We've been very busy since 9/3/2007 working on the first articles in our Wikipedia Series. Here though are some of the headlines from then to now.

September 3, 2007

U.S. troop buildup felt in Iraq hotspots

By DAVID RISING, Associated Press Writer

Tue Sep 4, 10:40 AM ET

Adgie [Lt. Col. Ken Adgie, commander of the 1st Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment] said he received a report Monday that al-Qaida in Iraq beheaded a 12-year-old boy in the middle of the street because his father was cooperating with the Americans.

"That's the level of evil we're dealing with here," he said.

Where is the substantiation for this claim? Did it happen or is it just a lie for the psychological effect—to manage perceptions? The government is a proven liar. Everything it puts out in the media must be discounted until substantiated.

Panama Canal begins historic expansion


Mon Sep 3, 3:05 PM ET

President Theodore Roosevelt arranged for Panama's independence from Colombia in 1903 to build the canal.

Why does the mainstream press (in this case, the Associated Press) euphemize U.S. militant imperialism? Roosevelt started a revolution in Panama and used gunboat diplomacy to force Columbia to let go of Panama so Roosevelt could build the Panama Canal. It was raw, naked imperialism and colonialism for the sake of U.S. capitalism at the expense of the indigenous peoples of the area.

Of all the Republicans running for president, only Ron Paul, the libertarian, says the U.S. should get out of the Iraq War. Others, especially John McCain, are saying the so-called surge is working. The surge isn't working. The U.S. isn't going to put enough soldiers or private contractors in Iraq to police the entire country and its borders to the extent it would take to subdue that area for U.S.-style elections, etc. Also, the Iraqi people know full well that the U.S. is there under false pretenses and really wants the oil first and foremost. Bush was there just leaning on al Maliki to push through the legislation completely privatizing Iraq's oil for the benefit of U.S. oil companies, making more permanent Bush's initial executive orders giving Iraq's oil to U.S. corporations. The surge is just a temporary ploy for the sake of the remainder of Bush's term and to make John McCain's position look plausible to the willingly naïve and gullible—those who really know but don't say publicly that the U.S. is stealing oil it had been coveting for decades.

Pakistan: The U.S. is setting things up so that it can move deeper into Pakistan's internal affairs.

VeriChip Corporation's implantable radio frequency identification (RFID) chips cause malignant cancers in lab animals.

September 4-12, 2007

More large earthquakes in Sumatra

Category 5 Hurricanes in Nicaragua and Mexico

Unprecedented flooding in India and Bangladesh

Unprecedented forest fires in Greece

Foot and mouth disease detected again in the UK

Ebola hemorrhagic fever outbreak in southern Congo

Iraq War continues unabated

Droughts in Australia extremely serious

Starvation unabated

Dislocation of millions of war refugees in Darfur and Iraq and elsewhere continues

Pollution threatens the whole planet

Hundreds more species put on extinction endangerment list

The Arctic Ocean opened up above Canada so that icebreakers aren't needed right now to traverse the Northwest Passage

Racially motivated torture… claims in West Virginia, U.S.

A six-year-olds sexually abused and hanged in Texas, U.S.

Foreclosure rates closing in on Great Depression rates and are hitting the lower classes hardest, of course

U.S. dollar keeps falling as part of the world bankers' scientifically controlled boom-and-bust cycle

Oil prices are up for the sake of the U.S. oil-industry's windfall profits

Get ready for more scientifically induced inflation of the U.S. dollar, higher unemployment, and possible recession. The Federal Reserve, the private bank under the world bankers who have secret monopoly power over the world's currencies, is going to lower the discount rate. If the Iraq War continues and especially if the U.S. bombs Iran all-out to take out Iran's military, oil prices will go through the roof, the world won't move quickly on global warming, and there will be a global depression deeper than ever before.

The self-styled conservative-Republican Christians are looking for a presidential choice (despite real-Christian admonitions not to participate in choosing the leader of the spiritually dead worldly empire). The mainstream against Romney have been making sure that the Mormon 1857 massacre of a wagon train is in front of the people, but where's the history of massacres done by ostensible Christian non-Mormons? They're looking for a president who will coercively enforce conservative-Republican Christian positions on Constitutional amendments to expressly ban abortion and homosexual marriage. That's coercion: Anti-Christian. It's not the right way to end abortions or homosexuality.

The Pentagon has been re-leaking and floating the concept of an all-out air attack against Iran. They want to intimidate the Iranians and others. They want to desensitize the American and world population to the reprehensible thought. Any such attack by the U.S. will be deemed by the RLC Church as state-sponsored terrorism, a war-crime under the mundane law, and a crime against God and humanity. All such wars are crimes in the eyes of real Christians.

