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False-Zionists: Jewish Supremacists

Israel is putting the squeeze on Gaza. They're threatening to cut off water, fuel, electricity, and more. They're now referring to Gaza as an "enemy entity." As far as the Israeli government is concerned, all non-Jews in the occupied lands will totally submit to Jewish supremacy or be collectively punished even to death. Those who do submit will remain Jewish inferiors under Israeli law.

Any member of the DNA family of mankind who believes that his or her DNA-branch is entitled to more simply by virtue of that branch is ethnically prejudiced under divine law and no member of the spiritual family of the Son of man. The ability of the Holy Spirit of truth to reach across ethnic lines (as defined by some humans) has been demonstrated.

It is written in Genesis 18:32 that Abraham pleaded with God to spare Sodom if there are even only ten people there who were not practicing iniquity. He said, "Oh let not the LORD be angry, and I will speak yet but this once: Peradventure ten shall be found there." The LORD is recorded as having responded to Abraham by saying, "I will not destroy it for ten's sake."

Now where is that spirit amongst the false-Zionists? Are those particular Jews calling themselves Zionists in the current state of Israel or in New York or anywhere else on the face of the Earth saying that they are certain there are not even ten souls in Gaza who don't deserve the treatment being dished out by those particular Jews?

Taking over land occupied by others where those others are living peacefully and not spoiling for a fight proves the takers are willfully against Godliness. All such taking is denounced as robbery even in the mundane. Those doing it make of themselves robbers and unworthy.

What is U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice going to do about it? She's going to mollycoddle the ethnic supremacists. She said that Hamas "is a hostile entity to the United States as well." Well, it's okay with her if the false-Zionists are hostile when robbing the Palestinians of land, but it isn't okay for the Palestinians to be hostile in response. Woe to the hypocrites. Both sides are hostiles.

The false-Zionists are even officially stating that water is not a humanitarian need. What a blatant lie. They are warned that it is prophesied that what they are dishing out will be meted out to them.

The only time George W. Bush tried to stand up to Israel, he backed down quickly {unlike his father, who was then defeated in the next election because false-Zionist money was poured out to the opposition candidate (Bill Clinton) who never made any demands of Israel}. His father went to the American people when Israel was demanding billions of U.S. dollars. The people backed him. During the election though, he failed to tell the people how the same forces were working to defeat him.

This is no endorsement of George H. W. Bush. He's a half-truth artist, an unrepentant supremacist himself, and very deep in the conspiracy (John F. Kennedy assassination and Iran-Contra to name two famous instances).

Illegitimate Israel: Illegitimate World

Why was it not okay for any White South Africans to be White Supremacists but it is okay to be supremacists in charge of a nation-state if you are termed Jews? The answer is hypocrisy. Why is driving people off their lands and out of their homes so the occupiers can take over a sin everywhere it happens except when it's done by Jews in Israel? The answer is it is a sin when it's done by Jews in Israel. The Jews in Israel who drove the people out and took over sinned and are still sinning because they have not repented or made any effort to atone.

Legitimacy does not come from terrorism. The current formation of the state of Israel was created out of terrorism by terrorists. There were non-terrorists with a different vision, but they lost out. Legitimacy does not come from the dictates of greedy empires. The fading British Empire and the risen American Empire caved into the demands of the terrorists to steal the land from the people already there. Now, the Americans dictate to the world that Israel can do anything it wants to the Palestinians with impunity. Legitimacy doesn't come from creating a majority opinion by violently and murderously driving away those who aren't of your self-defined tribe. Israel has created a false-democracy by driving out all those who would disagree with Jewish Supremacy.

Is Israel legitimate? No. Are all the boundaries of all the nations built by waging wars of conquest and aggression and not out of the spirit of the New Commandment illegitimate? Yes.


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