We came to the conclusion that the false-Zionists are being Supremacists, so we went out onto the Internet and Googled "Jewish Supremacists." David Duke came up on top. We had bumped into him on the Internet once before over issues of Iran and anti-Semitism. This time though, we read more in-depth on his site.

He is right about the false-Zionists being Supremacists. We've come to many of the same conclusions based on much of the same information he cites. However, he is completely wrong to worry about preserving his own ethnic group or culture from the standpoint he does.

The false-Zionists are wrong for being DNA-based supremacists and separatists. They don't understand the power of the Holy Spirit over all flesh. David Duke says he's not a supremacist since he doesn't seek to dominate any other group. That may be, but he's still a DNA-based separatist or segregationist, just as are the false-Zionists running Israel. He's making the same error.

The Real Liberal Christian Church, of course, doesn't seek to coerce the false-Zionists or David Duke. We are a separate people too. We are separated unto God by virtue of our spirit that includes anti-DNA-segregation. The movement of the Holy Spirit within each individual defines that individual as to whether or not he or she is a member of the real Church or a Christian in God's eyes, per Jesus.

David Duke says that most people prefer the company of their own kind (ethnic group). We have never found that to be true for us. We've thoroughly enjoyed the company of people from all over the planet. David also says that most groups think their group is the best. If they do, (and they really don't) their all wrong. The term "best" here isn't sufficiently defined.

The RLC Church doesn't look at people or individuals as being best based upon DNA. The Church looks at the best spirit, which is the spirit that is closest to the spirit of Jesus and God and even one with it.

We don't judge or condemn David Duke or the false-Zionists. We want God completely to bless everyone, since that would mean all would turn, repent, and atone. All would have real peace then, and only then.

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