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Sunday, December 31, 2006

We have touched upon monotheism in discussing the name(s) of God and the meaning of the Messiah's name: "Jesus" in its Hebrew, Greek, and English forms and allusions and symbolisms.

We also stated the great and first commandment. It is understood in light of Jesus's new commandment and his consistent life, but the words of that first and highest commandment state monotheism.

Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord. (Deuteronomy 6:4 King James Version ).

Hear, O Israel; Yahveh our Elohim is one Yahveh. (Deuteronomy 6:4 Sacred Names Version ).

The Bible shows the movement of people's conceptions or understanding about the nature of God and the gods. It starts off with a more polytheistic (host of heaven attitude) then quickly discusses God in a very singular sense. It moves back and forth throughout right through the New Testament.

God is one, but all are gods who hear God. What are people to make of all of this?

Well, this is all the interplay between whole and parts and concerning the nature of unity versus divergence and what is righteous versus false.

People's approaches to these issues, this topic, the terms and concepts, etcetera, vary widely. Some people refuse to contemplate them, because they are determined in their foregone conclusions or upbringing. Others approach them very coldly, analytically, scholarly, or academically. Still others bring all their heightened emotions to the questions. That last approach is indispensable.

God is righteous unity. The only way to know what that means is to understand what Jesus was doing and feeling in going to the cross.

He was dying for the sake of the unity: The harmony of the parts to make up the whole. He did it to raise the consciousness of all to the single vision and the proper ordering (organizing) of the many. The principle is unselfishness and self-healing in the whole, the health being God.

Absolutely healthy is God. God is immortal and perfect. This is why Jesus was brought back from the death of the flesh.

Now, the problem with worshipping other deities, others of the host of heaven before it becomes the new heaven, is that it is misleading away from this unity of emotion, which misleading is unhealthy in all its senses, physically and spiritually as each is the other in the new earth and new heaven as one.

It is truly a psychological effect. The spirit, the emotions, determine the earth and heaven. God is right emotion. Wrong deities, wrong spirits, wrong emotions, wrought wrong outcomes, disharmony, disunity, ill health, and on.

This doesn't mean that spirit doesn't exist apart from mundane matter. It does. They are though interconnected in the real but not the false. Reconcile it.

Diverging away from this unity under righteousness naturally bring unrighteousness and the slippery slope into the spiraling dark and bottomless pit and outer darkness where there is great gnashing of teeth and pain and suffering, etc. It also leads to the lake of fire. Fire must be understood as purgative for souls but also annihilating for the evil spirit. If the souls and spirit won't separate, the soul goes with that spirit into eternal fire. The soul must let go and cling to the antithesis of the evil spirit, which antithesis is God.

We are the host of heaven if we will see it. Jesus saw it clearly. He knew what he was doing in the here and now. He was standing up for the real liberalism to cause it to be brought forth, and it will be. He fulfilled it.

Jesus manifested Yahveh in Psalm 82. He spoke to all of us saying how long will we continue going down the wrong paths. He spoke the truth and the other gods are left to choose. Do they become one in the spirit of righteousness, or do they disintegrate into hell? Do they devolve from gods or do they merge into God, abiding in God and God in them? Jesus was and is the divine messenger. The spirit calling for this unity is Yahveh. Yahveh is the epitome of the first and great commandment and so is the messenger of that spirit, who was abiding (living) in the spirit and in who that spirit lived: Jesus.

We come to this spirit individually, yet the spirit is collective. It is a family that is independent of closest genetic allegiance, yet it is designed to save not only distant genetic relatives but also one's closest genetic relatives. Nevertheless, it always remains a choice until really chosen, when it becomes the conscience that won't allow iniquity within any longer. Then it doesn't spew iniquity any more.

The family is then truly united in a perfect union, not just a misnomered more-perfect union.

The wrong spirits seem to rise, taking their nations with them into zeniths of worldly power. Being misdirecting though, those nations crash to the ground.

When the nations choose the unity of Jesus, then the crashing will end. This is God's plan: Right feelings always, right vibrations, right frequencies, right sound, etc.: Harmony.

A nation's religion(s) determines everything about it.

Arabs and monotheism: Mohammed and Islam

If we look the Arabs, we find that the movement to monotheism brought them to a zenith. Then, their Caliphate collapsed. The reason for the collapse is that the spirit took them only as far as the doctrines of Mohammed could accomplish in properly ordering the hearts and minds of his followers. It fell, because it allowed for the misdirecting hypocrisy of selfishness through allowing violence, wrath, and vengeance as acceptable emotions and actions.

Their god, Allah, is not in sync with El Elyon. Yahveh , manifested as Jesus, is in sync with El Elyon. More so than that, Yahveh , manifested as Jesus, is El Elyon manifested. It is through that line, through Jesus, that all the nations of the world will come to be in sync and actually, literally, the manifestation of the one God (perfect unity) in the new earth and new heaven. They will be doing only righteousness, freed from evil, living forever in perfect, that is incorruptible, health (whole, wholesome).

The whole point is righteousness that is unselfishness. Everyone will be conflated under this the only real and, therefore, correct spirit.

El Elyon is the father of everything good, real, true, eternal. Evil will not last. Make of yourselves children of God.

When the Most High divided to the nations their inheritance, when he separated the sons of Adam, he set the bounds of the people according to the number of the children of Israel. For the LORD's portion is his people; Jacob is the lot of his inheritance. (Deuteronomy 32:8-9).

This reads:

When El Elyon divided to the nations their inheritance, when he separated the sons of Adam [mankind], he set the bounds of the people according to the number of the children of Israel ["the sons of God," according to a Dead Sea Scroll, and "the number of the angels of God," according to the Septuagint]. For the YHVH's portion is his people; Jacob is the lot of his inheritance.

Of course, all the nations of the earth shall be the inheritance of Yahveh , but not as a god of war (a corruption and twisting of the Holy Spirit by the hardhearted), but as the one God of peace as shown by Jesus Christ who came into the world, was sent, to show it. This is the revelation unfolding.

It has to be understood in light of the life of Jesus; otherwise, the soul will remain lost forever and be extinct.

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