Saturday, December 23, 2006

There are those in the US who rail against those they claim blame America first. Well, in truth, there are really people who blame America first and foremost, for the simple reason that America is the covetous Empire. Those railers call themselves conservative; however, they are anything but conservers. They think that conserving the devouring spirit is the real conserving. They call bitter, sweet, and sweet they call bitter. There is no peace of the Lord to be found in their position or deeds.

Yet, these same people will also rail demanding that people say "Merry Christmas." They don't even realize that Christmas is a pagan misdirection to open the door to selfishness that is inherent in everything but the way of Jesus Christ.

As we've said before, Jesus fulfills all the aspirations for finding the truth that is there in the pagan confusion if it can sort itself out, divide and separate itself from the falsehood, thereby, making itself whole by God. One doesn't remain pagan after that process. One isn't ecumenical or syncretistic with pagans thereafter. One calls them out of their paganism and heathenism and greed, militancy, and sexual perversions, etc.

Now, there are those who blame America only. There is great hypocrisy in that of course. In fact, there is great hypocrisy wherever one finds people blaming others without shining that same light all about and inwardly.

We cited a speech by Robert Fisk he gave at the sixth annual convention of the Muslim Public Affairs Council in Long Beach, California.[333] Robert Fisk's view is shared by many people who hate the Empire. They are seeking to counter the movement in the Empire to blame the Arabs and Muslims for being inferior and unable to agree to live as many Americans do that is caught in the falsehood that is agreeing that competition is the way forward and always.

The American excusers are pointing the finger at the Iraqis saying that it is their fault that they don't just start living "civilly" as Americans do in America. Well, to counter that, many Empire haters say that it is America that has stirred up the mess from the beginning, when it decided to become an Empire, and is still fanning the flames, which is true.

However, and this is the point, why are so many Iraqis, Arabs, Iranians, etc., so combustible? Why are any human beings so combustible? Jesus wasn't.

The truth is that there is blameworthiness all over the place. Everyone needs to overcome. Everyone has been tempted to selfishness and has fallen.

What George W. Bush and all the neocons have done is reprehensible. However, what the Arabs are doing to each other is just as reprehensible. It isn't as if there wasn't anything reprehensible in the Middle East until the Anglo-Saxons showed up either.

We are all brothers and sisters who need to repent one and all.

It does no service to simply blame only America, thereby, greatly reducing the light shining elsewhere. The Iraqis could invade and occupy the Mennonites, but you wouldn't see the Mennonites and the Amish murdering each other. In fact, their ancestors were persecuted because they wouldn't kill each other or anyone else. This makes them superior beings in behavior relative to the militant Muslims doesn't it?

Yes, of course their behavior is superior to what is going on in Iraq, but that doesn't excuse Bush-Cheney for a moment and Bush-Cheney is no excuse for bin Laden.

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