Friday, December 01, 2006

We have seen recently that some people want to prevent a couple from displaying a Christmas wreath in the shape of a peace sign. The opponents say the peace sign is pagan. Well, Christmas is pagan. The peace sign means what is says: Peace. That's what offends the opponents. They are pro-war. Pro-war is anti-Christ.

We also hear people complaining that Keith Ellison, who is the first Muslim elected to the US Congress, wants to take his oath on the Qur'an. Well, the so-called Christian right is up in arms about it. However, Christians aren't supposed to take any such oaths period, whether on The Bible or the US Constitution. One cannot uphold the message of Jesus Christ, the Gospel message, and also swear to "preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States." It isn't possible.

Real Christianity has no part in all the side-tracking issues.

Joel Hunter

Real Christianity has no part in the side-tracking issues of the tepid. For instance, Joel Hunter of the Northland Church near Orlando, Florida, had been the president-elect of the Christian Coalition of America. However, the Coalition didn't want to head in the direction Hunter suggested that was campaigning for the poor and for good stewardship of the environment. The Coalition wants to stay focused on the coercive force of the mundane law concerning 1) the sanctity of heterosexual marriage and 2) fully protected life at the moment of conception. Hunter said, "...Christ was not just about morality, Christ was about compassion." He further said the following:

The compassion of Christ has somehow been tagged as liberal. It's not about being liberal or conservative. It's about following Christ and trying to live the kind of life that he lived.

This could not better describe where real Christianity begins where those who don't understand what being an Isaiah liberal is all about. Jesus was a liberal in the Isaiah sense. There is no doubt about it. Also, the term "liberal" as used and meant by Isaiah will always be the true meaning of the term.

Real Christians know better. They know that compassion and morality are one-and-the-same. It is immoral to lack compassion. Nevertheless, Jesus shook the dust from his feet wherever his message of plain and clear truth was rejected. So be it.

That said, we want to say that Hunter is headed to turning in the right direction if he will simply continue and not turn too far into villainy (false-liberalism). He is right to stand opposed to homosexuality. He is right to stand opposed to indiscriminate abortion. He is also right to stand for feeding the pure and for good stewardship of the environment. Now let him call this combination what it is: Liberal, real-liberal, not churlish and not villainous but rather unselfish, the new commandment, bringing forth the fruits worthy of repentance, bringing forth the real abundance, not capitalism.

Also, Rick Warren of Saddleback Community Church, Lake Forest, California, hosted Democrat US Senator Barack Obama for Warren's "Global Summit on AIDS." Obama calls for condom distribution to unmarried teens and others for the sake of preventing the spread of AIDS. Warren also hosted Republican US Senator Sam Brownback, a so-called conservative. Warren said, " have to have two wings to fly...."[240] Of course, real Christians know that you don't "have to have two wings to fly." The mundane ideological left and right are wholly incompatible with each other and with Christianity.

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