Iran has been labeled a state sponsor of terrorism? Where's the evidence? Have you ever seen any? We haven't. All we've been given are statements by the U.S. government that Iran sponsors terrorism. What terrorism has Iran sponsored? Be specific. They've funded Hezbollah. Is that it? Hezbollah has done what terrorizing exactly? It's fought back against Israel. Is that it? That's fighting, and we don't like it; however, it isn't anymore terrorizing than Israel showering Lebanon with millions of cluster bomblets. What would an objective person think?

Both sides are wrong. That's why both sides are going to lose.

U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman, Independent Connecticut, said Columbia University shouldn't have let Ahmadinejad speak at the school "because he comes literally with blood on his hands." Wow. Lieberman is surrounded by people with blood on their hands. Blessed are the peacemakers, Joseph.

If Ahmadinejad has read stories that question the official false-Zionist statistics of the Jewish holocaust and he questions those statistics, then engage him in debate and show him specifics he can have corroborated independently. If Ahmadinejad asks what the Nazi concentration camps have to do with the treatment of the Palestinians, answer him. He didn't receive an answer on that.

That's because he's right that the Palestinians should never have been made to pay the penalty for Nazi Germany's murderous regime no matter how much anyone disagrees with Islam.

Tom Usher

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