmont, special assistant to Hoover; James Cadigan, document expert with access to documents that related to death of John F. Kennedy; J. M. English, former head of FBI Forensic Sciences Laboratory where Oswald's rifle and pistol were tested and Donald Kaylor, FBI fingerprint chemist who examined prints found at the assassination scene.

Several important figures in the Central Intelligence Agency died before they could give evidence to the House Select Committee on Assassinations investigations. Sheffield Edwards, the CIA official who attempted to organize the assassination of Fidel Castro, died in July, 1975. William Harvey, head of the ZR/RIFLE project, died as a result of complications from heart surgery in June, 1976. William Pawley, who took part in Operation Tilt, died of gunshot wounds in January, 1977. David Morales, who some believe organized the assassination, died aged 53, on 8th May, 1978. Another important figure in CIA covert operations, Thomas Karamessines died of a heart attack on 4th September, 1978.

John Paisley was deputy director of the Office of Strategic Research. On 24th September, 1978, John Paisley, took a trip on his motorized sailboat on Chesapeake Bay. Two days later his boat was found moored in Solomons, Maryland. Paisley's body was found in Maryland's Patuxent River. The body was fixed to diving weights. He had been shot in the head. Police investigators described it as "an execution-type murder". However, officially Paisley's death was recorded as a suicide.

According to the journalist, Victor Marchetti, Paisley was a close friend of Yuri Nosenko. Marchetti also claimed that Paisley knew a great deal about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and was murdered during the House Select Committee on Assassinations investigation because he was "about to blow the whistle".[299]

That represents only some of the people who were silenced. Look at that list. Look at the number of people who were murdered to ( the next page number below)...continues... Click next page number below. [If you would like to see the full text on one page (helps with searching for text on the page), use the "No-Graphics Print Version".] . . . keep them from exposing the network that pulled off the coup.

10.    Bill Hunter

11.    Jim Koethe

12.    Tom Howard

13.    Mary Pinchot Meyer

14.    Dorothy Kilgallen

15.    Margaret Smith

16.    Roger D. Craig

17.    Malcolm Wallace

18.    Lucien Sarti

19.    Charles Willoughby

20.    Thomas Davis

21.    Richard Cain

22.    Dave Yarras

23.    Sam Giancana

24.    Jimmy Hoffa

25.    Roland Masferrer

26.    Johnny Roselli

27.    George De Mohrenschildt

28.    Charlie Nicoletti

29.    Carlos Prio

30.    William Sullivan (FBI)

31.    Louis Nicholas (FBI)

32.    Alan H. Belmont (FBI)

33.    James Cadigan (FBI)

34.    J. M. English (FBI)

35.    Donald Kaylor (FBI)

36.    Sheffield Edwards (CIA)

37.    William Harvey (CIA)

38.    William Pawley (CIA)

39.    David Morales (CIA)

40.    Thomas Karamessines (CIA)

41.    John Paisley


42.    Lee Harvey Oswald

43.    Jack Rudy

Look at the variation in the methods used to silence them. Look at the timing of the deaths. How can anyone claim the assassination was not a conspiracy carried out at the highest levels?

Shoot down the argument that if there was a conspiracy, people would have come forward

This also shoots down the argument that if there was a conspiracy, people would have come forward. The people closer to the center of the conspiracy who were coming forward were murdered.


It is not disputed that the CIA assassinated people. CIA leaders admitted it. Do they still do it? Another tenet of the CIA is to lie. So, when they say they don't do it anymore, are they lying?

At any rate, they were heavily engaged in assassinations before, during, and after the Kennedy administration's time. Of that, there is no doubt. The United States government was running a clandestine, worldwide assassination program. They tried a number of times to assassinate Castro. They don't dispute it. It's a matter of public record. They assassinated many leaders. That too is a matter of public record. They also murdered many more people who knew too much and presented an exposure risk to the system. That is obvious by looking at the John Kennedy assassination they carried out and covered up with the active assistance or cooperation or acquiescence of all those who followed him in office right up to the present (2006), including the Democratic presidents.

The CIA was, and is, expert in carrying out crimes that remain unsolved. They remain unsolved for a number of reasons. Technological devices and supplies used by the top hit men and women have been developed in secret laboratories that allow murders that seem like death from natural causes. In cases where containment needs to be broad, the system will widen out as much as needed to sweep through the people to silence dissent, to bring the people to heel, and to distort the perceptions of the masses via propaganda and mainstream media, textbooks, talk shows, and on and on (brainwashing).

Now the mantle has been passed to other secret organizations within the so-call national security apparatus within and without the Pentagon.

The system feigns clumsiness

The system will feign clumsiness when it serves them, such as with 9-11; however, remember that nothing leaks unintentionally from the closed meetings of the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group, invited guests of the Bohemian Grove, the Order of Skull and Bones, Deer Island, etc.

G. Robert Blakey , chief counsel and staff director to the House Select Committee on Assassinations from 1977 to 1979, said the following about the CIA:

I am no longer confident that the Central Intelligence Agency cooperated with the Warren Committee. My reasons follow:

The committee focused, among other things, on (1) Oswald, (2) in New Orleans, (3) in the months before he went to Dallas, and, in particular, (4) his attempt to infiltrate an anti-Castro group, the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil or DRE.

These were crucial issues in the Warren Commission's investigation; they were crucial issues in the committee's investigation. The Agency knew it full well in 1964; the Agency knew it full well in 1976-79. Outrageously, the Agency did not tell the Warren Commission or our committee that it had financial and other connections with the DRE, a group that Oswald had direct dealings with...

I now no longer believe anything the Agency told the committee any further than I can obtain substantial corroboration for it from outside the Agency for its veracity. We now know that the Agency withheld from the Warren Commission the CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro. Had the commission known of the plots, it would have followed a different path in its investigation. The Agency unilaterally deprived the commission of a chance to obtain the full truth, which will now never be known.

Significantly, the Warren Commission's conclusion that the agencies of the government cooperated with it is, in retrospect, not the truth.

We also now know that the Agency set up a process that could only have been designed to frustrate the ability of the committee in 1976-79 to obtain any information that might adversely affect the Agency.

Many have told me that the culture of the Agency is one of prevarication and dissimulation and that you cannot trust it or its people. Period. End of story. I am now in that camp.[300]

We of the Real Liberal Christian Church are also.

Skull and Bones: Harmless frat house or seeds of Satan

Seeds of Satan covered under the shroud of harmless frat house

Skull and Bones teaches pathological lying.

[George W. Bush's] former professor at the Harvard Business School, Yoshi Tsurumi, and his spot-on recollection of this president's punk past. According to Professor Tsurumi, Bush "showed pathological lying habits and was in denial when challenged on his prejudices and biases. He would even deny saying something he just said 30 seconds ago. He was famous for that. Students jumped on him; I challenged him." [Mary Jacoby, "The Dunce,", 16 September 2004]

Tsurumi concluded: "Behind his smile and his smirk...he was a very insecure, cunning and vengeful guy." "He was just badly brought up, with no discipline, and no compassion."[301]

Abu Ghraib

The thought terminating talking heads plant the seeds in the minds of the dark-side absorbers that ( the next page number below)...continues... Click next page number below. [If you would like to see the full text on one page (helps with searching for text on the page), use the "No-Graphics Print Version".] . . . the utterly depraved things that were going on at Abu Ghraib were frat house antics. People were murdered there. US troops were fiends there. The CIA and private contractors instructing them were, and are, fiends. Their superiors up the chain of command who shield them from public scrutiny are fiends. The media who also shield them and obfuscate and distort are fiends. Eventually, one arrives at the poor dupe who is so dumbed down into total self-absorption by the whole system that he or she is a tiny demon by comparison. Then one moves into the realm of those who know and oppose. They too though are susceptible to falling into tit-for-tat vengeance that only serves to turn them into what they despise. Don't go there. If you're there, get out.

