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Abdul Karim Qassim

Just as with Iran, the nation's leader, general Abdul Karim Qassim, said that the resources under the ground in Iraq belong to the people of the nation and the profits from those resources, in that case oil, should go to benefit those people. After the forced resignation (coup) and assassination of the Hashemite king Faisal II of Iraq, Qassim freed the political prisoners, instigated egalitarian civil rights, undertook agrarian reform, and provided housing, etc. The greedy capitalists in the US wouldn't stand for such developments.

Saddam Hussein: CIA assassin

In 1959, Saddam Hussein was part of a CIA assassination attempt against Qassim. Saddam was shot, but the CIA and others got him out of the area and into his home town of Tikrit, Iraq. The CIA then trained him in Lebanon and moved him to Egypt.

The Ba'ath Party overthrew Qassim in a coup in 1963. Their president turned on them, and Saddam was imprisoned in Iraq from 1964 until 1967 when he escaped. In 1968, the president, Abdul Rahman Arif, was overthrown, and Saddam became deputy to the new president.

The CIA wanted Saddam to trade oil only in US dollars and deal only with US corporations for all of Iraq's major projects. He refused.

Saddam the liberal?

Saddam nationalized the oil industry, instigated free education, nearly eliminated illiteracy, instigated socialized medicine, subsidized the farmers, continued the agrarian reforms of redistributing land and establishing farm co-ops, and electrified much of the country, all this before being declare the leader of Iraq.

It sounds like the direction Qassim was headed in to begin with.

Saddam force the president out when it appeared Saddam might otherwise be marginalized by a merger of Iraq and Syria, also a Ba'athist country. In 1979, he immediately upon taking control, he had twenty-two Ba'ath Party leaders tried and executed for disloyalty in a Stalin-like purge. We in the West have never been made privy to the details of the charges and the evidence concerning them. We have only been fed the information about Saddam's alleged fascination with Stalin's methods. It is true that Saddam deliberately used the cult-of-personality methods of the typical Communist leadership. He wasn't a Communist however. He had actually fought against Iraq becoming too close to Russia.

Saddam the feminist?

He continued giving women higher positions and didn't use sharia.

Then the Shah of Iran was overthrown and war broke out between Iraq and Iran with the US more than meddling on both sides. In the main body of this work, we've written fairly extensively about US duplicity, so we won't rehash it here.

The CIA tried to assassinate him, but his security was too good, what with his body doubles, etc. He had been trained in CIA tactics after all. So, they, the US under Bush-41, invaded Iraq. They winked at him when he attacked Kuwait, and then turned on him with lies about incubators and babies being dashed on the floor.

Too destabilizing

However, they didn't want to go all the way in, because that would be too destabilizing. So, they contained him and put the economic squeeze (sanctions) on and blockaded his country. Then they tried to get him to agree to the economic subordination again, but he wouldn't accept.

John Perkins: Not enough

The points we just made in this chapter or entry so far are essentially those made by John Perkins in 2006, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

John talks about capitalist corporations being transformed into good citizens from the pressure to do the right things that can be brought to bear upon them by organized activists. He advocates for democratic capitalist corporations. He doesn't see the hypocrisy in that. A non-profit corporations, employee-owned, based upon participatory democracy within, that has the whole community's interest at heart, is the right direction. However, such entities within the capitalist system under the US constitutional form of government remain under coercive law and remain subject to forced taxes. These things are anti-Christ.

John glories in particular past violence such as the American Revolution and the war against Nazism. He doesn't, as of this writing, believe that the old wine skin of the US Constitution represents a problem.

Well, there are many, many well-intentioned people who have actually thought things through unselfishly in their own minds who haven't been exposed to, or challenged enough by, the real message of Jesus Christ.

We've been down Thomas Jefferson's path and Tom Paine's path. They compromised with the Alexander Hamiltons and the John Adams of the world. They did that, because the philosophies of Jefferson and Paine weren't good enough—better in many ways than Hamilton's and Adam's, et al., but still not good enough.

No, we can look backwards to the authors of the Declaration of Independence or the US Constitution for the light. That light is darkness. The real light is divine, perfect, peaceful, always. That real peace cannot be found in the founding fathers of the United States. They didn't have it. They didn't offer it. They didn't preach it or bring it forth.

So, as much as John Perkins gives a good introduction concerning the despicable tactics of the Empire, and he does, his prescription thereafter is short. It's too far from the kingdom. We know it. We want John to come to see it too.

John is accused of being a fake based upon his lack of specifics and his flat written delivery. We aren't saying the accusations are wrong. The vehement critics though have not grilled Perkins for verifiable specifics or checked his background, etc., to substantiate their allegations.

Jaime Roldós and Omar Torrijos assassinated by the CIA

He claims that both Jaime Roldós of Ecuador and Omar Torrijos of Panama were assassinated by CIA operatives who brought down their airplanes close to the time Ronald Reagan took office. Both Roldos and Torrijos had instigated wide-ranging social and economic reforms that the global, gangster oligarchy and empire hated.

John exposes the methods used by the mundane new world order to subjugate the world under the economical imperialism of the oligarchs who control the corporations. He exposes the methods of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to drive nations into debt on loans designed to benefit the corporations and not the people. The corporations are, as John has said, earmarked in such loan deals for the infrastructure development of the impoverished nations. The infrastructure that is developed, however, benefits the resource raping of the given nation and not the people.

It's a racket. The oligarchy consists of racketeers.

Also, make no mistake about it. There is one person in particular who has the most power in this world, and it isn't the president of the United States. That one person is hiding, but he knows who he is. He knows that he epitomizes Antichrist. Those who are the very closest to him know too. They don't dare say it publicly though. It is the name that cannot be spoken in such a context.

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