The neocons invaded Iraq for oil among other reasons. Their aims are many, but one of the central methods of takeover is privatization.

The capitalists are self-centered of course. They are about gaining for self and to hell with everyone else up to the point that the duped markets can stand and even beyond. Their attitude in general is, let the next generation worry about it—the "it" being the pollution and lack of resources and water, etc.

The capitalists wrote the Iraqi constitution to allow for the rape of Iraq by primarily US corporations.

Well, the exact same thing has happen to New Orleans as a result of the preventable hurricane Katrina of two years ago. By preventable, we mean the destruction could have been prevented through the proper construction of the dikes that breached.

That is not to say that we believe that New Orleans, under the circumstances, is the greatest place to have a major city—the "circumstances" being global warming and intensifying hurricanes.

Nevertheless, the capitalists are the combination of bird of prey and vulture. The only way to eradicate them short of violence is by turning the flow of resources out from under their ultimate control.

The people must channel their funds into the cause that will treat all the people in accordance with the golden rule, despite any lingering heathenism amongst the people.

Only the New Commandment in action will save the world—the real world.

The Iraq War and New Orleans and hurricane Katrina reflect the greed, racism, violence, and utter corruption and evil incompetence of the conservative/neoconservative, anti-God, antichrist, Republican ideology.

Tom Usher

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