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God knows everything forever

That statement may be unnerving for many people. It should be unnerving to those who continue in iniquity, not putting forth good faith effort to change their anti-Godly behavior.

Everything will be manifest

There is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.

This means a number of things, infinite things. For one, it means the prophecy to ultimate fruition shall be manifested. It means God shall be manifested in no uncertain terms, leaving none in doubt that God is God. It means that the elect will be in the new heaven and earth that is beautiful and wonderful beyond anyone's wildest imagination. It also means that there are no deeds or even the slightest feelings, even the most deep-seated subconscious activity, that are not fully known and understood by God.

Everyone will be judge according to his or her good and bad works by his or her own standard (level of hypocrisy)

In order to judge people perfectly, everything must be known. To bring people into the ultimate reality of perfect righteousness, everyone must be brought freely (free choice) to the understanding of the great harm that its opposite wroughts.

It isn't God who is doing the evil deeds when you do them. It's you. You are being God's opposite (or relatively in the direction of God's opposite, depending upon the context and perspective). As we've said and Jesus said, there is greater evil. Therefore, there is lesser evil. The same holds for good.

In the full language of the revelation, relative positions are though still relatively unreal. The real God is perfectly (absolutely) good. Everything less than that is merely human imagination about God falling short of the true reality of Godliness, God's true nature.

Google saves all search history by IP number and cookie information

Currently, Google, the giant Internet search engine, is saving in its data memory banks every search ever done using its search engine. This is another human step closer to doing what God has being doing since the beginning.

The issue is how quickly human beings will come to Godliness so that the data will not be used for evil purposes.

Static IP addresses

Google captures every IP address for every search. The IP address for a search is necessary for the computers to route the conversation back and forth from particular computer to particular computer across the entire Internet. It allows for a conversation that isn't confused with all the other conversing going on at any given time. It allows the packets of information to flow through the Internet just as paper mail flows through the mail system to get from sender to recipient and back.

Cross references to ISP's IP logs and other information

Many Internet Service Providers (those who assign individual IP addresses or a range of IP addresses to customers and route traffic for those customers) are not saving information on which customer has been given which address and where and when the customer traveled on the Internet. The government wants to change that so that when combined with databases such as Google's, the government may have a history of every individual customer's travels.

They would like to take it further so that they could have the full contents of the conversations forever, but people are very wary of that since human governments throughout history have been so absolutely untrustworthy not to abuse the people, including the innocent. The more governments have known, the easier it has been for them to be more terrible.

This is over which the ultimate contest of consciousness and conscience is fast approaching and gaining speed.

Which conscience will rule human organizing? Will it be the perfectly harmless or the completely harmful? Will it be God or Satan?

If you aren't doing or thinking anything that is truly harmful to others, you may think that you will never be subjected to abuse; however, look at what they did to Jesus. They didn't know what was right, so they thought they were doing what was best, expediently, and they murdered God (or they thought they were murdering just another man who would not survive).

Now, it isn't that this all-knowingness can be stopped or should be stopped by most people joining together to violently destroy the people who are headed in that direction. It is that the people must change their hearts so that humans abusing humans will stop and will never happen again. This means that everyone must become magnitudes of order more morally intelligent than ever before going back to the first selfish error.

Identified the women by her searches

If you think that Google's data cannot be used to find out about people, to find out about you, you should be made aware that it has already been used to find otherwise innocuous people. Using just the search information, researchers were able to learn huge volumes of information about particular searchers. Using that information, it would be possible to construct profiles that dig into the soul of the searcher and that could be used to coerce immorality out of the searcher, depending upon the fleshly and spiritual weakness of that individual.

People are regularly being tortured to induce them to rat on their friends and families even to make things up wholesale just to stop the pain. The more information the torturers have about a person, the easier it is for them to press the right buttons to gain despicable control for the sake of evil, negative gain.


The system can be used, and is used, to create profiles of everyone. These profiles are becoming more and more what would otherwise rise to the level of confidential psychological records. The problem is that they aren't confidential. The government shares the information across an ever widening network of so-called intelligence and law-enforcement entities. The power is being concentrated and broadened simultaneously. It is ripening for egregious abuses.

This is the case, because those who are at the center of this concentration do not have the moral compasses to keep them from abusing others to get what they want. They are self-centered and not interested in the welfare of all.

Psychological profile

Psychological profiling is going to continue progressing exponentially, given the exponential rate of growth in computing power.

The development of expert systems, where the computer acts as a filtering and routing system taking bits of information and carrying them around weighing them in light of other information known and building a profile or model of the person from which predictions may be assumed, is growing in power beyond the imagination of most people.

This again is just more of humans gaining godly powers, since God has always known everything that will ever happen.

Here again, you see the dilemma faced by every individual soul. What is best?

Most people don't think that the most righteous thing is the best thing. They are suffering from Satan-speak. Their conscience is consumed by self-interest where the self in question isn't God or the whole of what matters and the only thing that matters in the end.

They don't believe, even when they say they do. They believe there is impunity for evil. This is the eternal error of the Satanic emotional-condition.

Logical extension of interests

If you aren't grasping the coming power of computers as the tool and instrument of abuse, you aren't carrying the current situation out to the conclusion of the path it's on.

