Understand that people who seem to be exposing the evil deeds of others but who do not shine the same light back upon themselves and on all facets of society are being inherently dishonest. Also realize that with trillions of dollars at stake, many stories have been manufactured on both sides.

Therefore, there are always two or more sides to every story. Every allegation against Bush/Cheney isn't true, but there is enough evil to insure that they should not be leading anyone or anything. The same thing applies to Bill Clinton.

The following are charges leveled at Clinton by his political enemies. Not every allegation would pan out; however, the existence of the Mena airport and what went on there and over the skies of Arkansas and on it's back roads while Clinton was governor turning a blind eye are indisputable facts.

The Republican and Democratic parties are two sides of the same coin. Beware!

Some of the allegations against Clinton are as follows:

Bill Clinton was running Arkansas during the Mena affair, which was the largest cocaine smuggling operation in the country at the time. The people of Arkansas say he was using the state government to launder the cocaine money through the Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA).[365]

The allegation is that they issued loans that were never paid back. Also they say that the Rose law firm of which Hillary was a partner was being exclusively used to hand bond issues where the funds were never used for the purposed for which they were passed.

They even used bond funds to build nose cones for planes to smuggle cocaine into the US.

You will notice that it wasn't for these things that Clinton was investigated but rather Monica Lewinsky and the Whitewater affair. The subject of Mena was avoided like the plague, because to go after Bill Clinton as president would have caused the people to connect Barry Seal right back to the Republican gangsters (the Reagan White House and the Bush family through Iran-Contra and the CIA).

[Barry Seal] was murdered gangland style in Baton Rouge on Wednesday, February 19, 1986.

... [He was] one of the biggest drug smugglers ever brought before a court in the history of our country. By his own admission, he had flown over 100 flights each bringing in between 600 and 1200 pounds of cocaine. At a wholesale volume of an average of $50,000 a pound, he had smuggled between $3 billion and $5 billion of drugs into the United States. His smuggling brought dope to thousands whose lives have been adversely affected by it. He had brought enough cocaine into this country to give a "high" to almost one hundred million users [all for the CIA and the Reagan White House].


Prior to his death, Seal said that having to report to the Salvation Army everyday at the same time made him a "clay pidgeon".[366]

Kenneth Starr, the supposed independent counsel (Federalist Society member) began asking questions about Mena. After finding out that it led to Republicans, he conveniently announced that it was outside the scope of his investigation to protect his gang.

It was a gang war fought out in Congressional investigation and impeachment proceedings and trials that failed to completely ruin the opposition but did hurt enough that it was easier for the Bushes to steal the election from Al Gore.

As we wrote in the main body of the work:

Harken had a major shareholder, Khalid bin Mahfouz, who was a principal in BCCI, the Arab money-laundering bank that handled CIA weapons deals and drug deals run by agent Barry Seal through Arkansas by the plane load for years with the knowledge of local and federal law and drug enforcement while Bill Clinton was governor.

Harken was George W. Bush's company. You see the spider web connects all the major gangster players.

Back in Arkansas, two boys were murdered and then their bodies were placed on railroad tracks to cover the crime. The state government tried to cover up the crime, but the parents forced them to release evidence. Independent examination revealed they had been murdered before their bodies had been placed on the tracks.

The state official was a doctor Malak who had ruled in Clinton's mother's favor concerning investigations into her alleged negligence in the deaths of two people while she was an anesthesiologist.

Even after the independent investigation of the death of the two boys, Fahmy Malak continued to maintain that they had been killed by the train. Clinton kept him in office.

It is also alleged that six people with too much knowledge about the boys deaths were themselves murdered.

During the political campaign of 1988, Clinton removed Malak because Malak was too controversial by then; however, Clinton gave him another job at seventy-four thousand a year reportedly without any responsibilities. People believe it was more of the same favor for covering up all the murders and deaths.

In about tens of operations even when Arkansas grand juries were assembled, no indictments came no and no one was ever convicted. People with the evidence were deliberately not called to testify to the grand jury.

Those who gave political contributions received money from the Arkansas Development Finance Authority, which was laundering drug money and stealing tax dollars from the people who would have to pay back bond holders for little to nothing in return.

When Larry Nichols of the Arkansas Development Finance Authority exposed Clinton to the press in Arkansas, there was a complete press blackout in the entire state. That's how locked up that state was under the Clinton political machine.