Look, Skull and Bones is not the movie "Animal House." Neither was Abu Ghraib. It was not just the nightshift. It was not just a few bad apples. Only an idiot or a devil would try to get people to think so. It was not at all isolated. It is the systemic, septic, spirit being exposed by the Holy Spirit for the sake of those who will take it as the sign from God that it is.

Abu Ghraib is part of the whole network connected with sweatshop prisons, diabolical mind-control experiments and practices, satanic blood rituals and sexual and physical abuse performed on kidnapped children, prostitution and sexual slavery, assassinations of American presidents and other leaders, assassinations of democratic and other leaders around the world, child labor, disappearances and dungeon torture and imprisonment also around the world, environmental pollution, foreign resource plundering, military psychological operations, research and development and rollout and use of science-fiction weapons turned reality by the evil treasure of depraved hearts, and on and on and on all the way to the lowest hell.

Skull and Bones is not playing. It is deadly serious. It has turned out two presidents, senators, corporate magnates, and a raft of others all linked together in a system with a self-authorized licensed to murder and anything else it wants for the sake of power.

Look, a lot of the people who think about these things come out of the public school system. They've never attended a private school in their lives. Many who have attended a private school, attended Roman Catholic parochial schools or now charter schools (which are hybrid). In addition, many private schools are days schools.

Some elite private boarding schools

What people need to understand is that elite, private boarding schools are a whole universe unto themselves. Then they head into the elite Ivy League fraternity houses and secret societies that are not only modeled on the same kind of societies of European history but are directly connected with them through the network of the superrich who don't view national borders in the same way as the proletariat traditionally has. The oligarchs of the US have become much more internationalist over the centuries and decades. Isolation was to ward off the imperial ambitions of England and the European powers. That has all changed to US global domination.

Now, not everyone who attends such schools comes out hell bent for espionage in her majesty's satanic secret service (Black Operations; Executive Action), conjuring up demons whom many really compartmentalize in their minds because they also hold to the belief that in the end there are no such entities. That's the stream of consciousness. It's all in their minds, and there is nothing after this life. It's very fractured thinking. No two of them think exactly alike. They don't have a handle on it themselves, but they are driven in directions that are decidedly not the straight and narrow.

Nothing anyone does in existence doesn't have a molding effect upon that one. Partaking of darkness even from the starting points of seemingly harmless experience changes the flesh, the brain, the mind, the soul. It opens doors and lets things move in and out that are beyond the power of the oblivious participant to perceive. This is the message of Jesus Christ.

If it isn't Christian, it's anti-Christian. That too is the message of Jesus Christ.

Some so-called fun corrupting

Fun is either wholesome or corrupting. Constant fun itself in the face of misery is cautionary. Such fun is not wholesome. It is neglectful. Wake up from that stupor too.

It isn't harmless. All the dark allusions are corrupting to those who don't recognize them as temptations and who don't overcome. That is the message of Jesus Christ. That is the message of God, the Holy Spirit. That is the message of salvation.

These people purchase others, literally. They buy history. It is their greatest tool, their greatest weapon.

Create chaos. Then take over under the guise of supplying order.

Of course it comes out of Europe and traces its origin to the mystery religion of Babylon. Of course its occultist not in the sense that its serves to reveal but in the sense that it serves to conceal.

The Skull and Bones is only one of numerous such societies of the superrich.

Consider the following:

German slogan painted "on arched walls

above the vault" of the sacred room 322. The slogan appears above

a painting of skulls surrounded by Masonic symbols, a picture said

to be "a gift of the German chapter." "Wer war der Thor, wer Weiser,

Bettler oder Kaiser? Ob Arm, ob Reich, im Tode gleich," the slogan

reads, or, "Who was the fool, who the wise man, beggar or king?

Whether poor or rich, all's the same in death."[302]

Now consider that George W. Bush feigns being a born-again Christian. Why do we say feigns? Consider his own words spoken well after he infiltrated the born-again, conservative, evangelical movement to discover how he could use them to further his ambitions.

In the main body of this work, we wrote the following:

Lies and Christ don't mix

George W. Bush wanted to go to war. He had always hoped that things would fall into place so he could gain and spend political capital that historically had been given to presidents in times of war. He said so to his biographer before the election of 2000. He also said after he was elected that now he's unaccountable to anyone. Does he or doesn't he believe in God?

He is sort of holding out for history to vindicate him, although he's not very worried about it since he'll be dead, as he's stated. History will not vindicate him though, because he doesn't care. It is the typical conservative reaction to this life. He doesn't care that he is creating an even more violent future in which other people, innocent children, will try to live. He isn't living the golden rule. There's no mercy in it. He'll be dead, but he doesn't take the time to understand what that means. He's being dead of the spirit of truth now. He's doing all of this in the name of Christianity. It's very cynical. He's read the scripture. He's studied it. How can it be?

He started with scripture looking for answers. He found the answers that served him. He could ride to power on the worldly evangelicals. His front was lip service. His heart has remained Machiavellian, whether he's bothered to look or not.


George W. Bushdoesn't know, because he's spiritually dead

It is telling that when Bob Woodward was interviewing him in 2003 for Woodward's book, Plan of Attack ,[303] about Bush-43's Iraq-war plan, Woodward asked Bush how history would judge the Iraq War. Bush replied with a smile, "History, we won't know. We'll all be dead." The reason this is telling is because it is totally unchristian. Christians won't be dead. They will know how history turns out. They will know how they measured up to the truth in this life. Bush's unchristian view was public information during the 2004 presidential election, yet the so-call Christian-right turned out for Bush as one of their own. What does that tell you about those calling themselves conservative-Republican Christians?

"Who was the fool, who the wise man, beggar or king? Whether poor or rich, all's the same in death."

Well, it depends upon the heart of the poor. The rich don't want to believe that. They want to self-authorize a license to iniquity. They do this by believing that the human being is nothing more than a machine. There is no soul in this view. There is no spirit. Nothing lives after this fleshly plain of existence. So why do they engage in all spiritual-appearing acts? These are fractured souls. They are operating in the dark. Ultimately, they don't know what they're doing. They engage in satanic ritual abuse and other such activities, yet they rationalize it away by telling themselves that all is matter in the end.

Their view comes from the lie from the liar from the beginning, the spirit that is bound and determined to prove all of humanity as being beyond redemption. Don't partake. Renounce it before it is too late to escape greater damnation.

You see, Bush still has his allegiance to Satan as god. He has cynically used Christianity as a means to power, just as Constantine did.

The greatest hoax that has ever been perpetuated

...well, one of them

Bobby Kennedy

Johnson didn't believe the Warren Report. Nixon called it "the greatest hoax that has ever been perpetuated." Bobby Kennedy publicly said he supported it, but privately he was planning to reopen the investigation once elected president. Bill Clinton ask his people to look into it.

