Ye shall not fear them; for Jehovah your God, he it is that fighteth for you. Deut. 3:22 (ASV)

Deuteronomy had been generalized as the fifth book of Moses which reiterates the law to the hearing of the children of Israel. God enforced His will and purpose to the new generation for tem to be intimated with His power which was revealed unto their fathers and forefathers.

This reminiscence also calls to mind the goodness of God in the appointment of Joshua (Num 27:12.), which took place "at that time," i.e., after the conquest of the land on the east of the Jordan. God explicates on His marvelous protection and providence for the Israelites and for this reason the new generation was not to be afraid; for Jehovah Himself would fight for them. "He" is emphatic, and adds force to the subject. By virtue of God's day to day buffering and providence we must equip ourselves to be out of the quagmire of fear so that we can reach the zenith re God's will and purpose for our lives.

Ye shall not fear them ... This is the encouragement which Moses gave to Joshua, who was to succeed him in the government, Deu 3:21, Deu 3:22. He commanded him not to fear. We must reme[mber] Joshua had seen what amber that those that are aged and experienced in the service of God should do all they can to strengthen the hands of those that are young, and setting out in religion. This is what was incumbent on Moses so that a legacy would be left for the other generation to come.

Moses commanded Joshua to consider these two principles:-

1. What God has done: Joshua had seen what a total defeat God had given by the forces of Israel to the kings, and thence he might easily deduce, so shall the Lord do to all the rest of the kingdoms upon which we are to make war. He must not only infer thence that thus the Lord can do with them all, for his arm is not shortened, but thus he will do, for his purpose is not changed; he that has begun will finish; as for God, his work is perfect. Joshua had seen it with his own eyes. And the more we have seen of the instances of divine wisdom, power, and goodness, the more inexcusable we are if we fear what flesh can do unto us.

God enlightened this generation not to shudder before their enemies on account of their numbers, strength, courage, and gigantic stature of the inhabitants of the lad of Canaan, nor on account of their walled towns, and fortified cities: because He is with them as a mighty terrible one. The enemy only roars LIKE a lion but in the real sense, he is not a lion. Jesus, the Lion of the tribe of the tribe of Judah has already prevailed for us now and the future.

2. What God had promised. The Lord your God he shall fight for you; and that cause cannot but be victorious which the Lord of hosts fights for. If God be for us, who can be against us so as to prevail? We reproach our leader if we follow him trembling and fixated with fright and terror.

He shall fight for you ... as he did, particularly at Jericho, the walls of which city fell at the sound of rams' horns; and at Gibeon, when he cast down hailstones on their enemies, and more were slain by them than with the sword; and in all their battles it was he that gave them success and victory. As we had already experienced the manifold blessings and power of God, we must consequently bank on God's power to deliver us and safe us from the oppressions of the evil one which is occurring or will occur in our life in our quest for greater heights.

RLCC Comment: We must be on our guard against those who seek to regress the spirit back to violence. Jesus came out from God teaching total pacifism. Violence was the failure to truly hear the one true and living God.

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