"General Petraeus or General Betray Us?" is a ad heading. The whole ad may be seen here.

Arianna Huffington, of The Huffington Post, wrote about it in a post entitled, "Dept. of Misdirection: With Iraq a Disaster, GOP Goes Crazy Over a Newspaper Ad."

This ad has struck a nerve or it is much ado about nothing or both. The controversy certainly is an attempt to divert attention from the other points raised in the ad. It's backfired on the Republicans though, because the ad has received much more attention now than it would have had the conservative-Republican warmongers not reacted so.

What does General "Betray Us" mean? Obviously, and the conservative Republicans know this, it means he has betrayed his duty ultimately to do what is best for the common people of the U.S. rather than the power brokers' bidding. General Petraeus is to have pledged his allegiance to the whole people of America and not to any group of power brokers. This is an argument over spirits. Of course, Petraeus doesn't agree with the perspective of the MoveOn people. Besides, he's gaming the system, which he does on automatic pilot now that he's been at it so long. He's a politician first and a soldier a distant second. Everything is perception, only people such as those at MoveOn are networked in now with the Internet and computers. They can fight back quickly and with a huge reservoir of data and sources to back them up.

It isn't as easy as it used to be for people such as Petraeus when the common people at home had only their local newspaper to inform them. If one wanted what MoveOn can produce in a few days at most (maybe only hours and getting shorter all the time), one would have had to spend weeks or even months in the archives in a distant, large city or university. Then it would take weeks to get the information out to the people (those who could read).

Anyway, it's a matter of perspective as to whether or not one views Petraeus as a betrayer or not. The Real Liberal Christian Church doesn't consider him our betrayer, because we never considered him on our side. How can anyone do what is best for the common people when one is a top military general? War and doing what is best are incongruous.

We understand MoveOn's point; however, its misguided. It misses the reality that the U.S. is divided and MoveOn is a tool for keeping alive the falsehood of unity. MoveOn is part of the system of making uniformity under evil selfishness seem as if it is divided. The reality is that the people are divided but between the selfish versus those who want to end all the selfishness. They are the ones without a voice, because they are marginalized, ostracize, persecuted, and even murdered by both Republicans and Democrats.

Is MoveOn a lesser evil relative to the Republican neocons? Yes. However, being a lesser evil is not good enough. MoveOn isn't promoting the ultimate solution, which is small-c communism (small-c because it has no part in Marx's call for violent revolution or any coercion for that matter). It's the New Commandment: The real-Christian Commons.

No, MoveOn is a small step to the false-left of the Democratic Leadership Council and Blue Dogs. It's a tool of the capitalists—duped.

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