Wednesday, January 10, 2007

While the Real Liberal Christian Church is growing commons (communes), it will constitute part of what is termed "dual power."

During a revolutionary process, the status quo seeks to cling to power while the revolutionaries represent a separate, parallel power. Traditional revolutionaries create this situation via various means ranging from "political protests, to direct appropriation (of plantations, government buildings, factories, etc.) for the use of alternative institutions, to civil disobedience or armed resistance."[347]

We, of course, will not be using all the traditional means. Voicing our opposition and dissent is a form of protest of course, but we don't seek to reform the old wine skin. We seek the new wine skin, the wholly new covenant, the new contract with the people, the real contract.

We will focus upon building the commons through peaceful, non-coercive means. We will not disobey the secular laws unless those laws violate the new commandment, in which case those secular laws will be found to be unconstitutional, null and void, and of no effect.

We will be an "'alternative social infrastructure' that fulfills economic, political, social, and cultural needs."[348]

We will "do away with a contrived scarcity of material goods and services"[349] from the bottom up.

Nothing short of refusal to participate, in any way, in the dominant society, by everyone from workers to bureaucrats to police officers, will result in the overturning of the status quo.[350]

This is not our way. People will still live and work in the system as the parallel system, the real system, is built up with the transfer of wealth out of the old system into the new earth and heaven precursor. We are not advocating the sudden disorientation that would result from ill-prepared people suddenly stopping all functioning of the current system. They don't have sufficient faith built up yet to do that. It is not the path the Holy Spirit is advocating.

Tom Usher

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