September 27, 2007 1:35 PM
"It has never made sense to me how the homophobes can claim Biblical support when none really exists. There are seven references in the entire Bible allegedly condemning Homosexuality, none are in the Gospels. Of the seven, five actually refer to temple prostitution, one on the assault and humiliation of protected guests, and one, one only, implies it is against nature (ROMANS 1:27). Meanwhile, there are hundreds and hundreds of references to love, kindness, and charity especially to the poor and excluded members of society.
But I suppose it is the same with fundamentalists of any stripe, apply your own literal meaning to selected passages to help your particular social agenda. It is indeed disappointing that Christians are so consistently failing to control their fundamentalists. But the seems to be a problem with a number of religions today doesn't it?"
I don't think your interpretation of those passages is the most reasonable one but in any case use some common sense. How could a religion condemn sex outside marriage and then support homosexual acts?

Source: Guardian Unlimited | Comment is free | US bishops have bent the knee to the will of the bully

Many sins are not enumerated in the Gospels. The Gospels are not an all-inclusive, mundane list of sin. The Gospels are a condemnation of all sins, however, by clear and plain implication. Anything harmful is sinful. Do no harm. Be harmless as doves. Homosexuality is not harmless, far from it. It causes and spreads many diseases, many of which are ultimately fatal. It is also fatal to the soul.

There are hundreds of references to love, kindness, and charity in the Bible. Jesus also though pronounces woe on people. He also hated people. He hated his family. He told those who would follow him that they had to hate themselves as well. There is every bit as much hate in the Gospels as there is love. The reason is that that hate and that love are the same thing. You cannot truly love without hating iniquity and those who do it. They are their fruit; yet, they can change if they will be called and chosen.

Jesus was adamantly opposed to all selfish lusting. He was completely in favor of the bonding of one flesh. He abhorred adultery and pedophilia and fornication. All homosexuality is fornication or adultery or both. It is a lie to say otherwise. It is lying to others and misleading them into temptation that if they cave into it will do them harm to say that homosexuality is okay. It isn't okay. It's wrong. It's a disease. Everyone must be warned away from engaging in such behavior.

Tell the truth and only the truth. Turn to God. Repent and atone before it becomes too late.

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