Thanks to the Sola Dei Gloria web site for putting this information online. We don't watch TV, so we wouldn't have known about it probably for some time otherwise. About the Sola Dei Gloria site, it's the only web site we've run into that is strongly opposed to John Hagee types and the Christian-Zionists and also strongly opposed to the lie that homosexuality is okay. Now, if Sola Dei Gloria is anti-greed and for giving and sharing all with the flock and for returning goodness for evil, we just may have run into a kindred spirit—at least someone closer to the kingdom than we're accustomed to coming across.

Watch the Bill Moyers Journal clip online.

Listen carefully. John Hagee is no Christian. He is a false shepherd. Hagee is a warmonger. He knows nothing. No one who is following or supporting him or what he's saying is going to be raptured by God anywhere, ever.

But woe unto you that are rich! for ye have received your consolation. Luke 6:24.

Hagee is rich. His followers have given him a very fat compensation package, just like all the other fat-cat televangelists leading their flocks into apostasy. Look at him. He does not deny himself.

He has received his consolation. He won't be raptured. None of the rich will be raptured. They're all lying for the dollars for themselves in the here and now. They are taking their followers for suckers. It's a con game. They're just hucksters. They are the current version of the traveling snake-oil salesman.

He's a liar, and he's disingenuous. Don't even consider what he's saying for a moment. He's deluding his followers with deranged, corrupted, twisted interpretation and selective reading of The Bible. Hagee is Old Testament all the way. There is no Gospel message in him. He has zero part in Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ has nothing in him.

Hagee is calling for a first strike against Iran. That is Satan talking. Hagee has hardened his heart for the dollars and power his followers mistakenly give him. It's sheer evil.

John Hagee is working for evil in the name of God. He is blaspheming God and Jesus. He is idolatrous, worshipping the flags of America and Israel.

Jesus never preached war. Jesus said the following clearly and plainly:

Woe unto the world because of offences! for it must needs be that offences come; but woe to that man by whom the offence cometh! Matthew 18:7.

He's been told all of this many times before. He knows full well what real Christians think about all of his blatant lies to his flock and to the world. It is well beyond using the Gospel's progressive discipline [Matthew 18:16-18] with him. He's totally public with his lies despite repeated calls by real Christians for the false-Christian-Zionists to turn and repent.

We do not judge him or condemn him. He does that to himself. He will have his own false standard meted out to him in the hereafter if he doesn't stop, turn, and repent of all his lies.

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