The protesters at Columbia University holding up billboards where the most populars slogans were "Go to Hell" and "Evil" there were many billboards with Ahmadinejad portrayed as Hitler. Why were these people so angry against him? Two reasons Israel and Jews. There is absolutely no freedom of speech allowed to criticize the wrong policies of Israeli government and Jews in US and Europe.

Who really deserve to go to hell and is pure evil and close to Hitler? Ahmadinejad or Bush?

  • Ahmadinejad did not invade two sovereign nations and did not killed over million innocent people.
  • Bush did invaded Afghanistan and Iraq causing death and destruction of these countries killing over million innocent people.
  • Ahmadinejad is pursue his nuclear program which according to IAEA is not in violation of NPT is not acceptable.
  • Bush did use phosphorous bombs and cluster bombs in Falluja killing thousands of Iraqi civilians.
  • Iran is not allowed to have nuclear weapons.
  • US has all the WMD nuclear, chemical, biological which posses real danger to the world.
  • Israel is the only country in Middle East with nuclear weapons which is supported by US which is main cause of that region instability.
  • Ahmadinejad democratically elected President of Iran not acceptable to US because he criticize Israel and US policies of aggression and oppression.
  • Bush who was appointed by the Supreme Court is infact dictator denying US citizens their civil rights.
  • Ahmadinejad is accused of human rights violations.
  • Bush is in violation of Geneva Convention and human rights abuses with secret prisons, holding prisoners without any charges, torture, taping phones.

These are the few points which clearly show that Bush is EVIL, Bush is Hitler, Bush is dictator, Bush must go to HELL.

RLCC Comment: There is no doubt that this person has stated many valid points here. However, the fact that George W. Bush has engaged in evil behavior does not mean that Ahmadinejad is on the narrow way as defined by Jesus Christ. Let's be consistent. All violence is evil, even in so-called self-defense. The ultimate reality of self is being one in spirit with God who does no evil. God is harmless. God is only beneficial. Everything that is harmful is of the other spirit. This is the message of Jesus Christ. Everything that isn't of Jesus's New Commandment and the Golden Rule (the real law) is harmful in the end.

Originally by QB from Qur'an - Bible. on September 26, 2007, 7:19am

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