John Walker Lindh is known as the "American Taliban." He is an American who joined the Taliban before the so-called War on Terrorism. He was captured in Afghanistan. The Justice Department and FBI knowingly and deliberately violated ethics rules by interrogating him without Lindh being allowed legal representation.

Jesselyn Radack had been assigned the case as part of the Justice Department Ethics Unit. She had advised not to interrogate Lindh without his having benefit of legal representation. The Justice Department went ahead anyway under the reasoning that Lindh was an "enemy combatant" and had, thereby, forfeited his US Constitutional rights.

The courts later ordered that all the Justice Department and FBI correspondence relating to the interrogation be turned over. Radack's memos were not added to the documents. She attempted to get them included but was blocked. She gave them to the media and was punished by the Justice Department and Bush Administration for being a whistleblower.

The Justice Department, under Michael Chertoff as assistant attorney general for the Criminal Division, retaliated against Radack including by having her placed on the "No-Fly List." She was forced to leave the Justice Department, fired from her next job with the government, and had secret reports about her given to the state bars.

We ask, how does Michael Chertoff get away with this? This is so blatant, so obvious, so conspicuous, yet Chertoff doesn't even get a symbolic slap on the wrist.

The answer is that the satanic spirit is the god of the status quo. This is why we can prophesy with the utmost certainty that the government of the United States of America under its current Constitution will fall. Ultimately, it will be replaced along with all the other governments of this world with real Christianity.

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