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The false Christians authorize war, whereas Jesus said don't do it.

Holy War

They teach their members to engage in so-called Holy war against all other religions. However, the truth is that the Holy war is within where each person must overcome the temptation to take vengeance into his or her own hands.

Christian Crusade

They promote a crusade against giving and sharing all in common and against all who don't subscribe to their false traditions. They are throwbacks to the Medieval mind.

Law Enforcement

They seek to use the coercive power of the worldly establishment against all who even simply voice the truth that Jesus was the consummate pacifist and the most egalitarian soul, putting the last first.


They seek to indoctrinate all the youth into their false version of Christianity.

Prayer In School

They want all children to be forced to recite false prayers. However, Christ never forced anyone to pray nor did he ever say anything to suggest that such force is ever proper. Each person must be simply told the truth about the best way, the perfect path, and then left to decide, thereby, sorting himself or herself without being subjected to the offense of the violence, greedy power, and ignorant self-authorization of others.

Posting The Ten Commandments on Secular Public Property

They desire that the Old Testament be placed above the New Testament. They want the old law of stoning to be the law of the land now, even though Jesus defeated that savage law.

Gun Rights

They are willing to make war in order to hold onto their most deadly weapons despite, again, the pacifism of Jesus Christ whom they claim to follow.

Flag Desecration

They seek to conflate the incompatible. They demand that God and country are one and the same in the US. The law of the US is that the US shall make no law establishing any religion, including real Christianity. The law of the US is that the secular institutions have all coercive power over everyone. However, the law of Jesus is that God is not the worldly empire. God is quite the contrary to the worldly empire. Nevertheless, the false Christians demand that the US flag be treated as more sacred than the alter of God.

They demand this, because they demand that violence is the path and that those who went against Christ and who picked up the sword and who killed and were killed are martyrs for Christ. They are not.


Here again, they seek to use the coercive violence of the worldly state to force women to conceive and bear children rather then speaking love, peace, truth, and faith and letting that be the guide come what may from God.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Again, they seek the coercion of the worldly state. They do not do those things consistently that if they were to be done by all, all disease would be lifted from humanity by God and without science or worldly medicine or the like.


The same thing applies here that applies to abortion and stem-cell research, etc. Faith is the only answer: Faith in peace that is real love.

The sodomites test the patience in God's creation. They are working to convince people that Sodom and Gomorrah were not destroyed on account of their wickedness. They have succeeded in getting one US state, Massachusetts, to pass a law allowing homosexuals to officially marry each other. This shows the status of the divided house. That house was divided before too, even though two centuries ago it would never have been dreamed of by the vast majority of the citizens of Massachusetts that one day Massachusetts would have laws in favoring of, sanctifying, homosexual marriage.

Such is the result of coercion and of forcefully imposing supposed unifying government upon incompatible spirits.

Now other states have passed laws allowing homosexual so-called civil unions. There is no difference between the state sanctifying these civil unions and sanctifying marriage.

The real Church knows that the idea that homosexual marriages or civil unions are divinely legal is false. Homosexual marriages and civil unions are inconsistent with the new commandment. They do not show the real love. They are misdirecting. They open the doors of greater darkness.

Someone predicted that passing such laws would not lead to fire and brimstone.

"Give us two to five years," said Wilfredo Caraballo, who sponsored the civil union measure in the Assembly [New Jersey, USA]. "In a year and a half or two years we'll see that the world hasn't collapsed, heterosexuals are still getting married and God hasn't thrown fire and brimstone on us."[255]

However, there is a chain of cause and effect, and these laws, in the end, do in deed lead to fire and brimstone, whether literal or figurative. It will come if they don't repent, and it will be when they least expect it.

George W. Bush: Homosexual snow job on so-called conservative Christians

Now, before George W. Bush ran for president, he had homosexual couples stay with him at the Texas governors mansion. He took their campaign funds, etc. He has the right to repent of his dark intentions associated with those events. In addition, communicating with homosexuals for the right reason is, naturally, right to do. Jesus talked with all sinners willing to listen and continued with those who got it and changed accordingly.

However, these events with their ulterior motives were after Bush said he found Jesus and had been born again.

Then he changed his tune and actions further to lure the confused who call themselves conservative Christians.

However, when he was asked during the 2004 campaign if he thought a homosexual could change, he said he didn't know.

Now that his vice president's homosexual daughter is pregnant (December 2006), Bush is tiptoeing through the political minefield, his handlers and he see, by saying that he only thinks that (all other things being equal) children are better off with heterosexual parents, not that homosexual couples will warp children's minds with ideas that homosexuality is not a state of confusion, no matter how relative he thinks that is.

