The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, by Naomi Klein We'd seen Naomi Klein before on video giving talks. She works to put together pieces to make sense of them and to describe them to regular people. She's written a new book and done a new video "The Shock Doctrine" about Milton Friedman's brand of libertarian capitalism and its requirement for, and use of, violence, torture, and brutal shocks to get people into a state of weakened submission so that the laissez faire capitalists may put into place, without any resistance, and then dictate, a completely evil economic system for the fractured nation and finally the world. Naomi is correct in her analysis, of course. We've written about Milton along the same lines before.

Many others have also recognized that the so-called economic miracle in Chile was done only via an illegal and immoral coup, anti-democratic, and benefiting mostly rich and foreign exploiters. Naomi though does a particularly good job of emphasizing the direct connection between the same violent, sadistic shock treatments done on nations with those done on individuals as torture. It is the microcosm/macrocosm principle at work.

Of course, the shock and receptivity theory works, but it does not always result in evil selfishness. It depends upon the system in place before the shock. In fact, the coming wrath and Great Tribulation will be exactly such a shock after which people will finally be ready to accept an end to Milton Friedman's evil system. This is why we've often said and have written that it must get much worse before it gets much better. This outcome though is not what the current powers that be have in mind for the long-term or eternity. They falsely imagine that they are in ultimate control. They aren't, of course.

What is going to happen is that their standard will come full-swing back at them. They are going to suffer from what they've been dishing out to others while imagining they, the rich, are immune. They aren't.

We remember Milton Friedman's PBS series "Free to Choose." It was Milton in 1980 giving his all to make the case for economic libertarianism. "The free-enterprise system" is what it was called at the time and now "free-market economics." At the time and still, we found it incredibly dim-witted on its face. One of the most important aspects was realizing that Milton had no clue about the effect of preaching self-regulating selfishness would have on the effort to take care of and clean up the environment. There he was preaching that self-centeredness would magically cause people to work together to survive when in reality, the only preaching that will cause people to work together sufficiently to save the planet is the preaching of exactly the opposite of Milton's entire first principle of selfishness. The only people who listened to him were the greedy one's, many at the top. They want theirs while the getting is still good, before the resources run out and the planet becomes too polluted and before they die, leaving the disaster to posterity. What an evil, short-sighted, selfish, mentality that remains. It must and will be totally overturned.

The Christian Commons will inherit the Earth never to revert again to the evil, devouring spirit that is laissez faire capitalism. Egalitarianism and leaders who are the best servants will reign forever.

The use of the term "free" by the libertarians is highly selective. It is a connotation to mask the tyranny of insensitivity, pitilessness, indifference, neglect, abuse, and worse. Friedman thought that the only place for government was in forcing economic selfishness upon the people for the sake of the selfish. Now, the libertarians want all military and policing done by private enterprise, really corporations. The corporation is their state. Money, where it is placed, is the only vote necessary. Consequently, the one who corners the most money will have the greatest say regardless of how ruthless he has been or is in obtaining that corner. It won't stand. The prophecy is directly set against it.

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