Don't imagine this was only power in Arkansas. Clinton was hand picked by the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg because of Clinton's ability to run the gangster organization so smoothly.

The sons of the robber barons hand picked him to be their front man, just the way they picked the presidents before him and the one after.

They aren't mega-billionaires because they're smarter. They're mega-billionaires because they're the best crooks on the planet. This whole planet is a crime territory and their the biggest crime bosses who are running the whole world.

This Clinton is the same one who, with other conservative Democrats, steered the party under his Democratic Leadership Council away from the egalitarianism of the McGovern wing of the party. McGovern on the left and Goldwater on the right were the last men who were nominees who were not completely bought and sold by the oligarchs.

Everything Larry Nichols alleged back in Arkansas proved out according to Larry Nichols: The money laundering, the drug running, the banking schemes, the cocaine use, the use of state funds to pay for trips around the country to meet with his mistresses, everything.

Larry Nichols was called by someone who wanted to represent him, because Nichols was being savaged in the Arkansas media with allegations that never proved out. His lawyer happened to live across from Gennifer Flowers condo where Bill Clinton was caught on the attorneys home security camera going into Flowers condo using a key. Clinton had lied about Flowers when he said that he had only ever phoned her. Nichols attorney was then beaten nearly to death and his tape taken.

It must be understood that Bill Clinton controlled the state troopers in Arkansas. Those troopers were involved in giving him protection and were aware of the illegal drug running. They were in on the take. They were thugs for Clinton. Most people believe that Larry Johnson was beaten by state troopers.

When more women started coming forward during the 1992 presidential campaign, the national media blacked out much of the coverage. Who has the power to do that? Clinton didn't. The global, gangster oligarchs do. They pick the winners. No one can be president unless the oligarchs say so. There is no democracy in the US.

After Clinton was elected, some of the troopers started coming forward. The Clinton administration went on the attack just as Clinton had done to people in Arkansas as governor. Those troopers supported everything Larry Nichols had alleged.

Clinton apparently had over one hundred women while he was governor. He used the troopers to transport him, lie for him, and protect him during his trysts.

Paula Jones went public and sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment. Clinton was governor at the time she alleges he came on to her. He was president when she filed suit. Jones was immediately attacked in the press.

This is when the idea of a vast rightwing conspiracy against Clinton began. Well, the Republicans of course conspired against him, but that doesn't mean there wasn't tons of evidence against him. After all, Mena was a fact.

Remember though, the Republicans are just another gang fighting for the whole gangster territory.

Many women were rewarded with jobs for their sexual favors for Bill Clinton. He would use them, and they would use him.

Jerry Parks was doing private investigative work on Clinton. His phone line was cut, his security system was disabled, and his files on Clinton were stolen out of his home right before Jerry was shot multiple times and murdered while driving down the road.

When Whitewater really started to heat up, the Rose law firm began shredding documents about Whitewater. The bank building linked to BCCI (the Arab money-laundering bank that handled CIA weapons deals and drug deals) experienced a fire where Whitewater documentation was stored. All the campaign records at the Arkansas secretary of states office also disappeared.

Then there is the death of Vince Foster, who was the deputy White House counsel. Foster was handling the personal matters of the Clintons. His dead body was found in a park. The official story is that he shot himself in the mouth. However, there was reportedly no exit wound and no bullet was found in his head. Somebody's lying.

Immediately upon Fosters death or murder, his office was gone through.

The Whitewater so-called special prosecutor sealed documents for the Clintons.

People involved continued being beaten, having their files stolen, and other continued dying.

Now, the Republicans impeached Clinton and tried him for lying about having sex with Monica Lewinsky rather than going for an accounting concerning everything. Why? The answer is because they are every bit as dirty as Bill Clinton. That's why they don't want George W. Bush impeached or tried. It's why the Democratic leadership doesn't want a full accounting. They are utterly corrupt on both sides of the aisle.

Which gangster party will you vote for? Which gangster will you put into place in the gangster system started by the gangsters who formed this country in opposition to another gangster, the king of England?

When are you going to stop being involved in the system and rather displace that system with the giving and sharing commons envisioned by the greatest, most ethical, most honest leader this planet has ever produced?

Monica Lewinsky

The Monica Lewinsky story became a complete diversion from Mena. Mena is the point from which everything else concerning the Clintons radiates. It goes right to all the gangsterism of Reagan, the Bushes, the Clintons, and many, many other high profile people and groups going back to the beginning.


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