Norman Finkelstein is a US political science professor who has written and spoken extensively about the twisting of history and the representation of current events by people who call themselves Zionists but who are anything but real Zionists.

Real Zionists are pacifists. Zion means peace—the peace of the Lord. Those calling themselves Zionists who forced the current so-called state of Israel into being did so via violence and other depraved and unethical and ill-religious, apostate, means.

Norman Finkelstein has used research to document much of the falsehood spewed out by those false-Zionists.

As a result, he has been attacked in the media and through back channels to his university, DePaul in Chicago. Through the concerted and evil efforts of those false-Zionists, Norman has been denied tenure. Not stopping at that but rather being out to destroy Norman completely, the false-Zionists have now also caused Norman's classes to be cancelled.

Professor Finkelstein's case is the prime example of the systemic rotting at the core of the system of higher education within the US. Rather than being persecuted for his diligent research and analysis, Norman should be celebrated and held up as an example of truth-seeking and truth-telling.

Tom Usher

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