In a remarkable passage in "One Hell of a Gamble," a widely praised 1997 history of the Cuban missile crisis based on declassified Soviet and U.S. government documents, historians Aleksandr Fursenko and Timothy Naftali wrote that on Nov. 29, one week after the assassination, Bobby Kennedy dispatched a close family friend named William Walton to Moscow with a remarkable message for Georgi Bolshakov, the KGB agent he had come to trust during the nerve-wracking back-channel discussions sparked by the missile crisis. According to the historians, Walton told Bolshakov that Bobby and Jacqueline Kennedy believed "there was a large political conspiracy behind Oswald's rifle" and "that Dallas was the ideal location for such a crime." The Kennedys also sought to reassure the Soviets that despite Oswald's apparent connections to the communist world, they believed President Kennedy had been killed by American enemies. This is a stunning account — with the fallen president's brother and widow communicating their chilling suspicions to the preeminent world rival of the U.S. — and it has not received nearly the public attention it deserves.[304]

Think about that. Bobby Kennedy was a tenacious investigator/prosecutor. Could the Mob and CIA and FBI have afforded Bobby Kennedy having the power of the presidency and a mandate from the people? He was very popular with the grassroots. His campaign was gaining momentum. It scared the right to death.

Billy Byars, Jr. and Hoover

Another Texas oil crony of Hoover's, Billy Byars Sr. — the only man Hoover had called on the afternoon of Nov. 22, 1963, besides Robert Kennedy and the head of the Secret Service — also was there. At one point, according to Anthony Summers, the invaluable prober of the dark side of American power, Byars' teenage son, Billy Jr., got up his nerve to ask Hoover the question, "Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald did it?" According to Byars, Hoover "stopped and looked at me for quite a long time. Then he said, 'If I told you what I really know, it would be very dangerous to this country. Our whole political system could be disrupted.'"[305]

"...whole political system." That's right. The whole system is held up by lies.

Designed ambivalence

Oswald was painted by the CIA to make him an ambivalent character. He was chosen to begin with because of his ties with the New Orleans Mafia. It's also why he was taught Russian and allowed to go to Russia and to return so easily and to then be allowed to move about so freely. Oswald was created so that he would be a deliberately muddled character, so that no one later would have an easy time discerning exactly what were Oswald's personally held convictions, so that no one would be able to say definitively for whom Oswald worked first and foremost.

Of course, once Castro found out that the US was desperately trying to assassinate him, he would take countermeasures including working with spies and double agents, etc. Even if he suspected Lee Harvey Oswald, which of course he would, he would still hear him out through channels. The same would go for the Soviets.

In addition, big business and the CIA go hand-in-glove. The oligarchy funded the CIA. The CIA had other sources of funding, but the wealthy conservative families ploughed money in directly.

Claire Booth Luce for one declared that she was personally financing a speedboat raiding program against Cuba.

Kennedy: Threatened the oil-depletion allowance

Well, the Texas oil industry hated Kennedy, and there was an entire Texan wing of the CIA. George H. W. Bush was a prime example. Kennedy was threatening the oil-depletion allowance (a major tax-break scam for the oil industry centered at the time in Texas) worth hundreds of millions and billions of dollars to Texans heavily invested in oil. He had to be killed so they could have the millions and billions of dollars rather than sharing the wealth. After all, whose oil is it?

If oil belongs to the Iraqi people, then the oil that was under Pennsylvania, Texas, Oklahoma, California, and elsewhere ( the next page number below)...continues... Click next page number below. [If you would like to see the full text on one page (helps with searching for text on the page), use the "No-Graphics Print Version".] . . . belonged to all the American people. Why didn't the government drill with tax dollars and spread the wealth? Think about it. Don't think too long though, because the answer is obvious: Greed!

John Birch Society

As for the John Birch Society, of course they hated Kennedy. They were also funded by big-business oil. Their members didn't cry over Kennedy's death.

(M7) Matthew Smith, JFK: The Second Plot (1992)

Another group which hated the President and which merited investigation was the extreme right-wing John Birch Society. Centred [sic] on Dallas, the group made no secret of its disdain for the Kennedy administration, in fact it advertised it well. To its members, the young President was a Communist-lover, and, in their world, that represented just about the worst thing anybody could be. In their vocabulary, to call anybody a name like that represented using real venom. That was reaching down the barrel to find the biggest of all insults. Some John Birch members were oil barons, and the oil men made up an overlapping group which, when it came to its opinions of the President, had a great deal in common with the Society. The oil industry in Texas had enjoyed huge tax concessions since 1926, when Congress had provided them as an incentive to increase much needed prospecting. The oil depletion benefits were somehow left in place to become a permanent means by which immense fortunes were amassed by those in the industry and, well aware of the anomaly, John Kennedy had declared an intention to review the oil industry revenues. There was nothing in the world which would have inflamed the oil barons more than the President interfering with the oil depletion allowance. In the minds of many, the conspirators could very easily have come from the ranks of either the John Birch Society or the oil men, which is not to say they didn't belong to both groups.

What evidence does Matthew Smith provide to suggest the John Birch Society was behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy?

(M8) Joachim Joesten, How Kennedy Was Killed (1968)

The conspiracy to kill President Kennedy sprang from a gradually developing consensus of (mostly, though not exclusively) Texas political figures. Big Businessmen, right-wing extremists and key elements of the Dallas power elite, with the CIA in it at all levels as the connecting and cementing link.

Three levels of operation can be distinguished. At the top or control level were men consumed by ambition and the thirst for power; at the intermediate or command level, CIA men and high police officers guided the course of events. And at the lowest or operative level, experienced marksmen, recruited from the ranks of the Minutemen and Cuban adventurers, trained and equipped by the CIA, carried out the assassination.

Apart from the obvious overall purpose of ending the Kennedy Administration and opening a new era, prime factors in the conspiracy were the desire to effect a radical change in foreign policy (in particular towards Cuba and in Vietnam) and to preserve specific Texas interests such as the tax privileges enjoyed by the oil industry.

All these aims were attained. Cuba was further isolated through the establishment, with the help of the CIA, of military dictatorships throughout Latin America. The war in Vietnam - which Kennedy had meant to liquidate at the earliest possible moment - was escalated, step by step, into the senseless mass slaughter in progress at the end of 1967. And the oil industry has never had it so good.

Who did Joachim Joesten believe that the John Birch Society join forces with to assassinate John F. Kennedy?

(M9) CIA Report released as a result of the Assassination Records Review Board (1st December, 1966)

A source who has furnished reliable information in the past and who was in Russia on the date of the assassination of the late President John F. Kennedy advised on December 4, 1963, that the news of the assassination of President Kennedy was flashed to the Soviet people almost immediately after its occurrence. It was greeted by great shock and consternation and church bells were tolled in the memory of President Kennedy.

According to our source, officials of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union believed there was some well-organized conspiracy on the part of the "ultraright" in the United States to effect a "coup." They seemed convinced that the assassination was not the deed of one man, but that it rose out of a carefully planned campaign in which several people played a part. They felt those elements interested in utilizing the assassination and playing on anticommunist sentiments in the United States would then utilize this act to stop negotiations with the Soviet Union, attack Cuba and thereafter spread the war. As a result of these feelings, the Soviet Union immediately went into a state of national alert.

