Monday, September 17, 2007

Retired U.S. Army General John Abizaid, who headed the U.S. Central Command, says that the World could live with a nuclear-armed Iran. Well, he's not a war-monger. However, his premise is based upon Iran's wanting nuclear arms, which they really don't. They've only ever said that they might be pushed into obtaining them for the supposed deterrence against Israel (the "Zionist entity," they call it).

The RLC Church doesn't support Islam in any of its forms. Pacifists among the mystic Sufis may make them more amenable to the real message of Christ, but so long as they reject that true message (if they've been truly exposed to it), their headed off the right course.

Nevertheless, the remarks by the General are correct concerning the Iranian leadership not being anywhere near what they have been portrayed to be by the neocons.

There is great distortion and mischaracterization on both sides, even while both sides truly are not with God (walking in Godliness or even beginning to speak their way into heading in that direction).

Abizaid gets credit though for not being as misleading as the neocons—not as far from God's Kingdom.

In Venezuela, they are going to nationalize schools (including private) that refuse to teach the official program. Part of the required reading is Karl Marx's Das Kapital. Well, reading Marx is good for understanding where he went wrong. Reading Jesus sets it straight. They should read Adam Smith too within the biggest-picture context possible, which is Jesus's context. God is always more than mundane comprehension.

Hugo Chavez calls himself a Christian. He is far more egalitarian than the neocons, of course; however, how close to what Jesus had in mind is Hugo? Hugo is also a military man. Whereas, Jesus echoed the prophets' who called for peace.

Now, Chavez is doing what the U.S. does. His views in the general are not openly taught in public and private schools in the U.S. Rather, capitalism is generally lauded, and Jesus is forbidden in the public schools. So when the authorities and others in the U.S. criticize this move by Venezuela, they are of course being hypocritical.

Let all doctrines be compared and let the best be adopted. That's the Real Liberal Christian Church position. We know that the real tenets of Jesus are the best ever. They can stand up against any other arguments. The losers know this, so they censor Jesus's real message as much as they can get away with, as much as they can brainwash the masses.

Blackwater USA is being threatened with expulsion from Iraq for killing civilians. Blackwater USA is a privatized military. The Iraqi's are well within their rights and correct in expelling them, without doubt. Blackwater contends those being termed civilians were armed attackers.

The head of Blackwater USA is a self-styled conservative, Republican Christian. He's a false-Christian, an antichrist. He makes his living off death and destruction.

Western Canadian pine beetles have wiped out about 40 percent of British Columbia's marketable pine trees. When added to all the other things going on (floods, hurricanes, bird flu, etc.), it should be obvious that humanity is headed in the wrong direction.

Clinton and Obama Half-truths

Hillary Clinton calls for universal healthcare that isn't, and Barack Obama says Wall Street needs to be less self-centered.

Universal healthcare is universal. That means absolutely no one is turned away because of money. Clinton isn't calling for that. She's walking the tightrope for the sake of appealing to the widest selfish audience.

Obama is calling for a self-centered system to soften its heart but only so much. If self-centeredness is wrong, why call for partial softening? Call for full softening as Jesus did. Call for small-c communism. Call for the Christian Commons to displace the evils of usury, taxes, and the requirement for money for food and water and housing, etc. Call for the end of false profit, which all comes from evil.

Mitt Romney has said that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should not be allowed to speak at the U.N. and should be indicted for war crimes.

If Ahmadinejad should be indicted for war crimes, which national leaders should not be? Certainly, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and others would also have to be indicted. Ahmadinejad has done nothing comparable to the crimes of war waged by Bush and Cheney.

Romney is being disingenuous and pandering to the false-Zionists and false-Christian Zionists. It's all about money first.

"If mothers ruled the world, there wouldn't be any god-damned wars in the first place." The Fox Channel censored that statement by Sally Fields. They cut her off and turned the camera away in the middle of the word "god-damned." (Source:

War is damned by God. War is damning. It is a damnable thing. Those who promote it and engage in it run the risk of damnation. They must repent. They must stop what they are doing and turn to God. They must atone. They must stop being the devouring spirit that is satanic (devils incarnate; fallen angels; unenlightened).

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mohamed ElBaradei is the head of the U.N.'s IAEA. He says that U.S. Congressional Republicans have issued a false report that Iran has enriched uranium to weapons-grade. Add this to the conservative French government's saber rattling against Iran, even though Iran hasn't done anything to France or the U.S. and add it to George W. Bush's neocon's foaming at the mouth over the prospect of shocking Iran into a fetal position in the corner so that the serpents may move in and take over and one begins to see that even though Bush has zero political capital left and that there could be blood in America's streets when militant "freedom fighters" (the most armed civilian population in the world) start shooting fascists right here in the U.S., one sees that Bush may still be insanely evil enough to attack Iran.

Do you remember when Hillary Clinton and John Edwards were overheard whispering to each other that they needed to make the Democratic candidates' forums smaller? Well, now Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel have been deliberately not invited to some gatherings of the Democratic candidates before large groups of potential voters. Now you see why the members of the real Christian Church don't partake in voting in secular politics. It's sheer evil. Kucinich and Gravel are the two most outspoken peace candidates in the field. They've managed to pull the entire Party in the peace direction just by being there to talk peace. That's why Clinton and Edwards colluded to exclude them.

Are Clinton and Edwards the kind of people you want leading the flock? The Real Liberal Christian Church isn't going to follow them anywhere. We don't hear the consistent voice of Jesus Christ in what they say. We don't see him in what they are doing either.

"The United States on Tuesday suspended all land travel by U.S. diplomats and other civilian officials throughout Iraq, except in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone," reported the Associated Press on September 18, 2007.

This plan has the stealthy effect of stopping people from speaking directly with Iraqis about the country? It's censorship. The occupiers don't want people finding out things and reporting back to the American people and the rest of the world. The occupiers want to cover up what they are doing, because what they are doing is sheer evil.

It is being done ostensibly to appease Iraqis enraged by Blackwater, the antichrist mercenary corporation sent by the sons of perdition to punish the Iraqis.

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