In actual fact, mainstream Holocaust historians have constantly bewailed the appalling lack of documentation that accompanies what is called the Holocaust. In what is alleged to be the most extensive and elaborate program of mass murder the world has ever seen, there has not been found even a single order or instruction given to any German official to gas or otherwise exterminate Jews. There are no blueprints, plans or instruction booklets, or orders for the operation of gas chambers that could be just as lethal for the operators as the victims. Even though the SS and Chancellery was captured practically intact, no plan, program or clear policy for exterminating all the Jews of Europe was found. There is in fact not one mention in any contemporaneous German document of any gassing of any type other than for fumigation of typhus bearing lice in clothes and other articles. There are thousands of documents dealing with executions, hostage reprisals, shootings, hangings and the like but not a single document dealing with the gassing of humans by Zyklon B or any other means. Why would the Germans record matter-of-factly killings by shooting or hanging but not by gas chambers? Is there much difference in America between press coverage of executions by gas, electric chair or lethal injection. Why would Germans record one meticulously and not the other?

The overwhelming "documentation" of the Holocaust comes from statements of Jewish prisoners at a time when rumors ran rife. There is ample documentation of the fact that there was a terrible lack of food and medicine leading to starvation and sickness in the camps at the end of the war. There is copious documentation that there were terrible epidemics that swept through the camps in the last months of the war, epidemics that even the allies had a difficult time controlling after their occupation. International Red Cross teams from Switzerland, America, the UK, Canada and elsewhere inspected the German P.O.W. and concentration camps right up to the end of the war, and they issued detailed and documented reports of the conditions in them. They reported in their documentation about the epidemics and they were specifically asked by the U.S. Government to investigate the many wartime rumors of war crimes and mass extermination. After the International Red Cross completed their investigation, they duly reported to the President of the United States in November 1944 that they found absolutely no evidence of intentional mass killing of Jews or other prisoners. The official Red Cross reports refuting claims of an intentional program of mass murder of Jews is a fact that the mainstream Holocaust historians claim is a spectacular failure on the part of the Red Cross.

That's David Duke writing about it. You may not like Duke's errors concerning race and ethnicity, but is what he has written in just those two paragraphs above correct? Is it holocaust denial or holocaust wondering?

It is a fact that some of the stories that circulated turned out to be false. The one about the Nazis making soap from the fat of Jews for instance apparently turned out to be made up. Also, it is a fact that the numbers of those allegedly exterminated at the various camps has been officially reduced by millions. That's millions.

Look, the Nazis were despicable. They did despicable things to all sorts of people, Jews included. The question isn't whether or not the Nazis were terrible. The question is the degree to which the false Zionists have exaggerated in an attempt to gain spellbound sympathy from bleeding hearts?

Understand here, Real Liberal Christians are bleeding hearts. We stand guilty as charged. We know that Jesus was a bleeding heart while at the same time he was ready to let go of the forever-iniquitous for the sake of the righteous (to be finally out from under).

The Jews don't need lies. They don't need laws saying that no one may ask questions about exterminations. They don't need to lump everyone together on this issue.

Of course, people who hate all Jews are going to look for every bit of dirt they can find. That doesn't mean that everyone who wonders why the stories about soap and the numbers of dead, etc., have changed over the decades is in league with or playing into the hands of racists.

Tell the truth.

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