Our source further stated that Soviet officials were fearful that without leadership, some irresponsible general in the United States might launch a missile at the Soviet Union. It was the further opinion of the Soviet officials that only maniacs would think that the "left" forces in the United States, as represented by the Communist Party, USA, would assassinate President Kennedy, especially in view of the abuse the Communist Party, USA, has taken from the "ultraleft" as a result of its support of peaceful coexistence and disarmament policies of the Kennedy administration.[306]

FBI and Secret Service duplicity

James H. Fetzer wrote the following:

I have discovered at least fifteen indications of Secret Service complicity in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, from the absence of protective military presence to a lack of coverage of open windows, to motorcycles out of position, to Secret Service agents failing to ride on the Presidential limousine, to the vehicles arranged in an improper sequence, to the utilization of an improper motorcade route [altered by order of John Connally four days before], to the driver bringing the vehicle to a halt after bullets began to be fired, to the almost total lack of response by Secret Service agents, to the driver washing out the back seat with a bucket and sponge at Parkland Hospital, to the car being dismantled and rebuilt (on LBJ's orders), to the driver giving false testimony to the Warren Commission, to the windshields being switched, to the autopsy photographs being taken into custody before they were developed.[307]

  1. absence of protective military presence
  2. lack of coverage of open windows
  3. motorcycles out of position
  4. Secret Service agents failing to ride on the Presidential limousine
  5. vehicles arranged in an improper sequence
  6. an improper motorcade route
  7. the driver bringing the vehicle to a halt after bullets began to be fired
  8. almost total lack of response by Secret Service agents
  9. the driver washing out the back seat with a bucket and sponge at Parkland Hospital
  10. the car being dismantled and rebuilt (on LBJ's orders)
  11. the driver giving false testimony to the Warren Commission
  12. the windshields being switched
  13. the autopsy photographs being taken into custody before they were developed.

Concerning some of those issues, they could have been image decisions. Were the films changed so that they don't show the car coming to a complete stop? That's the allegation being made here by James H. Fetzer. The government has deliberately blocked the original film from being processed in a way that would allow highly pristine thirty-five millimeter copies to be utilized by the public to test their various theories. There are allegations as to that in the public domain. Investigations have not been allowed to get to the bottom of these allegations. Nevertheless, there is enough remaining evidence to merit investigation of conspiracy just from these few items.

The driver washing out the car was criminal. It was tampering with evidence. Any trained agent would have known that. The car had other bullet holes in it. It should not have been rebuilt ever. It should have been left as-is and been sitting in a museum. That was tampering with evidence also. The windshield repairmen have testified to the fact that the windshield had a bullet hole from the front.

Joseph Adams Milteer: KKK

There is also the following concerning the FBI:

(P13) Peter Dale Scott, Deep Politics and the Death of JFK (1993)

Such an explanation is less plausible for the FBI's interference with leads that appeared to be guiding its agents to the actual assassins of the President - a case, seemingly, of obstruction of justice, or worse. How else should one assess the response of FBI headquarters to a report from Miami that Joseph Adams Milteer, a white racist with Klan connections, had in early November 1963 correctly warned that a plot to kill the President "from an office building with a high-powered rifle" was already "in the working"? These words are taken from a tape-recording of a discussion between Milteer and his friend, Miami police informant Bill Somersett. Miami police provided copies of this tape to both the Secret Service and the FBI on November 10, 1963, two weeks before the assassination, and this led to the cancellation of a planned motorcade for the President in Miami on November 18.20

Although an extremist, Milteer was no loner. Southern racists were well organized in 1963, in response to federal orders for desegregation; and Milteer was an organizer for two racist parties, the National States Rights party and the Constitution party. In addition he had attended an April 1963 meeting in New Orleans of the Congress of Freedom, Inc., which had been monitored by an informant for the Miami police. A Miami detective's report of the Congress included the statement that "there was indicated the overthrow of the present government of the United States," including "the setting up of a criminal activity to assassinate particular persons." The report added that "membership within the Congress of Freedom, Inc., contain high ranking members of the armed forces that secretly belong to the organization."

In other words, the deep politics of racist intrigue had become intermingled, in the Congress as elsewhere, with the resentment within the armed forces against their civilian commander. Perhaps the most important example in 1963 was that of General Edwin Walker, whom Oswald was accused of stalking and shooting at. Forced to retire in 1962 for disseminating right-wing propaganda in the armed forces, Walker was subsequently arrested at the "Ole Miss" anti-desegregation riots. Nor was the FBI itself exempt from racist intrigue: Milteer, on tape, reported detailed plans for the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr., whom Hoover's FBI, by the end of 1963, had also targeted for (in their words) "neutralizing... as an effective Negro leader."

Four days after the assassination Somerset! reported that Milteer had been "jubilant" about it: "Everything ran true to form. I guess you thought I was kidding you when I said he would be killed from a window with a high-powered rifle." Milteer also was adamant that he had not been "guessing" in his original prediction. In both of the relevant FBI reports from Miami, Somersett was described as "a source who had furnished reliable information in the past."

Why was Peter Dale Scott critical of FBI's behaviour in the weeks leading up to the assassination of John F. Kennedy?[308]

The civil rights movement was a red hot issue at the time. Racists were apoplectic over the Kennedys.

Abraham Bolden: Tried to blow the whistle

There is this concerning the Secret Service:

(P14) Matthew Smith, JFK: The Second Plot (1992)

One of the outstanding examples of a witness being frustrated in his attempt to speak out when he had something important to say is to be found in the story of Abraham Bolden. Abraham Bolden was a member of the White House detail of the Secret Service, and was the first negro to be appointed to that body. Bolden had heard of a Chicago plot to kill the President and was anxious to tell what he knew. He was also critical of the personnel appointed to guard the President, claiming they were lax in their duties. It was believed that an attempt on Kennedy's life had been foiled on 1st November in Chicago, but three weeks before he was killed in Dallas, and it would have been extremely embarrassing to the Warren Commission, heavily involved in establishing their "lone killer - no conspiracy" theory, to have had Bolden telling of a Chicago plot. Bolden's superior officers blocked his request. A few months later Abraham Bolden was charged with soliciting a huge bribe for disclosing secret information on a counterfeiter, Joseph Spagnoli, and he was jailed for six years. Spagnoli later confessed he had lied about Bolden, at the request of Prosecutor Richard Sikes, he claimed. In spite of this Bolden was made to serve his full sentence.[309]

You can see from all of this that the Kennedys had many enemies in many camps who would cooperate with each other to do away with their common enemy.

None of this is to excuse Kennedy. He had his Mob connections and sexual improprieties. His administration was worldly. It was not Christian. He was caesar in his own right for a time.

Executive Action

This was the assassination program of the CIA started by the oligarchy pouring out of the universities, particularly the Ivy League, especially Yale, and with a focus in the Order of Skull and Bones.

These people did despicable things to poor people in the name of containing Communism but really just to lord it over others for the sake of US markets and imperial ambitions.

Arbenz, Lumumba, Trujillo, Kassem, Diem, Allende...