Vice president Cheney's daughter, Mary, is making a fundamental spiritual error. If there is to be any sexual activity at all, the life bonding of monogamous, faithful, heterosexuals is consistent with the loyalty of, and to, God. If the rest of the life of that monogamous, faithful, heterosexual couple is consistent with that monogamy, faithfulness, and heterosexuality, then all is headed in the right direction for that human couple. They are as harmless as love birds, a faithful pair of doves. It is then not a fractured sexuality. It is not a selfish sexuality. It does not allow the cracking of the door for evil spirits to slip into this realm of existence.

Jerry Falwell

It is noteworthy that the likes of Jerry Falwell is swinging to the false-left on homosexuality.

All these televangelists have turned the false-Christian right into being voters. They are now all wrapped up with using the coercive power of the false state to force people, coerce people, into complying with mundane thought and behavior.

Now all those supposed Christians are being herded to accept the line that God doesn't have the power.

Falwell had said that 9-11 came upon the US due to "the pagans, the abortionists, and the feminists and the gays and lesbians." Well, the list is very incomplete and his context is very misleading.

He later said, "... civil rights for all Americans, black, white, red, yellow, the rich, poor, young, old, gay, straight, et cetera, is not a liberal or conservative value. It's an American value that I would think that we pretty much all agree on."

You see here the camel's nose under the tent.

This is how the power of the coercive state will creep into every association. Freewill association and thought are being attacked. How long will it be before the state says that churches must open their membership to homosexuals and others? This is the forced house that can never stand.

The Real Church doesn't believe in coercing the conscience. It believes in warning of the consequences of wrong choices. The Real Church doesn't believe in the coercive state. However, the homosexual proselytizers do believe in the coercive state. They are attempting to turn a whole generation into a tool to deny the new commandment, to deny the salvation through God and not the apostate government.

Jeff Gannon

All the iniquity of the Bush-43 administration is all tied up with sexual depravity in the inner workings of the White House. Consider the case of James Dale Guckert (aka, Jeff Gannon). Background checks on Gannon were waived by the White House for his entrance as a journalist. He was at the time a professional homosexual escort with public advertisements for his services.

Also, the so-called conservative, Republican Christians are loaded with closet homosexuals just champing at the bit to come out.

God will cut off those who do not bring forth the real heaven on earth. The state of America, to which Falwell refers in the quote above is not that real heaven.

This is not a change for Falwell. This is Falwell's real stripes showing through now that the homosexuals have been so active to give him cover. The homosexual proselytizers really targeted Falwell,[256] and he has been steadily caving in to them.[257] This is possible because of Falwell's general errors about the false state. He doesn't see the current state as false. He is wrapped in the American flag rather than in the word of God. The American flag and the word of God are two different and incompatible things.

Falwell has knowingly had homosexuals working for him. The homosexuals state it openly. George W. Bush has plenty of homosexuals in his White House and he knows it full well. The stigma (the number six) is fast disappearing in the consciences of the general population.[258] This trend is part of the greater trend toward torture and dictatorship, etc.

Ted Haggard

Look at Ted Haggard being forced out of the closet and forced out of his church (for a while) and out of his false field (ministry) and forced out of the state if he wants to ever be allowed back into the false-ultraconservative Christian fold.[259]

Pat Robertson

Then you have Pat Robertson telling his viewers of the 700 Club that getting chip implants isn't a problem.

Paul Crouch

Look at Paul Crouch, the president of TBN (the Trinity Broadcasting Network, the largest Christian television network) who paid four hundred twenty-five thousand dollars in a settlement to a person who accused him of homosexual abuse.[260] Now what Christian would have that much money, since the ministry didn't pay it; and, what Christian would pay it, since it darkens the name of God (by association, in the minds of the unbelievers)?

Do you see the pattern?

All the iniquity goes hand-in-hand. All the secrets, barriers, militarism, abuse, greed, hoarding, materialism, contrivance, and sexual depravity comes together.

We can't be rid of one without being rid of them all. The only way to accomplish that is by non-coercive freewill turning of each and every soul on the planet.

You saw all of these elements coalesce at Abu Ghraib. You didn't see the worst of it though, because photos and videos have been withheld to cover the guilty—those who created and encouraged the climate.

Watch the standing army go homosexual.

They always have in every dominant Empire. The Greeks, the Romans, the British, and now the Americans—imperialism and uncontrolled sexual lust always end up showing through together. They come from the same wicked source.

Look at the homosexuals who claim to be antiwar who are clamoring for homosexuals to have the so-called right to be openly homosexual in the US military.

This retards the power of the Holy Spirit from coming to heal the world without pain and suffering for the iniquitous.

One day, it will happen though that the repentant and innocent will all be freed.

You see, the real debate isn't between the false right and the false left. It's between the righteous (unselfish) and the iniquitous (selfish-lust feeders).


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