Friday, January 05, 2007

As you are probably aware, in reaction to 9-11, the Congress allowed their so-called civil-liberties guard down and allowed the undoing of legislation designed to protect against police-state abuses. The office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) was created to consolidate what is called the national intelligence community—some sixteen agencies. The infamous John Negroponte was named by George W. Bush as it's first head.

Negroponte to State

Negroponte is now moving to the Department of State, a move that is confirming about where the Bush administration has been heading the Empire. They have moved to make the CIA even bigger liars than they were, and they are going to put the wrench to State now more than ever. The fox is about to have free reign in the chicken coop.

This is not to say that State hadn't already been facing any such pressures from the outside and within. It is just that now, the pressure will be coming from those who are really much less concerned, if at all, about any balancing with morality. This has always been there. Now it is just more widespread and attempting to create a solid foothold. It will slip though. It always does.

They plan to replace Negroponte with Mike McConnell, who the news reports tell us is the current senior vice president of Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.

McConnell headed the NSA (1992-1996) before that. He was a Navy vice admiral who was an intelligence officer for the Joint Chiefs of Staff (1990-92).

The current CIA director was an NSA director and is a general. When he moves out of the CIA, if he isn't moved to another position in government, he'll go through a revolving door to a corporation making untold (classified) millions in contracts with the government (intelligence and military) and with other businesses in the military-industrial complex.

Of course the current secretary of Defense, Bob Gates, was George H. W. Bush's recommendation to his son. Gates came through the revolving door too, but from GHWB's school more so than from the hyper false-Zionist school. Nevertheless, he's on the same larger team. He was a yes man, a company man, for the Iran-Contra scheme for instance.

McConnell comes to the DNI through that revolving door. For the last ten years, he's been making his personal millions in large measure off intelligence contracts with the US government. One contract is for consolidating the data mining, the filtering, etc., of all records and communications, and we mean all.[335]

Now all this whole push has done is to drive up intelligence budgets, robbing the taxpayers, the workers. It's a scam. They have created the so-called "mission": The war on terrorism. They helped create the terrorists and are still doing it. It's the largest protection racket in the world. It's globalization of the protection racket.

Backdoor, reverse redistribution-of-wealth

It's a backdoor, reverse redistribution-of-wealth program with the money flowing from the general tax base to the rich.

This is the movement started by Margaret Hilda Thatcher and Ronald Reagan: Privatization. We are seeing the corporate tax rates being slashed around the world[336] so that corporations can grab more and more of the wealth of the planet in a competitive feeding frenzy. The general weal is not paramount. The private, special advantage and privilege of the few is the goal. The rest may have the trickledown, scraps, and the bulk of the pollution, destruction, pain, and suffering.

We aren't for taxes though. We're for freely, fairly, giving and sharing all. We're for those who don't want to make hell. We're for those who want to and who will work to bring it forth without coercion making the real heaven show up on the earth.

Globalizing privatization

The movement to globalize privatization is being forwarded at a furious pace. President Angela Merkel of Germany is openly promoting TAFTA, a Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement.[337] This plan is to continue what has been called for decades, the harmonization of US and European laws for commerce. Of course, the oligarchs will be for it to the extent they can control it, coming out on top (or on the bottom if your perspective is that such greed is evil).

Many people are defending this push as a double-edged sword, which it is in a sense. They say that giving up a certain style of sovereignty (US) will bring greater freedoms of a sort (economic benefits and a reduced likelihood of wars within such a trade area, etc.).

The truth is that the movements of the oligarchs to consolidate their power contains the seeds for dethroning them. They will gather the people under them, and then the people, the grassroots, will alter everything once they have had their fill of all the evil.

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