They overthrew duly elected government in Iran. They mercilessly bombed poor Guatemala when Jacobo Arbenz tried to institute sorely needed reforms to take back their nation from the vultures of rabid capitalism of the US. They murdered Patrice Lumumba (Congo), Rafael Trujillo (Dominican Republic), General Abd al-Karim Kassem (Iraq), Ngo Dinh Diem (South Vietnam) and others. They orchestrated the violent overthrow and murder of Salvador Allende of Chile.

They recruited the Mafia to work for them. Think about that. Here it is again. They recruited the Mafia to work for them.

Bobby Kennedy, continued

Here was Bobby Kennedy doing everything he could in the Senate to get the Mob out of the Unions, mostly to release the Mob's grip on the poor working-class and at the same time, the conservative Republicans, the supposed law and order set, in cooperation with J. Edgar Hoover, is shelling out tax-payer money to the Mafia, tax-payer money I might add that was coming primarily from the middle and lower classes, since the ultra-rich had their tax lawyers constantly ( the next page number below)...continues... Click next page number below. [If you would like to see the full text on one page (helps with searching for text on the page), use the "No-Graphics Print Version".] . . . scheming for ways to squeeze their even richer clients through the loopholes that Republican people in Congress had deliberately left there for that express purpose.

This really made Bobby Kennedy mad. He was trying to get the Mob while the Mob was being protected by the CIA, while the FBI was looking the other way, while the Mob worked with the CIA against Castro so the Mob could reintroduce prostitution, gambling, drugs, money laundering, and dictatorship, etc., to Cuba or at least continue to avoid prosecution in the US due to the US justice department and Hoover (the FBI) winking at the CIA and reactionary oligarchs.

Operation Mongoose

This was the plan specifically to overthrow Castro. Before we go further, don't forget that the Pentagon had offered the false flag plan of Operation Northwoods in which the US military, posing as Communist Cubans, would attack the US. If a number of Americans were to die in such an attack, so much the better for getting the public angry enough at Cuba to attack in revenge. This, of course, was not only a completely despicable idea on all fronts, it was plain stupid. Cuba attacking the US head on, would anyone have believed it.

On 12th March, 1961, William Harvey arranged for CIA operative, Jim O'Connell, to meet Sam Giancana, Santo Trafficante, Johnny Roselli and Robert Maheu at the Fontainebleau Hotel. During the meeting O'Connell gave poison pills and $10,000 to Rosselli to be used against Fidel Castro. As Richard D. Mahoney points out in his book:Sons and Brothers: "Late one evening, probably March 13, Rosselli passed the poison pills and the money to a small, reddish-haired Afro-Cuban by the name of Rafael "Macho" Gener in the Boom Boom Room, a location Giancana thought "stupid." Rosselli's purpose, however, was not just to assassinate Castro but to set up the Mafia's partner in crime, the United States government. Accordingly, he was laying a long, bright trail of evidence that unmistakably implicated the CIA in the Castro plot. This evidence, whose purpose was blackmail, would prove critical in the CIA's cover-up of the Kennedy assassination."[310]

All the failed attempts on Castro led to the Russians coming to the aid of the Cubans. That's when the Missile Crisis developed. The conservatives wanted then to go to war over it. The Kennedys narrowly averted total thermonuclear exchange and the end of the world as we know it.

Nevertheless, the Kennedy brothers were taken in their own iniquity at the hands of fellow offenders.

John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Concerning the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Jr., Hankey points out a number of things.

John Jr. was very interested in the conspirators who murdered his father and uncle. He published articles about it in his magazine, George.

George W. Bush went missing for three days during the time of John's death.

It took over fifteen hours before the search began for John and his plane when by law the maximum time should have been immediately after his plane went below one hundred feet and immediately upon the planes failure to land within five minutes of having contacted the tower.

John contacted the tower at 9:39 PM. The Coast Guard confirmed it with the news. Petty officer Todd Burgun told the news that the FAA had inform him of the routine contact about John's making his final descent prior to landing within a few more minutes. Burgun used the exact minute of that contact: 9:39 PM, which he could not have learned from any source but the control tower. What happened to the control tower tape recordings?

However, the Pentagon then sudden took over all statements issued by the government and changed the story, claiming that no radio contact was made at all.

When the FAA was asked, according to Hankey, there was silence. Also, when friends of John's sister-in-law who were waiting for the plane to land had it report to the FAA that the plane was late, the FAA did nothing.

There were several phone calls, including one from US senator Edward Kennedy about the plane being late. The FAA did nothing. Then, the FAA claimed that it hadn't received the phone calls from the family. (How can that be?)

Finally, once the Kennedy's bypassed the FAA, going directly to the Coast Guard, the Air Force got involved and search in the wrong area deliberately according to Hankey.

When president Clinton finally ordered a full search after senator Kennedy phoned waking up the White House, the Air Force still deliberately failed to concentrate its search in the area proven by radar tapes to be the crash area. Their search efforts were spread way out allowing crash debris to slip through and buying time.

Lieutenant colonel Steve Roark was selected by the Pentagon to be its spokesperson. He was chosen for his willingness to lie through his teeth, making himself appear to be an idiot but just sticking to his fabricated version of events even in the face of indisputable evidence to the contrary such as the radar tapes. He said the tapes were not definitive. He was lying.

Then, the spin went into high gear. They said John didn't file a flight plan. He had never failed to do that before. They also said he failed to make contact with air-traffic control, but we know he did. The 9:39 PM fit perfectly with the radar-tape data and other information about the flight.

Therefore, they were deliberately engaging in character assassination. However, John had only the highest rating from instructors and others. He was noted as being particularly meticulous in his approach to flying. He had seventeen years of flying experience without safety issues.

In addition, according to Hankey, ABC News was showing the flight beacon transmitter was sending out its signal that was ignored for fifteen-plus hours by the government.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), also noted for its thoroughness, didn't have a record of John's phone call right before the flight.

The in-flight voice recorder didn't work for lack of a back-up battery.

Also, John's flight log that he always kept in the same place, his blue duffle bag, was missing from his intact bag. The flight log would show who was on the flight, such as a fourth person, like a flight instructor.

John never flew without a flight instructor.

John, his wife, and sister-in-law waited for forty-minutes before takeoff. Hankey believes that was because they were waiting for the flight instructor. He told a friend that day that he would be flying with an instructor. He was trying to log hours with an instructor so he could complete his license requirements to fly on just instruments.

The final NTSB report claimed that John had told a flight instructor that he, John, wanted to fly solo. However, that person had been interviewed before and the statement that John wanted to fly solo was not in the record of those interviews. It was planted in the report after the instructor had been told what happened, meaning after the conspirators told him what he would give as the story or else (meaning he was rewarded but also threatened if he would refuse the reward). That instructor's lawyer, however, expressed that the instructor said John never said it.

The fuel selector: The smoking gun

Hankey says that buried in the NTSB report is the statement that the fuel selector (Hankey calls it the fuel cell selector) was found in the off position.

The fuel selector valve was recovered, and the bottom of the valve was missing. All three fuel line connections were broken off. The valve had separated from the fuselage attach points. The selector valve linkage was deformed, and the valve was found in the OFF position.[311]

The report goes into an exhaustive and technical discussion about spatial disorientation; however, it does not address the improbability of finding the selector in the off position. Why? What is the psychology (the spirit) involved here? In what direction is the report designed to lead, to and away from what?