U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero struck down the national security letters of the FBI as being unconstitutional. It remains to be seen what the higher courts will do if the government appeals.

The Justice Department has attacked the concept of Net Neutrality where all websites are on a level field. Under non-Net Neutrality, poorer sites would be relegated to dirt paths relative to super highways and express lanes for the rich. The Church is for leveling up (raising the bottom and all higher than ever).

The dictator of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, a U.S. semi-puppet, quickly had former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif whom he overthrew in a military coup, deported to Saudi Arabia upon Sharif's landing in Pakistan. Sharif, according to the Pakistani Supreme Court, had unconstitutionally moved to terminate and exile Musharraf when Sharif was in power.

Bin Laden and Bush keep up their evil war of words, duping the masses being playing off against each other, all and planned and financed by the highest plutocrats in the world.

The U.S. neocon plan of divide and conquer continues in Iraq and the whole Middle East so the U.S. can ram through privatization of the Iraqi's oil and keep the region destabilized while Israel gains in relative strength. Tons of cash and weapons are given away by the U.S. to keep the fires going for the sake of the military-industrial complex and long-term global imperial ambitions of the world bankers.

The Sacramento Bee newspaper has reported that 96% of U.S. companies were granted U.S. governmental approval to ship products overseas that failed U.S. safety standards. That's the selfishness of capitalism and nationalism and racism, etc., all rolled together.

There is no shame or repentance in evidence at the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace (commonly known as the Hoover Institute) at Stanford University. Donald Rumsfeld has joined the Institute (think tank).

September 16, 2007

An estimated 100,000 protesters marched in Washington, D.C., and the Associated Press leads with the line that "several thousand" marched. It wasn't until near the end of the article that it mentioned the 100,000 estimated. There were only an estimated 1,000 counter-demonstrators, but their representative received the last word in the article. All three of those aspects of the article are transparent psychological tricks in support of the Iraq War.

Alan Greenspan admits in his new book that the Iraq War is mostly about oil. Good for him.

Even though the muttawa (religious police) in Saudi Arabia still kill people for not following Wahhabism, the Bush administration sells the Saudi royals billions in weapons for which Saudi royal family members get large kickbacks. What a racket.

Bush and his cronies are selling the war with everything they have. Are you buying?

The surge has resulted in pockets of more intensive U.S. military control that cannot be maintained and have been created for appearances only as a purely political ploy for the sake of the Republican presidential election and congressional seats in the upcoming election.

The Muslims are not going to give up simply because the U.S. military has hardened a few areas. The notion that locals are siding with the U.S. against those the U.S. neocons are terming "extremists" is ridiculous on its face. They aren't extremists. If Mohammed were alive today in his prime, he'd be organizing them to fight the U.S. There is no doubt about it. The use of the term "extremist" is also designed to set the masses against radical (root) changes in the status quo. They know that Jesus is a radical. They don't want people finding out about that. They don't want people to come to understand that Jesus is opposed to the U.S. Bush administration and to all subsequent administrations employing iniquity and bringing forth iniquity, which is what George W. Bush has been doing and is still deceptively advocating as of the date of this writing. He does that while claiming to be a Christian. George W. Bush is no Christian. He never has been. Will he yet repent, in earnest?

Also, the idea that the aftermath in the Vietnam War regions was the fault of the U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam is a complete mischaracterization of actual history. Those problems never would have occurred were it not for the U.S. wrongheaded imperialism in the first place. It was greed and blood lust, purely and simply.

The Iraq War is for oil first. It was never about anti-terrorism. It was never about 9/11 or al Qaeda or the Taliban. Saddam Hussein was against those groups and was not in league with them. It was never about WMD. The U.N. inspectors were finding nothing. It was about covetousness. It was about greed for oil and the money involved. After that, it was about DNA (bigotry against Arabs and Persians and others regardless of religion) and about suppressing egalitarianism. Saddam Hussein, as ruthless as he was capable of being, nevertheless provided more balanced services to all the people than does the U.S. in America. The false-Zionists in Israel and the U.S., the neocons and self-styled Christian Zionists, are pressing for Israeli and U.S. dominance of the entire Middle East. It is empire building, again purely and simply. Religion enters in, but money and DNA come first and in that order.

The polls show many Americans claiming links between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden and that WMD were found in Iraq. The people making such claims are disingenuous. They are winking at each other. They know they are promoting a lie to each other for their greedy, selfish sakes. It's transparent now. The truth has been out there too much and for too long for anyone to get away with such ineptitude. The Republicans putting on ads that have tried once again to make such links between Saddam and 9/11 will go down in history as huge losers. History will record them as having worked vociferously to create a façade behind which to hide their iniquity.

