The US turned to the Cocaine cartel for money for the Contras fighting against the Nicaraguans.

They send billions of dollars to the dictatorship in Columbia.

The US spends billions on military equipment and chemicals to spray Monsanto herbicides of unknown chemical content all over Columbia. Monsanto Corporation, as we noted in the main body of our work, has produced terminator seed, Agent Orange, PCB, rBGH, Roundup, and work on BT crops, to name just a few of the things from hell, from Monsanto.

The spraying is indiscriminant. The pilots don't avoid spraying animals, food crops, or people, including children and pregnant women.

The US sends in the CIA and Pentagon under cover of private military contractors to avoid Congressional oversight.

They do little to nothing about the drug problem within the US. That is to say, the US doesn't work on the demand side of the problem, which approach is much more cost effective than attacking the poor farmers of Columbia.

The US hides its war against the indigenous rebels (who have been fighting against rightwing dictatorships since the 1940's) behind the façade of the war on drugs. The US deliberately doesn't work on prevention at home, because if that were to succeed, the military-industrial complex wouldn't be making as much money and the rightwing in Columbia would be put down by the revolutionaries who are not drug based.

The rightwing paramilitary is actually more involved in narcotics trafficking than the left. They are also more inclined to act as death squads and assassins after their American training that has heavily promoted such abominable activities since time immemorial, since those of the White man who love violence and blood lust first showed up on the shores of the Western Hemisphere.

The point of the death squads is to destroy the opposition to the dictatorship.

They are driving the people off the land so the rich can steal it.

They are run by the Columbian military which is in turn run by the US.

The US wants to dominate the Columbian economy for the sakes of the superrich in the US. To hell with the peasants is their view. Peasants aren't worth anything. They are inferior—subhumans. The US policy is very racist, even though there are token Blacks and Latinos now being bought off by the Republican Party, the main Party of property and not people.

Also, the civil war is now over oil, of course. Columbia produces about half as much oil as Venezuela and ships the vast majority of it to the US. While Venezuela is looking at keeping fifty-one percent of the proceeds for the Venezuelan people, Columbia's dictatorship is lining its private pockets with kickbacks on sweet deals demanded by US oil companies which take seventy-five percent of the proceeds while millions of Columbians are living in abject poverty as civil-war refugees in their own country thanks directly to US foreign policy.

Of course, the drug trade is big business for the money-laundering US bank such as Citibank for one.[360] As we've written elsewhere herein, the profit margins for this private-banking and shell-game racket is much higher than for so-called legitimate transactions. So while the local drug dealer of even small amounts of marijuana serves time in prison, the international bankers sip cocktails on their yachts. Blacks in the urban decay zones die of crack addiction. The bankers snort their coke with the politicians upstairs after their dinner parties.

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