In order for that to happen, a safety button, a spring-loaded button, would have to have been held down as the selector lever is moved into the off position (an emergency setting in case of an engine fire to cut off fuel to the fire).

EgyptAir Flight 990

Hankey independently made phone calls around investigating why a fuel selector would be switched to off and what would be the consequences. He ran into an instructor who knew the details of the downing of EgyptAir Flight 990 that went down near the area and not long afterwards in which someone took over and put the plane into a nose-dive as others were trying to pull the plane out of its dive, he turned the fuel selector to off making it harder to pull the plane up.

The FDR data indicated that the engine start lever switches for both engines moved from the run to the cutoff position between 0150:21 and 0150:23.19


19.The engine start lever switches control the flow of fuel to the engines and are located on the center console between the pilot positions. When these levers are moved to the cutoff position, fuel flow to the engines is stopped, and the engines stop operating within about 5 or 6 seconds. They are spring-loaded, lever-lock design switches that must be pulled up to release from one detent before they can be moved to the other position, where they will engage in another detent.[312]

Hankey sees a "smoking-gun" connection between the two downing: Kennedy's and EgyptAir's. Hankey thinks mind-controlled people brought down both planes.

Some of the creators of Manchurian Candidates: G. H. Estabrooks, Ewen Cameron, Saul Krugman, Sidney Gottlieb, P.L. Harriman, Harold Wolff, Martin Orne, Louis Jolyon West, William Sweet, Jose Delgado, Vernon Mark, Frank Ervin, and Dr. Heath

In the main body of this work, we wrote the following:

There is no doubt that the US government created and creates Manchurian Candidate style assassins.[313] [[314] ]

Many truth seekers see that Sirhan Sirhan, accused of being the lone gunman in the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, fits the description of a hypnotized, drugged, tortured, brainwashed (depatterned), CIA assassin. Remember what psychiatrist (MD) Ewen Cameron did to the likes of poor Rita Zimmerman and untold others for the CIA.

Cameron electrocuted Zimmerman over and over and over. He drugged her with very high doses of the most powerful hallucinogens [LSD] over and over and over as he shocked her with repeated jolts of electricity while she was bound and drugged. He tortured her. He played looped messages to her for weeks on end. He turned her into a vegetable, as they say, an artificially induced amnesiac. He did this while he planted hypnotic suggestions into her subconscious.

He did this to many people.

As for Lee Harvey Oswald, he was a US agent/assassin. He had undergone extensive training and treatment [at the hands of people like G. H. Estabrooks who said, "the key to creating an effective spy or assassin rests in splitting a man's personality, or creating multipersonality, with the aid of hypnotism. This is not science fiction. This has and is being done. I have done it."]. He [Oswald] followed orders. He was carefully selected for his suitability to the task and considered expendable at that level.

Everyone is expendable to this crowd at some level. Jesus though lost no one who was given to him by God. No one else was expendable to Jesus. He, himself, was the sacrifice for the sake of the many. If only we could all say the same about ourselves, what a wonderful world this would be. Look at the difference in heart between Jesus and the CIA. Jesus is from above. The CIA is from the bowels. With Jesus, the means and ends are the same. With the CIA, the ends justify the means and the ends too are darkness.

Understand that LSD is mind altering in the extreme at high does and when used over prolonged periods.

Some of the more outstanding effects are the mental confusion, helplessness, and extreme anxiety which are produced by minute doses of this substance. Based upon these reactions, its potential use in offensive psychological warfare and in interrogation is considerable, and it may become one of the most important of the psychochemical agents.[315]

Look, the things Cameron came up with have not been forgotten by the CIA and the Skull and Bones set, etc.

Linda MacDonald was a victim of Dr. Ewen Cameron's unethical, destructive mind control experiments between May 1 and September 12, 1963. Dr. Cameron used a "treatment" which involved intensive application of three brainwashing techniques; drug disinhibition, prolonged sleep treatment, and prolonged psychological isolation. These were combined with ECT [Electro Convulsive Therapy] treatments. The amount of electricity introduced into Linda's brain exceeded by 76.5 times the maximum amount recommended in the ECT Guidelines of the American Psychiatric Association. Dr. Cameron proved that doctors skilled in the right procedures can erase a subject's memory. His depattering technique resulted in permanent and complete amnesia. To this day, Linda MacDonald is unable to remember anything from her birth to 1963. As recorded by nurses in her chart, Linda was reduced to a vegetable state by depatterning. She was completely disoriented. She didn't know her name, age or where she was. She didn't recognize her children. She couldn't read, drive, cook, or use a toilet. Not only did she not know her husband, she didn't even know what a husband was.[316]

Understand here that these are not ( the next page number below)...continues... Click next page number below. [If you would like to see the full text on one page (helps with searching for text on the page), use the "No-Graphics Print Version".] . . . isolated incidences. This kind of stuff was going on all over the place and is still going on deep in the bowels of the worldly world. It's what all the Black Sites are about.

All of the following comes from Colin A. Ross' book, "BLUEBIRD: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists," excerpts by [we have removed WantToKnow's footnote and page references to avoid confusion]:

Dr. Saul Krugman of New York University and his staff deliberately injected severely mentally retarded children at Willowbrook State School with hepatitis virus in the 1950's and 1960's, funded by the Army Medical Research and Development Command. To date there has been no compensation for victims of unethical biological experiments.

Frank Olson was a Fort Detrick biological warfare expert who committed suicide in 1953 after being given LSD hidden in liqueur by Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, Director of MKULTRA. Olson's family determined that he had committed suicide subsequent to a bad LSD trip only after reading Nelson Rockefeller's 1975 report on the CIA, published 22 years after Olsen's death. They were given $750,000 in compensation by Congress.

In his bookSpiritism, Dr. Estabrooks describes experiments done to create multiple personality by military psychiatrist Dr. P.L. Harriman.

Dr. Harold Wolff, a Professor of Medicine at Cornell, was a director of the CIA cutout [front organization], The Human Ecology Foundation, and the investigator of MKULTRA Subproject 61. Dr. Wolff's accomplishments include being President of the American Neurological Association and editor of Archives of Neurology.

Dr. Martin Orne is one of the leading experts on hypnosis of the 20th century. For about 30 years, he was the editor of The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis. He is one of two psychiatrists professionally active into the late 1990's who is a documented CIA mind control contractor, along with Dr. Louis Jolyon West. Dr. West, who killed an elephant with LSD at Oklahoma City Zoo, had TOP SECRET clearance with the CIA and the military.

Dr. William Sweet participated in both brain electrode implant experiments and the injection of uranium into medical patients at Harvard University. The 925-page Final Report. Advisory Committee on Human radiation Experiments tells the story of the radiation experiments, and their linkage to mind control.

Dr. Jose Delgado, a neurosurgeon and professor at Yale, received funding for brain electrode research on children and adults. He was able to control the movements of his animal and human subjects by pushing buttons on a remote transmitter box. In one paper, Dr. Delgado describes the cats as "mechanical toys." An 11-year old boy underwent a partial change of identity upon remote stimulation of his brain electrode: "Electrical stimulation of the superior temporal convolution induced feminine striving and confusion about his own sexual identity. For example, the patient, an 11-year old boy, said, 'I was thinking whether I was a boy or a girl, which one I'd like to be,' and 'I'd like to be a girl.' After one of the stimulations the patient suddenly began to discuss his desire to get married to the male interviewer. Temporal-lobe stimulation produced in another patient open manifestations and declarations of pleasure, accompanied by giggles and joking with the therapist. In two adult female patients stimulation of the same region was followed by discussion of marriage and expression of a wish to marry the therapist.

