Anything that requires swearing oaths of allegiance to the brotherhood and each other and secrecy on pain of death is not a benign or positive influence.

Freemasonry comes out of the architects and builders of the first so-called civilization. It is satanic humanism. Why do we say satanic humanism rather than secular humanism? Why do we differentiate at all?

We differentiate, because there is Christianity that is also humanist in the sense of being concerned with the welfare of humanity.

Jesus was concerned for the real people, the true people, the good-hearted people, the reachable people, the changeable people. He wanted them (whom would hear and love the truth about the true nature and desire of God and do accordingly) to be out from under the oppressors who wrongfully claimed and claim authority to lord it over God spiritual children.

The Freemasons find their roots in the spirit of Nimrod, the driving force behind the Tower of Babel, the great rebellion against the good-stewardship path of God for humanity.

The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner. (Psalm 118:22).

The builders rejected Jesus, but Jesus is the corner stone of the real temple.

We've written a number of things alluding to how Freemasonry and the spirit of the scientific, engineering, technological, militaristic, weapons orientation, etc., has to do with all the problems facing humanity and the planet, as follows:

Churchill was no Christian. His fruit proved that. Of course, he was also a 33rd degree Freemason and member of the Druid Order.

Much of Americanism can be traced to Francis Bacon, the Elizabethan era homosexual, bribed in office, wrote of America as the coming rebirth of Atlantis (utopia) that would become a great worldly empire establishing enlightened government (some say grassroots, participatory democracy), Freemasonry (religious syncretism, ecumenicalism, the denial of the requirement to accept Jesus as the one path to God) and Rosicrucianism throughout the world. He was the leader of the Rosicrucian Order in Britain (its center) and was for a time at the pinnacle of government of England. He was deeply involved in Queen Elizabeth's secret service designed to protect the Queen or crown from the Papacy, the enemy, and to further imperial projects—building Empire.

The occult and the mystery religions have been every bit as influential in America and its founding as the Christianity of the day was influential in the founding.

The Knights Templar figure into this occult and mystery-religion world. They are said to have brought back to England the secret teachings of Pythagoras, Gnosticism, Platonism, Sufism, etc., from the crusades. The Templars were Masonic. It is humanistic: Man as architect-builder: The dark side claiming secretly to be liberating from the tyranny of the demiurge, the self-delusional god who doesn't realize he is subservient to the Holy Spirit.

The Rosicrucian Order was also in on the founding of America. They founded the Ephrata cloister in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Rosicrucianism came along on the back of the Renaissance (1300's through the 1500's). It came with or and on the heels of the Reformation of the 1500's. It laid the ground for the beginning of the Enlightenment of the 1700's. This was all a mixed bag. The Roman church had been a disaster in so many ways. Yet, the atheism that came in with the backlash against the errors of the apostate church is also a huge error allowing this current dark age of hyper selfishness—the worst in history.

Many of the founding fathers who were deists were also masons and members of other secret societies. George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were both deists and masons. Franklin was also a Rosicrucian and especially occultist. He was a major womanizer. As the US ambassador in England, he attended meetings of a kind of Hellfire Club where the members engaged in free sex and heavy drinking and mocking Jesus and Christianity. They were apparently inspired by the secular-humanist-hedonist writings of François Rabelais (1494-1553) who coined the phrase "Do What Thou Wilt" later picked up by the Hell Fire Club as "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." That expression is familiar to the occult followers of Aleister Crowley (1875–1947). Crowley was a satanist, Freemason, and Rosicrucian.

This is the same government within the government and even another layer within that inner government that we've seen advocated by Francis Bacon and is so prevalent within some of what are called secret societies. Remember, Bacon was a master spy-network administrator, a master at deception, the leader of the Rosicrucians, coming out of the Knights Templar of Freemasonry. World domination by the New Atlantis, Anglo-Saxon America, via technology resulting from his scientific method was his ultimate vision shared by his inner circle. The Nazis had hoped to fill that vision, but Hitler and his circle were too irrational to pull it off.

Look, all the wars conducted under the leadership of supposed great men are all due to being led astray. This is why it matters that so many of the leadership is simultaneously involved in antichrist secret societies. Such societies go hand-in-hand with warfare and the rest of evil.

Franklin Roosevelt was a Shriner (at least a 32nd or 33rd degree Freemason or member of the Knights Templar). Truman was apparently a 33rd degree Freemason while being an avowed Baptist. It's confusion. One cannot combine the wide and narrow path.

St. Paul's Cathedral, London was changed to look like St. Peter's. It has pentagrams and sun and moon symbols and the builder's square and compass of the Freemasonry.

Some groups, especial those calling themselves Protestant Christian fundamentalists, such as Walter Veith who has a huge conspiracy construct concerning the Roman Catholics,[252] put forth that the Jesuit Oath and the Jesuit Ceremony of Induction instructs the Jesuit to be duplicitous concerning nations, working both sides by any means for the sake of an outcome that favors the pope's worldly power. They will go into peaceful place to stir up trouble, torture people, and do all manner of terrible things all the while being controlled by the black pope who heads their order, which order alone may confess and absolve the white pope of sin. They are Freemasons. They use a network of secret societies to do their dirty work and promote their dark aims with the blessing of the white pope projected to the public.

