What is happening to the promises of Michele Bachelet, president of Chile?

At a time when CEO's are earning more in one day than the average worker earns all year, there are still millions in Chile who struggle on perhaps only a quarter of what is needed to live reasonably well. The poor and underpaid turn to civil disobedience to get attention to their plight that seems otherwise ignored by the powers that be. In fact, the powers that be in far off places (the globalist oligarchs), deliberately oppress those people.

When things turn to civil disobedience and even destruction, the powers respond with greater violence, hoping to suppress the people.

Rather than that, why doesn't Michele Bachelet address the needs of the people in the first place, thereby, precluding such civil disobedience?

We don't condone that tactic (property destruction and such), but we don't condone the reaction by the government.

Some 750 people were abused by the police in Chile in recent days when they publicly protested the evil status quo.

Tom Usher

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