This is a very important story about Nigeria and persecution of Christians by Muslims.
Muslims rampage against Christians in northern Nigeria
By StatGuy of Magic Statistics

Last Saturday, I blogged about Muslims in Kano state, Nigeria, attacking Christians over vague rumours of blasphemy against Islam. The local police thought they had the situation under control. They were wrong.

At least nine Christians were killed, churches set on fire and businesses and homes destroyed in the Tundun Wada area of Kano State, Nigeria, over the weekend.

The violence was committed by Muslim youths and followed unspecified allegations that Christians had blasphemed the prophet Mohammed.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) reports that according to sources on the ground, not a single Christian church, house or business has been left undamaged. Furthermore, an unknown number of people were injured and displaced during the violence.

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has received reports indicating that, in an attempt to disguise the true extent of the violence and injuries, the authorities in Tundun Wada have evacuated Christians and other non-Muslims to neighboring Bauchi State.
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Kano is a notoriously volatile state where regular bouts of anti-Christian violence have usually resulted in massacres. Speaking on behalf of the Christian community following the violence, CAN National Secretary Eng. Samuel Salifu said: "We are pleading for the government to step in. I am directly telling President Yar'Adua because this may be a very good litmus test for his administration."

International Christian Concern lists four different reported causes for the outbreak of anti-Christian violence.

In response to the atrocities inflicted on Christians, the Government of Nigeria has leapt into action. It has promised a big gabfest meeting to be held "soon".

The Federal Government yesterday said it would soon convene a national religious conference to address the constant religious crisis bedevilling the nation. The Vice President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, disclosed this at the 47th Independence Anniversary Celebration Interdenominational Church Service at the National Christian Centre, Abuja.

I can't help thinking that the vice-president's first name encapsulates the confab's chances for success.
"The President has asked me to use this occasion to plead with religious leaders, Christians and Muslims to preach and teach that people should learn to live together in peace and harmony. The religious intolerance that we have observed is coming up again must be addressed. We implore the religious leaders to preach peace and harmony.

I've been following religious news from Nigeria for a good while now and, as far as I can see, the Christians don't appear to have a problem with religious tolerance.

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