The US has the most guns in private hands of any nation: 9 guns per 10 people. It has the highest incarceration rate too.

It doesn't execute the most people however, although the rate is high especially under backward Texas-law. The dubious distinction of employing capital punishment at the highest rate belongs to China.

The US apparently doesn't have the highest gun-crime rate either. Gun ownership and violent crime isn't a one-for-one correlation. Nevertheless, gun ownership says plenty about the violent mentality and fear of people. They are ready at the trigger, which isn't conducive to the real peace of the Lord. Of course, one can't divorce private gun use from societal weapons use. Jesus doesn't, and wouldn't, pack a gun.

The US is using military and clandestine weapons around the world. That reflects the hearts of the American people too. The US is also manufacturing and selling weapons all over the world, which is not excused in any way by the fact that other nations are involved in weapon trafficking too.

The US also conveniently loses millions of weapons so that those it seeks to target are armed to some degree. The sinister types running the US imagine that that gives them cover or an excuse for going after the enemies they've surreptitiously armed. Sneaky and dirty isn't it: US tax dollars at work.

Tom Usher

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