The Democratic-led Senate has voted to authorize spending another $150 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Senate passed the spending measure by a 92 to 3 vote. Democrats Robert Byrd of West Virginia and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin and Republican Tom Coburn of Oklahoma voted against the war spending. While the Senate bill authorizes the money to be spent, it does not guarantee it. President Bush will have to wait until Congress passes a separate appropriations bill before war funds are transferred to military coffers.

Democracy Now! Headlines for October 2, 2007

Just think what the Christian Commons Project could accomplish with that $150 Billion. Oh, money doesn't make the world go around. We aren't saying it does. Our point concerns the immensity of the depravity that directs all that pent-up labor (inflated or not) into the completely immoral cause that is the Iraq War and militarism. All that work could instead be directed toward helping others to help yet others until everyone is helped and taken care of. That's not what the satanic spirit wants though. Satan wants to punish, not to repent and forgive.

Why does the United States, why do the American people, have as its leader and follow the spirit of Satan? It doesn't have to. All that's required is a decision to change and then doing it. Just change. Change from evil to righteousness. Stop giving to the unrepentant murderers and thieves who run the globalist, usurious Empire. Re-channel your cash flow from them. Re-channel it to what will peacefully displace that spirit of greed, violence, and sexual harm with giving and sharing all, peace, and harmlessness and wholesomeness.

We aren't saying to withhold taxes demanded by the government. We are talking about what is mundanely termed discretionary spending. Take some of what you now spend on self and give it to the cause. It is the solution. Do what you are able. Buy a little less. Eat a little less. Give a little less to the already spoiled. Each of these things may not apply to you, but do what you are able nevertheless.

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