Brain electrode research was also conducted independently at Harvard by Dr. Delgado's coauthors, Drs. Vernon Mark, Frank Ervin, and William Sweet. Mark and Ervin describe implanting brain electrodes in a large number of patients at Harvard hospitals. A patient named Jennie was 14 years old when they put electrodes in her brain. In Mark and Ervin's Violence and the Brain, photographs show 18-year old Julia smiling, angry, or pounding the wall depending on which button is being pushed on the transmitter box sending signals to her brain electrodes.

Dr. Heath, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurology at Tulane University, placed brain electrodes in a young homosexual man and fitted him with a box. A button on the box could be used to electrically stimulate an electrode implanted in the septal region of his brain, a pleasure center. During one three-our period, the patient, referred to as B-19, stimulated himself 1,500 times. "During these sessions, B-19 stimulated himself to a point that he was experiencing an almost overwhelming euphoria and elation, and had to be disconnected, despite his vigorous protests.

G. H. Estabrooks, Ewen Cameron, Saul Krugman, Sidney Gottlieb, P.L. Harriman, Harold Wolff, Martin Orne, Louis Jolyon West, William Sweet, Jose Delgado, Vernon Mark, Frank Ervin, and Dr. Heath were but a few of the insane scientists involved in Nazi-level experiments and the development of programmed assassins. Do you doubt that such activities continue in 2007 but under much more secret circumstances?

Psychiatric community knew

Doctor Colin A. Ross, the author, stresses that these people were high up in the associations that control psychiatry. He stresses that these experiments were discussed in the so-called scientific or medical journals. In other words, the psychiatric community knew what was going on. He further stresses that ethics and accountability have gone severely lacking. Well, of course. Ross means well, but as well educated as he is, he doesn't understand that psychiatry comes out of the dark side. It hasn't faith in God. It drags us all down with that spirit unfaithful spirit.

Most people at the time didn't have the faintest idea any experiments were going on in such areas. Those who did know that scientists were conducting experiments, assumed that those experiments were being conducted on animals only.[317]

As for those who rail against conspiratorial thinkers who say that there is a vast conspiracy to create a sinister new world order (not the one that will follow it), what do they thing the satanic spirit is? Of course there is a conspiracy to control the world under duress and coercion, violence and torture, economic enslavement, and mind control techniques. Of course many of the controllers more than delve into satanism and secret societies with evil ulterior motives.[318] It's painfully obvious. Anyone who doesn't see it isn't looking enough. It's right here in front of everyone's face.

Of course the wealthy who will go into heaven, after the natural camels go through the eyes of natural sowing needles. Of course those wealthy have purchased their world. Of course they have set up their institutions to front for them and to promote their views in whatever way will dupe the masses. Of course! Who can doubt it?

They look benevolent from the outside, but they are misdirecting from the straight and narrow. They are a mixed and confused bag that is antichrist in nature. They are anti-giving and sharing all in common with the leaders being servants rather than overlords.

Of course they own military psychological operations, mass-media propaganda, public-relations firms, advertising, psycho analysis, and on and on. Of course they own the history publishers. Of course they own the mainstream media.

We wrote about Edward Benays above and how psychoanalysis and psychiatry have been used in public relations to control the masses, to manipulate public perceptions.

We have written about the findings of Norman Dodd, who was told firsthand that the giant foundations of Rockefeller and Carnegie sought and have controlled the history-education of the people and have led them into war to change things to solidify the grip of the oligarchy. We know they could not have done that without buying the souls of historians.

We mentioned Walter Lippmann 's disgust for the common people who needed to be told by mass mainstream media what to think.

Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

These people, the soul who soul themselves, were put into place in the Wellington House which became The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations[319] in England. That group was the wellspring for many other endeavors and is tied in with all the other networked think tanks and with the secret societies and covert ops and all the rest. It's a muddle, but there is method in their madness. Dictatorship out of deliberately caused chaos is their vision.

It isn't Jesus's vision, who came to separate, to divide the house of evil from the house of God. Whose side are you on? We're with Jesus.

They own the controlling stock in the major corporations. They pick and choose the CEO's of corporations and the nation-states. Remember that over half of the top one hundred economies in the world are corporations, not nation-states.

Oh, they have their restraints. Satan himself can't yet stand openly before the world and declare that he owns everyone and that they will each and all do as only he says no matter what or be punished, imprisoned, or executed and that no other person has any say in the matter what so ever—meaning there is no democracy in the slightest, that he alone is the sovereign of the universe. That would be premature of him and he knows it. The people would rise up and rip him to shreds, not doing away with his evil spirit, but setting him back more than he's prepared to gamble at this point. Nevertheless, he's working toward the day he can stand before the world and openly declare himself. He's working to sow up all the loose ends under the mundane new world order. He is doing his best to convince himself that he won't thereafter be replaceable. He's wrong of course, and deep down inside he knows it but cannot help himself. He's that bound to the essence of evil.

Where are the facts?

Now, some ask, where are the facts? They want facts. What do they need? We have one percent of the population controlling forty percent of the wealth of the world while fifty percent have to split one percent.[320] We have the greedy openly and repeatedly using the expression "New World Order." We have the wars in which the ultra-rich fund all sides and always profit regardless of who is declared the winner. We see them living in gaudy opulence and luxury, not lifting a finger, while tens of thousands starve to death each day. What facts are missing for anyone to know that Satan rules this worldly world as Jesus warned, confirmed, and proved with his life that Satan's followers took without right? These people are bought and paid for. They are witting and unwitting shills, to use the Libertarian-Populist term.

We totally agree with Hankey that the mind-control experiments and operations never stopped, despite assertions to the contrary by the conspirators. We know that they have continued to perfect their diabolical methods and practices. This is the information that Bush-43 and his cronies in the Justice Department and elsewhere seek to keep covered up.

You will notice that even the researchers into the field often exclusively use the past tense in discussing mind-control. In discussing history, one uses the past tense. However, mind-control is on-going. There is a time and place for using the present tense and future tense in discussing mind-control, thought-control, intimidation, fear, reward, selfishness, etc.

Also, the idea of blaming it all on German Nazis is a spin tactic to shift the blame away from those within the US from the beginning who had a penchant for sadism. Remember that the history of the US is replete with cruelty and genocide. The history of the world is full of it; however, the US has excelled in violence. Who can doubt it. Which country is the best at violence? Don't say "but." Don't say, "But the US only uses violence for good." The US has a long history of using violence to satisfy greed.

When you listen to people making all sorts of excuses, ask yourselves whose a dupe and whose a shill? Ask yourself whose a knowing dupe. Who chooses denial?

