Erik Prince was saying that the world should hold off judgment on what happened on September 16th in Baghdad until the State Department completed its review. And he said that that would give us a more complete picture of what happened. Well, what does it say now that Darren Hanner, allegedly a Blackwater contractor, wrote the initial State Department report on this issue? It says that Blackwater essentially is involved with writing what is supposed to be the independent investigation of the State Department's review of Blackwater's own action.

This is part of a pattern of the State Department covering up for the misconduct of Blackwater in Iraq. There's also allegations that the Inspector General of the State Department intervened in a federal investigation of alleged arms smuggling charges against Blackwater and impeded that investigation.

JEREMY SCAHILL on Democracy Now!

Can a report written by an employee of the company under these circumstances be considered an independent report? No.

We don't want an independent report. We want an end to Blackwater. It has no business existing. It had no business ever being invented. We want an end to all war, all violence, and the study of how to make war and violence including for so-called self-defense.

All violence of human against human is evil. All cruelty by human beings is evil. Be clear here though, peaceful warnings (not threats) against selfishness is not cruel. It is the standard of Jesus Christ. Jesus was no menace.

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