Start by thinking in small steps. If you search on anything there is a reason that that particular search came up. You may think you can come up with some search term or terms or phrase that is completely random and unrevealing, but you can't. It's only a matter of degree. No matter what you put in, there is a path (connections) that is traceable and knowable (and already known by God).

This isn't to say that human technology has the current capacity to backtrack through everything. It is to say that it is headed in that direction.

It also means that the path forward can be predicted by virtue of the past. This is how they attempt to predict the weather. Unanticipated variables throw them off to be sure. However, once identified and measured and repeated in degrees, the pattern emerges and the predictions emerge also.

People though don't go through their days attempting to be deliberately and completely so-called random or throwing new variables into their lives. Relative routines get things done.

People shouldn't have to out race the potential of abusers by destroying their lives. That's abuse in and of itself.

Thought and thinking patterns

You see than that your patterns can be modeled in real time on computers. Given the rate of computer evolution, it isn't that far out in the future that the computers will self-program this modeling capability. Given all the evolution in science in general, it isn't that far out in the future when technology will be godlike.

Jumping to conclusions: Preemptive strike, preventative action

The choice of choices

The problem arises with the old computer axiom "garbage in, garbage out."

You see, this entire system is heading in the direction of creating a model of the soul of humanity, a reflection. Since that soul contains good and evil, the system will run straight into the choice of choices. It will be confronted with the next step to take as to whether or not it is ultimately right or best. It will be faced with being God or Satan.

The human soul is faced with that question already and always has been, but scientific and technological evolution is hastening the day of reckoning, the moment of final judgment.

George W. Bush's recent signing statement about looking at anyone's first class, private mail without a warrant

The system, the human soul, the soul of humanity, has been dancing around the final choice between God and Satan since the first selfish error. The US Constitution is a system of checks and balances that seeks to not allow the power to tip to the total abuse of the people ever again. Of course, as we've explained, this is a band aid on the irresponsible, divided house.

The point is that ultimately, humans and humanity must choose God or fail eternally into chosen-hell.

We this balancing act struggling to postpone the inevitable decision. We see it in the issue of George W. Bush's recent signing statement where he asserts that the presidency is not a co-equal branch of government, thereby attempting to nullify the balancing act.

He asserts his self-authorization to be God to look at anyone's first class, private mail without a warrant based solely on his discretion as to when he thinks it is in his best, selfish interest.

Bush, in his signing statement, claimed that executive-branch officials may open a piece of mail without a search warrant "in exigent circumstances." The statement gave two examples of "exigent circumstances": one apparently related to the 1996 postal regulation ("to protect human life and safety against hazardous materials") and the other related to foreign intelligence searches ("the need for physical searches specifically authorized by law for foreign intelligence collection"). However, the signing statement did not confine "exigent circumstances" to those two instances.

Even the first example — "to protect human life and safety against hazardous materials" — is broader than the 1996 regulation, which limited warrantless mail-opening to cases in which an "immediate danger" is reasonably suspected.[352]

He signed the bill and attached his signing statement on December 20, 2006. This was after all the uproar over his warrantless eavesdropping on domestic phone calls and his data mining of phone calls and records and his sneak-and-peek and black-bag searches, etc.

FISA: Retroactive cover-up rulings for Bush/Cheney?

Now, Wednesday, January 17, 2007, it comes out that the Bush-43 White House is going to the FISA court for a rubberstamp on its phone tapping. It has announced that as a ploy to attempt to head off possible prosecution for the illegality of warrantless taps all along. They want to have something to plea with, saying, look, we aren't doing it anymore without court oversight. Well, one rubberstamping judge doesn't constitute oversight. Besides, the whole system is corrupt. FISA isn't even a Band-Aid. There's no healing going on underneath.

Unintended admission of guilt

Also, this is an admission of guilt by the White House and George W. Bush.

Bush is also suddenly going to let people contest their inclusion on the no-fly list.

He sure is scrambling right when the Democrats have taken over the chairs of the committees in Congress. Someone has told him that he has to do these things to help defuse the movement to impeach him. Frankly, he isn't repenting. He's just wheeling and dealing behind the scenes with members of Congress and big money.

George W. Bush lacks a working sense of shame.

Strict limits on the government's ability to open mail have been in place since the 1970s, when a U.S. Senate committee chaired by Frank Church (D-ID) issued its infamous Church Reports, which revealed that the CIA and FBI had illegally opened more than 215,000 pieces of mail starting in the 1950s and continuing through 1973. The committee found that government agents had opened mail to and from American dissidents, including those who challenged the condition of racial minorities and those who opposed the war in Vietnam, as well as the mail of senators, congressmen, journalists, businessmen and even a presidential candidate.

As Sen. Church declared at the onset of the hearings into the government's illegal mail-opening activities, such a practice is "fundamentally at odds with freedom of expression and contrary to the laws of the land." Furthermore, the U.S. Postal Service should not be "an inviolate haven for those who would destroy our liberties." And as another member of the committee, Sen. John Tower (R-TX), stated, "If our efforts are to have lasting value in the protection of the liberties of our citizens, persons charged with the defense of the national security in the future must go about their task with an ingrained sense of the critical balance between protection of freedom and the sanctity of individual liberty in our society."[353]

Remember now that we are not saying that checks and balances are inherently evil. We are saying that the checks and balances must not be ( the next page number below)...continues... Click next page number below.

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