This is not a dogmatic position of the Church. A person may be a Real Liberal Christian without holding to theistic evolution. The defining position of the Real Liberal Christian is the belief in the New Commandment and bringing forth on account of righteousness and God's supernaturalism (being beyond the limits of mundanely defined natural forces). All Real Liberal Christians will believe in the divine, transcendent power of God. This is experienced just as Mary, Peter, John, and others experienced it firsthand.

God's supersensory awareness is not limited by physical distance or time. God is omnipotent for good (the knowledge of good). God's power runs infinitely past and outside mere human concepts of telekinesis and telepathy. God's power is not unreal but the Real—the ultimate reality. Disbelief in them is denying reality. It is not magic that doesn't know its source. It is not black magic, sorcery, or witchcraft that are for evil (selfish; unrighteous; even if ignorant) purposes.

Nevertheless, God's power remains occulted (hidden) from ultimate testing (science). God will yield what is yet unknown but will retain and withhold the ultimate from the unworthy (selfish; those who have been proven untrustworthy).

God may violate any scientific (testable) law (human faith in human assumptions). Anyone who imagines that scientific assumptions are immutable is practicing arrogance before God. It is conceit and futility.

Tom Usher

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