One last thing Hankey emphasized concerning John, Jr.'s, assassination was that the Coast Guard said that helicopters were not over the site at the time that witnesses said there were helicopters circling and hovering over the site. The timing of the helicopters being over the site was when the rest of the search efforts were still on-going as if the crash site had not been contacted. Hankey believes these were helicopters under the direction of the conspirators whose crew likely included divers who recovered the body of the assassin, the log book, and possibly remove the back-up battery for the voice recorder. The report says, "When the unit was located in the wreckage, it was crushed, its backup battery was missing, and it had retained no data."[321]

What was the condition of the battery door and compartment? Was the unit attached or detached from the plane? Of course, with millions of dollars in high-tech equipment at its disposal and the ability to pre-plan assassinations for years in advance, a major conspiracy could make an accident site appear in nearly anyway the conspirators would want. Wreckage inspection could be bought off too. Key persons can be moved around on short notice. Underlings are not allowed to demand and coerce explanations.

Is checking the status of such a back-up part of the routine flight checklist?

Now, in addition, Hankey believes George W. Bush was directly involved in the murder/assassination of John, Jr., so the others, the Skull and Bones set, etc., would have something on him and could, therefore, "trust" him.[322]

We can't say he's right about everything. Hankey doesn't claim he has everything straight. He has though uncovered enough to point to a real conspiracy. The fact that no one in government undertook a thorough investigation and the news media dropped following up all the loose ends says the higher-ups wouldn't allow it.

Robert F. Kennedy

We know that Bobby Kennedy was assassinated by a hit squad of Anti-Castro/CIA/Mob elements with the nod of the powers that be. The lone-shooter version is a total fabrication. We wrote about that in the main body of this work.

Bearing false witness

With all of this information to sort, where ( the next page number below)...continues... Click next page number below. [If you would like to see the full text on one page (helps with searching for text on the page), use the "No-Graphics Print Version".] . . . does one cross the line and fall into bearing false witness or in spreading malicious, unsubstantiated, gossip, or in violating the greatest two commandments, golden rule, and the new commandment?

The line is draw in judging and condemning, in rejecting repentance, in failing to forgive, in undertaking coercion and punishment, in not opening things up for the sake of gaining your siblings but rather for the sake of sifting souls as wheat.

We point out all the history so the people may see that what they are doing and what they are supporting is soul killing. The worldly world is the wrong path, and the people need to get off that path and onto the narrow way.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

Assassination of Yasser Arafat

Ever since Yasser Arafat died, people have said that he was poisoned by the Israelis under Ariel Sharon's order. The Israelis either deny and ignore the charge. Now it has come in a book by the closest advisor to Sharon that the allegations are based upon fact.

Uri Dan's book, Ariel Sharon: An Intimate Portrait , it is reported, to say Sharon assassinated Arafat by poisoning him.

Longtime and now recently deceased confidant to former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Uri Dan, published a book in France that may have been his 2006 one titled Ariel Sharon: An Intimate Portrait in which he accused the former prime minister of assassinating Palestinian Authority (PA) President Yasser Arafat by poisoning him. Dan claimed Sharon got approval from George Bush by phone early in 2004 to proceed with his plan after he told the US president he was no longer committed to "not" liquidating the Palestinian leader who then was under siege and practically incarcerated in what remained of his Ramallah compound, most of which had already been destroyed by the Israelis in a lawless act of retribution against him.

Based on his record during his tenure as Texas governor, when he authorized more death row inmate executions than any US governor in history (and was called by some the Texecutioner), this revelation should come as no surprise. It's even clearer based on Ariel Sharon's boast once about his relationship with George Bush saying: "We have the US president under our control."[323]

Tom Usher

About Tom Usher

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  1. Avatar Felipe Hemming says:


    I am amazed on you truly lack of knowledge on this topic, what did you do cut and paste this material? Check out the last name!! thats right double agent my ass and Marita Lorenz is rotting in hell. check your facts Buddy. Its called slander for a reason and to defame someone character is not a very Christian thing to do. GP hemming was never in Oswald's chain of command and never had they ever breathed the same air. My father is very easily gotten a hold of and corresponds with many different people who have interests on this topic who have truly done they research without making up some fantasy.


    Felipe V.S. Hemming

  2. Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

    Felipe V.S. Hemming commented above in reference to material on Page 3 of the Chapter and wrote as follows:


    I am amazed on you truly lack of knowledge on this topic, what did you do cut and paste this material? Check out the last name!! thats right double agent my ass and Marita Lorenz is rotting in hell. check your facts Buddy. Its called slander for a reason and to defame someone character is not a very Christian thing to do. GP hemming was never in Oswald's chain of command and never had they ever breathed the same air. My father is very easily gotten a hold of and corresponds with many different people who have interests on this topic who have truly done they research without making up some fantasy.


    Felipe V.S. Hemming

    Yes, Mr. Hemming, the section that mentions Gerry Patrick Hemming was copied and pasted. It is block quoted, and the citation is noted as an endnote-number in this case. It's numbered "[276]" and links here:

    Perhaps you were too upset to notice.

    It points here:

    [276] "Frank Sturgis." .. (last accessed: Wednesday, December 06, 2006).

    According to Spartacus, it came from "Victor Marchetti, The Spotlight (14th August, 1978)."

    The Spartacus site has information on Victor Marchetti here: ..

    Have you approached John Simkin (BA, MA, MPhil) of Spartacus concerning this issue? You can contact him here: . Apparently, your father has dealt with John Simkin, as a member of Mr. Simkin's "Education Forum":

    This is why we've endeavored to cite sources.

    At this point, it is your word versus Victor Marchetti's, per John Simkin.

    Of course, we'll leave your comment up. That way, all readers may readily see that you've disputed the source.

    We trust this meets with your satisfaction.

    We do not judge or condemn anyone. All have sinned. Each may turn away from falsehood. It is up to each soul to turn to Godliness. We want the truth out so that souls may 1) see they have been misled down the evil path of greed, violence, and other forms of depravity and 2) change direction toward truth and righteousness. If we ourselves had had the truth earlier on, many of our errors would have been avoided. Many other souls would have been better off then and would be better off now. It is not too late to turn to God.

    We are interested in the big picture even while we must take care of the small things to avoid ultimate hypocrisy.

    It is an emotional process. One must have the right emotional starting place. One's feelings must be centered around, focused upon, wanting what is righteous as one's starting place and ending place and path.

    Were the Gospel writers evil for defaming the High Priest? That is not what they did. They wrote the history for the sake of righteousness. The High Priest's own actions speak for themselves. Was Jesus evil for calling the hardhearted "vipers"? No. He did it so they and others might see their way to changing from such hardheartedness.

    We say these things to make the broader point. Remember, it isn't we who have leveled allegations against Gerry Patrick Hemming. Gerry Patrick Hemming has, however, openly admitted having been engaged in behavior inconsistent with the principle's of Jesus. We look only for repentance as the path to salvation. If Gerry Patrick Hemming has repented, then hallelujah!

    And the Pharisees and scribes murmured, saying, This man receiveth sinners, and eateth with them. And he spake this parable unto them, saying, What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it? And when he hath found it, he layeth it on his shoulders, rejoicing. And when he cometh home, he calleth together his friends and neighbours, saying unto them, Rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost. I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance. Luke 15:2-7

    Only the stiff-necked, selfish-hearted will hate those words from Jesus Christ. The redeemable, those capable of softening their hearts toward the poor and oppressed and fallen, will love the words, for they need them themselves and want them for others, for they have the capacity for real compassion.

    Thank you, and may God bless both your father and you.


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