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Sunday, December 10, 2006

The US food supply is already flooded with genetically modified food, especially soy and corn. These plants make their own insecticides. The scientists believe in evolution in that they believe that natural selection bred the pre-artificially genetically modified food. Natural selection selected organisms for the given environmental configuration at the time. Now scientist and more specifically their corporate compensation payers, are putting forth to the masses of people (eaters) that they, the scientists and corporations, somehow know that their radically invasive approach will not throw the environmental system into greater imbalance, thereby, causing greater disease. Now the FDA is about to okay cloned-animal flesh for human consumption.

Look, cloning animals has resulted in a number of results that are telling about the instability of the procedure. Some animal kinds live much shorter lives as a result of cloning while others may live even double the normal lifespan. Both of these situations are signs of something drastically wrong in ways that the scientist are not now picking up or may by gagged from spilling to the public just the way the tobacco scientists were gagged by the corporations about cancer and other disease states and smoking.

In addition, animals are higher on the food chain than say soybeans. The fact is, the higher you go, the greater the impact of such arrogant undertakings.

The world (land, sea, and air) is flooded with chemical and industry pollution brought to you by the greedy profit-seeking corporations. What makes you think that they aren't bringing you more of the same but in just a different form in cloned meat for you to eat, put into your body, to become your flesh, to absorb the genetic errors?

The FDA doesn't have a clue about what its doing. It's bought and paid for by the industries it supposedly regulates. It's a revolving door to the those industries. It's a racket to protect big business.

Everything coming out of these recent moves to introduce genetically engineered peanuts and wine yeast, and on and on, to add to terminator seed, is coming out of, evil, godless, self-centeredness. They want everything natural to be driven out of the market by patented so-called food, so that the whole of humanity will be left with no choice but to be locked into consumer slavery.

Many have said that the capitalists want to privatize all the fresh water on earth. We have gone further to tell you that they want to privatize all the air. They also want to privatize all the food. In fact, they have it in mind to make the growing of food by anyone other than the for-profit corporations illegal. You will need a license. You will need to pay taxes. You will need to grow only what is allowed, that is patented food. Watch! They will also seek to patent human life. Watch, and be ready for the great tribulation that you don't partake!

These ideas of theirs are frankly dumb. They are spiritually immeasurably shortsighted. It is beyond extremely premature of anyone to be saying that eating such cloned flesh is fine. Will the Hebrews say it is kosher?

We've already started to see the problems associated with the GM crops that were authorized. They just are so greedy that they cannot bring themselves to mundanely err on the side of caution.

The truth is that from the divine perspective, the science that is being done is evil. It is selfishly motivated, and no good will come of it. Whatever is done for selfish reason always will come back to haunt the perpetrator. Always! That's why the world is in such a mess.

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