Israel, before it was Israel, when it was Abram and Abraham, fought what it saw as grave iniquity. It was victimized in Egypt under slavery for hundreds of years. It then perpetrated harm against those it saw as gravely iniquitous. It was then victimized by the Assyrians. Then it was victimized by the Babylonians. Then it was victimized by the Greeks. Then it was victimized by the Romans. Then it was victimized by the Germans. Now it is victimizing the Arabs (Muslims and Christians) in what was originally the land called Canaan. There were many smaller wars, victimizations of Israelites by others and non-Israelites by Israelites (termed Jews today), and perpetrations of Jews by others and non-Jews by Jews throughout this whole time.

It is common knowledge that victims often (most often) grow up to be perpetrators. It is that cycle that must be overcome by each individual if the entire cycle is to end humanity-wide.

What has happened about Israel is that partially out of sympathy and empathy for the victimized and suffering of the Hebrews down through the ages and most recently at the hands of the Nazis, the Jews have been hugely assisted in setting up a state and doing things to others that would be very nearly roundly denounced in America were it done by any other ethnic group in the world.

The American political-socialization process indoctrinates Americans to loathe the atrocities of the Nazis and state-capitalist Bolsheviks while turning a blind eye to American atrocities at home against the American Indians, in Latin America, and around the world in the Philippines and Vietnam and elsewhere and in assisting brutal dictatorships whenever the unbridled capitalists saw it to their selfish advantage. That political-socialization process also indoctrinates Americans to turn a blind eye to the blatant wrong-doing of those calling themselves Zionists.

The reason this has happened is because certain Jews and certain Anglo-Saxon-Americans have formed a corrosive symbiotic relationship (completely self-centered on the part of both symbionts). The Jews want protection as they go about creating their Jewish Empire in the area called Greater Israel outlined in the Old Testament as running from the Nile to the Euphrates. The Anglo-Saxons (with others in toe) use Israel as a forwardly deployed part of the greater Anglo-Saxon dominated Empire (Anglo-American Empire). In other words, the greed of certain Anglo-Saxons (evil's victims and perpetrators themselves) is so great that it overshadows the revulsion other Anglo-Saxons and others have toward perpetration.

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