Freemasonry is, above all, humanistic. Humans can construct order out of chaos. Humans can build. They built the temples. They built the pyramids. They built the tower of babel. They built civilization. They are developers. They built the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, and they will build the Freedom Tower and the World Trade Center again. They don't need God telling them what to do. They will use their science and technology to accomplish their own salvation. This blends atheism syncretically with the spiritualism of the various hierarchical mystery or occult religions. Well meaning but naïve (in this area) people can be swept up in this kind of confusion. The tolerance of many, their desire for brotherhood and sisterhood, is open to manipulation.

Some names that figure prominently in the occult, Freemasonry, or Theosophy are Manly P. Hall, Albert Pike, Alice A. Bailey, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, and Aleister Crowley.

The Freemasons may not be homogeneous even at the top, but it is inescapable that they are misleading. They are leading the people astray simply by virtue of their diversity of spirit. Theirs is the wide way when the narrow is the true way.

Don't forget, it isn't global government or the new world order that are the problem. It is which global government and which new world order that matters.

Syncretism-down is the problem. It is subtly misdirecting away from the full message of Jesus, emphasis upon "full." The theosophists preach half-truths just enough to hook people. Many won't volunteer where they part company with Jesus Christ. What they are building toward is a made-up religion that satisfies the consumerism in everyone. They offer a menu so everyone will supposedly end up eating.

Remember, the spirit of Satan co-opted the church when the church caved into Constantine and the Roman Empire (the iron of the Beast). Freemasonry is syncretistic. It has a version for every group it wants to use. It is harlotry, whoredom. It will sleep with any god for selfish gain. God hates it. Their highest leaders are far from him. Their way brings fornication and adultery.

The apostate churches will combine against a manufactured, common enemy. The worldly, coercive empire builders work the system to distract souls from Jesus's message. They work the system militarily, spiritually, and financially playing facets off each other to keep the world off balance enough so they may control in the confusion with the goal of bringing a law and order that is totally coerced and which doesn't apply to them. That's Lucifer of Babylon. That's the rebel, architect (Freemason), self, dark side, black sun, death god of the wide path, many paths, multiple visions, never freely giving and sharing all for all. It just can't let go of its selfish ego enough to do that.

On the other end, we have the Robert Schullers of the world, who say things such as, "There is no greater damage that can be done than to refer to the lost sinful condition of man."[253] How wrong can one be! All those who don't hear the voice of Jesus are lost sheep or not of the fold if they are within hearing distance and ignore. Schuller's way lead straight down the wide path to hell.

Robert H. Schuller fell under the spell of Norman Vincent Peale, the author of The Power of Positive Thinking. It is self-esteem. It is the opposite of humility. It cannot take one to where one realizes how one's selfishness has done so much damage, how everyone's selfishness has done so much damage. It isn't the message of Jesus.

It is humanism cloaked in false Christianity. It is ecumenicalism not for the sake of conversion but for the sake of syncretism-down. It's no accident that Peale was a Freemason. It feels good to its followers. However, they aren't bringing forth. The fruit has never come out of this bent. It is half-truth in that, of course, God is positive.

Feel-good psychology doesn't feed the lambs and sheep. It isn't guilty enough to atone that way. It's too busy tending to its own ego.

Don't take it wrong. There is definitely a time and place for joy, joy always in fact so long as it is simultaneously aware of the sorrow and pain of others and takes joy in serving to do right by them. That's where we want to be in this here and now.

Peale was half right. He gleaned what he wanted from the scriptures to make his system work. It's the truths he left out though that make the difference, as always.

This is where Rick Warren and all the megachurch building under giving the consumers what they want has come from. It fills the seats in infotainment facilities calling themselves the church, but it doesn't get the job done and never will of doing what Jesus said that is feeding the lambs and sheep. At the same time, Rick Warren is advocating ecumenicalism in an effort to do just that.

All of this Freemasonry direction, all of it is rebellion against good stewardship and good shepherding, unselfishness, repentance, atonement (at-one-ment), righteousness, real intelligence, true love, eternal peace, perfect unity, living truth, and all the rest of the good.

Freemasonry is a religion the aim of which is ultimately to thwart Christianity: Unselfishness, egalitarianism, giving and sharing all, faith in God's natural-stewardship model for the people, God's power over all matter and energy and forces in creation, etc.

Remember, Jesus was raised in the human house of Joseph, a master builder-carpenter. Jesus knew what was going on. He understood better than anyone else the connections. Don't forget either that the real temple is spiritual, and it dwells within.


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    • franz

      what im wondering is what secret society you're from and why you have to make propaganda in order to pathetically attempt to hurt the masons reputation. So obvious and rediculous.

      • Franz,

        I've stated openly that I'm against the secret societies. Yet, you wonder aloud right here before God and everyone to what secret society I belong. You're a further embarrassment and shame to them. I don't belong to any secret societies. The only society to which I belong is Christianity — God's society. The only reason it is unseen is because people such as you refuse to open your eyes and heart. Straighten out your thoughts. Furthermore, you've offered nothing here. You are obviously not Christian. Freemasonry is antichrist. "He that is not with me is against me." (Matthew 12:30 KJVR). Freemasonry teaches syncretism. Jesus did not. Syncretism mixes in misdirecting tenets. It is heterogeneity of antithetical paths. Wise up. You are not in the know.