Immigration, Wars, Plutocracy

The entire border system of the world is anti-humanity as a family. It is anti-family, whether family in spirit or family in the DNA sense, biological sense. The world should be, and will become (because for one reason, there is no long-term other option but to do what is right), a place where the Holy Spirit of truth, love, and peace is the conscience of the whole of humanity. Then, there will be no borders in the current mundane sense. Souls will be where it is best for them to be and be loved and cared for and served by all the other souls of the Earth. The current system is built entirely upon selfishness.

What is done to keep so-called illegal immigrant families down is the same thing that is being done in Iraq and around the world. The empire breaks down people, families, nations, etc., so that the only concentration of power, wealth, and control lies in the hands of the plutocrats and oligarchs at the top of the food chain of capitalism, which is built entirely upon antichrist principles.

The only way to break this stranglehold is by displacing iniquity in each heart and then those hearts coming together as one heart and one soul with all things held in common to meet the needs (no selfish excess) of each.

The U.N. General Assembly rightly affirmed the commons of indigenous peoples around the world. One of the most evil methods for the greedy and acquisitive and covetous capitalists is via land titles. Those capitalists insist that all land in the world not now under official governmentally issued titles is un-owned land. The U.N. action states that land upon which people have been living, making their living, being sustained, is their common land. They have effective title. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States were openly against the measure.

Bush Destroying America

Bush is working to destroy America for exactly the same reasons he is destroying Iraq and plans and wants to destroy Iran. Dividing and keeping divided all those who would otherwise come together under Jesus Christ's real message is Satan's work. The satanic spirit must work its hardest to keep the world divided, even splintered, so that the very few and wealthiest may control what those splintered groups and fractured individuals hear. The real light of Jesus is held under the bushel by those few for their selfish sakes. The real light of Jesus is their downfall. They know it. They want to postpone that downfall for as long as possible.

The real light of Jesus is the ultimate solution for humanity on Earth, for the whole world. Turning the tables over is the solution. That's why Jesus overturned the tables of the money changers in the Temple that the Romans later leveled. It was for a sign. It was a symbol of what must be done within each heart. The hierarchy has been upside down since the first tribal chief or clan leader turned self-centered and demanded to be ministered to rather than being the best servant of the whole family's true needs. That's inherent within Jesus's message. We must return to that and do even better than ever before to be saved from extinction into damnation.

The Pentagon used selected bits of the false confession of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. He also confessed to numerous other crimes that he could not possibly have committed. It's all been documented. Yet, the Pentagon, for purely evil political purposes, released self-serving bits to the public at a time when the Bush neocons are in full-swing trying to get the American people to pretend to be duped. God sees it all. Jesus sees it all. What are these souls going to do when they knock at Heaven's gate but are not recognized?

In Malaysia, the government fines people for violating Ramadan (eating, drinking or smoking during the day-time during the month). Now that's coercion.

The news is fussing over whether John McCain is an Episcopalian or Baptist as he asserts. John McCain is for war. Jesus is against war. John is for what Jesus is against. John is against Jesus. One cannot be simultaneously a Christian and against Jesus. Anyone against Jesus by being for war is not a Christian. That's clear.

The Pentagon Budget

This year the Pentagon received a "clean audit opinion on $215 billion, or 15 percent, of its assets and $967 billion, or 49 percent, of its liabilities." (Source)

That means that it cannot accurately account for 85% of its assets and 51% of its liabilities. Therefore, the Pentagon gives away hundreds of millions of dollars that go unaccounted. Who's getting what for what?

It's been this way ever since I can remember. The Pentagon just ignores requirements to deal with waste, fraud, and abuse. What do people expect from Satan's arm?

General Petraeus' history is that of ineptitude and failure. "Critics hold him at least partly responsible for three debacles: the capture of Mosul by the insurgents in 2004; the failure to train an effective Iraqi army and the theft of the entire Iraqi arms procurement budget in 2004-05." (Source) Why is anyone listening to him? He's being paraded by Bush, because Petraeus is willing.

Microsoft lost in EU court September 17, 2007. Microsoft had appealed a ruling by the EU Commission with oversight of anti-trust in the Union. The Commission had found that Microsoft had engaged in monopolistic practices and had to stop and to pay fines. Microsoft did engage in agreements in restraint of trade in the US and around the world. It did take unfair advantage by bundling software in a vertical and horizontal integration of its products while keeping competitors from having sufficient information about the Microsoft operating system. The U.S. Justice Department under Bill Clinton had gone after Microsoft, but the Bush administration dropped it all. Bush likes consolidation under capitalism. He's anti-populist.

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