The people need to stop giving their tens of millions of dollars each year to all these fat-spirited televangelists.

There must be some preacher who gets on the airwaves or on cable or whatever who isn't simply personally greedy. Who is he or she? Certainly none of the rich ones can claim the position of non-greedy televangelist. Who are the modestly living televangelists not because their ministries don't get donations but because the televangelists don't live like multi-multimillionaires?

The scandals just rock one televangelist outfit after another. It doesn't stop. It's worse than the Roman Catholics and pedophilia in numbers. It's worse than the Episcopalians in numbers of openly homosexual priests, at lease so far. Frankly, the greed of the self-styled conservative-Republican-Christian televangelists is just another form of unchecked lust just as are pedophilia and homosexuality.

All this decadence just gives Christianity such a terrible image to the unconverted and to many of those espousing Christianity. It's deplorable. Where are the standards in these people's minds?

Now the Richard Roberts family of the ostensible Christian university known as Oral Roberts University is embroiled in scandalous charges that if only half true are disqualifying for position as shepherds of a flock of Christians. We truly believe in not spreading rumors and in not jumping to conclusions without both sides, all sides, having aired its position, but if this situation is true to form concerning big-time televangelists, the Roberts family is not going to come out clean. Already, Richard Roberts, the university's president, is taking a defensive position rather than repenting concerning any of the numerous charges. He hasn't started out by denying the charges. Rather, he has started out by attempting to diminish or play down the importance and significance of the wrong-doing.

We don't know how it all is unfolding. We don't know how it was begun internally. We don't know whether the Gospel was followed in that the aggrieved approached the Roberts one-on-one and that didn't work so they went to them with a few witnesses and that didn't work so they and the witnesses took it to the whole church and that didn't work so now it's public.

Sometimes, the high and mighty (in their own minds) make themselves unavailable for such attempts, in which case going public with it sooner is the only alternative to stop the corrupting behavior from spreading to the rest of the body.

Well, the people need to stop giving their tens of millions of dollars each year to all these fat-spirited televangelists and rather give such funds to those who will use them not to live in luxury but to live efficiently and efficaciously for the sake of the cause and movement of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, to bring forth that which is worthy of repentance, turning to God and making up for much of the damage done and healing the poor and the rest.

That's what the Real Liberal Christian Church is all about. That's what our Christian Commons Project is all about. The Commons and the Church are one and diametrically opposed to the greedy policies and practices of the major televangelists.

Won't you please stop giving them money and give it where it will really go to the solution for the poor and real Christians? We won't buy private jets or Rolex watches or spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on the wardrobe of one person or buy huge SUV's or Mercedes convertibles and anything of the sort. We will spend your donations on practical things with an eye to getting the most for the money to bring forth the most we can to feed the lambs and sheep and to do all the rest of the Gospel message. We don't need to live lavishly. It's counter-productive. Until everyone has the basic necessities, how can anyone live in good conscience the way these televangelists and others with their incomes live?

We don't begrudge people every comfort. That would be Judas complaining about Mary rubbing the spices on Jesus's feet. You can be assured though that Jesus wasn't luxuriating all the time. When he went out into the desert mountains to fast for forty days and nights, he didn't take anything with him but the one set of clothes he was wearing. He slept in nature. Nature was his bed. Think about it. What a contrast when you look at the televangelists bragging about how many tens of thousands of square feet their single-family homes are. Really, if Judas were to go into those homes of those televangelist today to rebuke them, Jesus wouldn't come to the rescue of the televangelists.

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